Ron Paul Warns Against the Indefinite Detention Act (NDAA)

Even if the truth is not pretty to hear, Ron Paul tells it like it is. In fact, he has been telling the truth for over 30 years! He is the only incorruptible candidate.

As George Orwell said: “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Join the Ron Paul Revolution 2012!

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172 Responses to Ron Paul Warns Against the Indefinite Detention Act (NDAA)

  1. Welcome to the USSA.

  2. Not going to the USA until it get’s it house in order. I’ll spend my tourist dollars in other countries.

  3. jetreschau says:

    It’s not just Democrats vs Republican, Rich vs Poor. The NDAA is dangerous! Who created this law other than Obama being involved is ALSO the issue? They are just as guilty of crimes against the Constitution! We should be protecting the Constitution and making it available to the World (& the Universe).

  4. jetreschau says:

    NO other candidate is discussing the NDAA -funny how they’re all following the PROGRESSIVES lead.

  5. John McCain and all took took part in passing this NDAA into effect, including Obama, need to be put on trial for treason! If found guilty, the death penalty needs to be an option for punishment. As veteran, I made an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Yes, I also made an oath to obey orders from those appointed over me, but only if the orders are “lawful”! An unconstitutional order is an unlawful order! If you are in the military, it is YOUR duty to not obey this unconstitutional law!

  6. John McCain and all who took part in passing this NDAA into effect, including Obama, need to be put on trial for treason! If found guilty, the death penalty needs to be an option for punishment. As a veteran, I made an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Yes, I also made an oath to obey orders from those appointed over me, but only if the orders are “lawful”! An unconstitutional order is an unlawful order! If you are in the military, it is YOUR DUTY to not obey this unconstitutional law!

  7. jetreschau says:

    We need to ‘follow the money’ -OR rather follow the ones that created this law & REMOVE them from office. They are truly the ones behind the dismantling of the Constitution!

  8. hotkonto says:

    What the fuck is going on in the US!

  9. 13lackLight says:

    10:43 They don’t want to give it to a president who is the most polarizing in modern times. They are probably gambling that Obama will lose the presidency, but at the same time they see that congress has a 9% approval rating so they may lose control of the legislature


  11. jetreschau says:

    We had more representatives bitching about Obama’s health care law and NONE with this law the NDAA

  12. cholan1972 says:

    Wonder how many Politicians actually understand the Constitution. This is Crazy, for the love of our Future generations, Wake Up America….

  13. 47unknown15 says:

    Thank you for keeping me informed

  14. fyrewolffe says:

    Just think, in 2008 we had a “choice”, and I quote that loosely, between Obama Bin Laden and John “Little Hitler” McCain. Lovely country, wouldn’t you agree?

  15. We are seeing the beginning of a civil war in America. Go ahead President Obama order us to turn in our weapons, we will be heading to Washington to give them to you personally!


  17. KevthaRebel says:

    Corrupt senate voted for this boycott your senate.

  18. KevthaRebel says:

    Watch them very closely Mayors, Congress, Senate, Judges, and Presidents.

  19. jakewer says:

    Weird how only 304 views and 661 likes…. Seems Youtube is censoring these videos!!!

  20. katsfanman says:

    ***** ATTENTION *****

    I think everybody on here should understand the extent of control media has on the public. Daily “contributors” are related to heads of state and behind the scenes people. Andrew Mitchell is MARRIED to Alan Greenspan also Morning Joe contributor Mika Brzezinski is daughter or globalist and the BOSS of Barack Obama Zbigniew Brzezinski COPY PASTE AND LIKE TO MAKE SURE EVERYBODY SEES THIS.

    Lamestream Feedia are total Scum spread this

  21. We need to fight this thing until we win. If we don’t fight or we fight and quit fighting, it is our own fault.

  22. You already posted this video a few weeks ago.

  23. It is thrilling to me to see the young people getting involved in the political process!

  24. coolass222 says:

    NDAA IS THE FALL OF THE USA! Wake up! If your in Canada or Mexico or South America your no safer. America will swallow us up! America needs Ron Paul. He’s our only hope for national freedom!

  25. Battlefield: America

    Now Judge N. is gonna get sued for Intellectual Theft by EA’s next game…

    I guarantee they’ll have a game like that soon. Killing American “terrorists” and defending the “decent Americans” in a war based on American soil.

    Won’t be long until that game becomes a reality if Ron Paul 2012 fails to happen.

  26. SUCKITHARD02 says:

    The US is a corporation operating in a foreign district with its own rule of law known as Lex Fori. That means these bastards set up federal courts to criminalize the people of your state(domestic) not within the district of columbia inc.(foreign)

  27. mudylafeet says:

    Ask everyone in the Nation who is going to vote for Ron Paul to turn off their lights all across the Country; I bet the “smart meters” can count the “VOTES” better then diecastbold crooked machines! RP12

  28. cooljonski says:

    304 views - to date. 696 likes. Canada for Ron Paul!

  29. psxwarrior says:

    This all started almost 100 years ago.

  30. ginny0015 says:

    I guess the one dislike is President Obama.

  31. unscarred785 says:

    You guys are blowing this thing way out of the water. This thing has nothing to do with American citizens. The only thing that’s dangerous here is Ron Paul and he nor any republican will be the next president. Obama will win and continue to fight for the people who created this country, The poor and middle class..

  32. psxwarrior says:

    Yeah, call me a terrorist for trying to expose the big banking fraud of 2008 and 2011.

  33. tigeroll says:

    And this is one of the reasons I could NOT vote for McCain in 2008. WTF is going on in OUR country??? We are starting to look like some hellish night mare come true.

    Ron Paul 2012 or death will be coming to America!!

  34. I like how pretty much the only real problem Americans have with an Act that authorizes the abuse of human rights is that it includes American citizens.

  35. skebess says:

    I didn’t truly know Ron Paul until Obama signed the NDAA crap. This single act means THE END OF LIBERTY in the whole world folks
    Now if only I was an American just so I could vote for him

    This guy, Ron Paul, is the ”only” guy out there who actually dares to do something about how crappy the world has gotten.

    If he doesn’t win well we are all damned, if he does then it’ll be the first step towards the restoration of not just America but of the whole damn world

    Please vote Ron Paul America!

  36. I don’t care about American Civil Liberties Union and human rights activists. If someone wants war against a country, you should use military not police whether he is US citizen or not.

  37. adj168 says:

    Everyone - let us do whatever we can to help DR RON PAUL Get to the WHITE HOUSE this 2012!!! thank you!!!

  38. mcgrawtim123 says:

    Excellent presentation! Thank you.

  39. frogman92981 says:

    are you a christian…do you own guns…you sir just might be a terrorist Washington April 7th 2009 — A newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warns that A) Christians, B) Returning US Soldiers, C) Political supporters of candidates such as Ron Paul, and D) Supporters of States Rights, ….Are Terrorist Suspects, who have to be closely watched, and assessed as to the Level of threat they may pose to the Federal Government of the United States Of America!

  40. ZedStudiosFL says:

    What’s the punishment for treason?

    Oh yeah…death.

  41. Romney’s top contributor: Goldman Sachs, Ron Paul’s: US Army

  42. 264rockstar says:

    Just say it..its simple.. The US goverment has declared war against its citizens.. are we in denial?

  43. zrehl618 says:

    its been 10 years since there was a “terrorist attack” on american soil…. why are we still loosing our rights 10 years later? wake up america!

  44. anonwoohoo says:

    When is the last time you’ve heard a politicians refer to the Magna Carta? Ron Paul 2012! RESTORE LIBERTY NOW!

  45. Brian120579 says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I hope the Iowa Gop reports the votes honestly after they have all been tabulated. I have this deep concern, that they’re going to try and screw him out of the win. All they’ve been showing on zmsm, is how Ron Paul has been losing support in Iowa and that Romney is leading in the polls, and Santorum is having a surge. It makes me sick! We can’t afford to make another mistake, and not vote for Ron Paul!

  46. CBud727 says:

    Look up every representative who voted for the NDAA, put them on a blacklist, and do not vote for them. Look up everyone who voted against it. Vote for them!! This shows who really represents us!

  47. jo9285 says:


    /\ Watch this now please

  48. tonyolm says:

    Good luck to Ron Paul In Iowa

  49. tonyolm says:

    Good luck to Ron Paul In Iowa

  50. What say we detain Lindsey Graham and John McCain?

  51. NoobTube2010 says:

    I hope people will wake up and realize that a vote for Ron Paul is the only possible vote a person can make to preserve Liberty. The differences between all the other candidates are negligible because they are all paid for by the same corporations. And they want you working for them, and they want you to be their dependents. These are facts that are not too difficult to find with a little research on the internet. Please check it out.

  52. CazyDayz says:

    some times i feel like the system is pushing us towards Ron Paul. wasn’t Ron Paul there when Reagan started the war on unions and labour ? the war on drugs started in the 1980′s also. im just tossing some thoughts out there is all.

  53. kdash64 says:

    You people will never learn, It’s like history just keep repeating itself. No politicians or president will do anything for America/world or change anything, It will just get worst and worst and worst. You all need to wake up and realized what is going on in the world. This world is cursed and has fallen in the pit and it keeps falling. Turn away from your sins. That is the only option now. Seek something higher than yourselves. Ron Paul will riddle sweet hearings to you, but do it not.

  54. What if they found a bank who was helping the taliban. But the bank also had customers who were not aware their accounts was used in helping the taliban. Should those customers be subject to being detained with a lawyer?

  55. What if they found a bank who was helping the taliban. But the bank also had customers who were not aware their accounts was used in helping the taliban. Should those customers be subject to being detained without legal rights…


    RON PAUL 2012

  57. mrkongmoua7 says:

    your masters r getting ready- 2012 global control = beginning of end

  58. MaxFlared says:

    LOOK AT RON PAUL! no papers to read from. he’s a simple guy answering with pure honesty and in his own words. since when did we have a president who is so simple, sympathetic, and honest to people. i bet if he asked this obama the security would’ve kicked that guy out.

  59. MaxFlared says:

    Battlefield: America is that a new game?

  60. johnny05x says:

    for some reason i’ve always think back to the salem witch trials. Maybe Im just being thinking way outside of the box?

  61. 4 Gingrich supporters, and 838 Paul supporters, but only 301 views.

  62. For the love of God, I hope RP doesn’t choose Romney as a running mate if he gets the nomination. Remember what happened when Johnson was chosen as a running mate …..

  63. America died on December 31, 2011 when Obama signed the NDAA bill HR 1540.

  64. Well, we cant call america the free world anymore, Obama fooled everyone. Ohh and SOPA is also dangerous.

  65. jlgallardo says:

    One of the most important videos EVER!!!! Everyone MUST watch!!!!

  66. fyrewolffe says:

    unscarred785 is a troll. Why are you people feeding it.

  67. ohh good idea. 15 day congressional term limits. as soon as we’ve got a congress that stands along side the constitution and liberty, they’ll amend the 15 day term limit away. maybe to like a 5 year limit.

  68. Americans were making stupid jokes about kim jong ill funeral video on youtube while Obama was resurrecting him in America .

  69. MrEdwinauer says:

    Only Ron Paul defends the US constitution like he is sworn to do.
    US government who Do Not are (officially) traitors. That means all other candidates.

    Good day.

  70. sladerfoster says:

    (comment removed by the internet police)

  71. MrEdwinauer says:

    BTW if politicians dont understand the words and meaning of a (this) bill, they shouldnt be in House or Senate. Looking back … most indeed do not belong there.

    Just 7 or so honest politicians voted against it.

  72. AMERICA, What are you going to do about this? Don’t answer me, answer yourselves. Think about what you personally are willing to do about these traitors, liars and thieves of Liberty. Are you willing to get up and vote? Campaign for a candidate? Grab a gun and go to war? Crawl under a rock and hope someone else does something? Seriously what are YOU going to do? I have my plan “A” and plan “B”, do you.

  73. Another RP video with 304 views…


  75. r8ertommy says:

    Why did most of you not care when the Patriot Act was signed? Why can’t most of you see this attack on liberties didn’t start with Obama. Since they knocked down those buildings the gov. has been playing on people’s fears. The terrorists are winning!

  76. I think ron paul is fake

  77. brown55061 says:

    For the first time in my life, I am actually starting to fear my government. The good news is no matter how big the government gets, they’ll never be able to stop the ideas of liberty or our Constitution. The next revolution will be government vs civilians. The founders always warned the enemy would emerge from the inside, not an outside military force. Nobody would dare wage war against America knowing we hold so much firepower.

  78. 304 views, 454 comments. Hmm…..I wonder what’s that about.

  79. I’m sorry to have to say this, but it might be soon time not to rely upon due process to achieve the recapturing of your rights. America didn’t go through due process over the British, those that were ruling over them, and to succeed here I believe that it will have to be through the same means.

  80. I’m also staying the hell away from the US. I warn everyone else to do the same and avoid traveling through or visiting that country.

  81. Grunt922 says:

    go to my channel and click on “hr 3166, goodbye united states citizenship!” its a bill that backs up the ndaa and patriot act. please check it out.

  82. merlinspower says:

    I support Ron Paul 2012 I Oppose NDAA , It is Unconstitutional. Obama Should be Impeached for War Crimes , failure to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S.A.
    Sending 200 cruise missles into Libya within ten days cost the US Taxpayer more than 300 million dollars, without going to congress for permission. Asasination of citizens world wide is a Global act of tyranny. Rise Up americans . Fire Obama Now.


  84. Isn’t it simply logical how this video has 925 likes, but only 304 views? One must wonder…

  85. atxpam says:

    Folks in IOWA.. YOU have an opportunity to vote for Dr. Ron Paul in your caucus this evening - whether you are Democrat, Independent, Republican, or a new voter!

    Just be at your caucus by 6:30pm, register Republican, and cast your vote!

    Everything you need to know is here: iowaforpaul [dot] com

    Shock the establishment!

  86. nyjeter says:


  87. texasB666 says:

    “Either we have unlimited rights or no right at all.” - George Carlin.

  88. pozle359 says:

    SInce when did FOX news care about the constitution? Did FOX news also criticized the Patriot Act the when that was put into legislation? I guess not!

  89. pozle359 says:

    SInce when did FOX news care about the constitution? Did FOX news also criticize the Patriot Act the when that was put into legislation? I guess not!

  90. wow look at all those people who dont care about what Ron Paul is saying WOW! Well, they will be sorry when their sitting in a fema camp!

  91. dpla5762 says:

    We need a regime change here in America!!

  92. 8lig says:

    You MINDLESS PAULBOTS are pathetic.

    The AUMF (From Bush Cheney 14Sept2001) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention. This NDAA Act states that Congress “affirms” this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority.


    Back to your bunkers, Paul-tards.

  93. xx8visionSxx says:

    EVERYONE CAN VOTE RIGHT NOW! - The Drudge Report is having its own caucuses and at the moment over 120,000 people have voted within 30 minutes! So far the results are PAUL 28% ROMNEY 26% SANTORUM 18% - Please thumbs up this comment to help get the word out. Thanks!

  94. ashtavideo says:

    USA is over….they betrayed their own values and principles

  95. Yamikaiba123 says:

    Wait, what? This show defending the rights of Americans is on FOX? Well I’ll be damned…

  96. Yamikaiba123 says:

    Kind of ironic that after Kim Jong Il dies, America died shortly after.

  97. hitmanvb47 says:

    Good for you Rep. Amash, people will notice the good you do if you stick to your guns!! FOR LIBERTY! RON PAUL 2012!

  98. chaosflar3 says:

    This is very eye opening. I highly recommend that everybody saves this video somehow lol…Given the view count stuck at 304, yet has 955 likes…This one might get taken down!

  99. promaty says:


  100. dr05guitar says:

    what I want to know is, what is wrong with our Senate and House? How did this bill pass both? Ok so the language is confusing… I would hope our representatives are smart enough to see through all the wordplay bullcrap!

  101. hyunki0510 says:

    How the hell does the Fed find these people. This is ridiculous.

  102. Wow, so if I go to Wal-Mart, and while standing in checkout, engage a Muslim-looking person about my love of architecture….all architecture of the world… and the very cool clock tower they are building in Mecca…..and share some laughs and ideas for 5 minutes…. then I am a terrorist suspect.

    That’s what this sounds like.

    When is the next Ron Paul Money Bomb?

    Uh oh, did I say the word bomb ?
    Should I be expecting knocks on my door within the hour.


  103. koromaseraph says:

    AHH thanks i was Consipated but this video helped scare the sh*t out of me.

  104. bjarnet3 says:

    The 4th is gone,, now the 5th is gone….

  105. laserus3333 says:

    Our Government is comitting treason on a daily basis.They do not represent us!We marines need to discuss this and do something.


  107. MrJivePirate says:

    How is this on fox? Ps great speach

  108. evromsd says:

    This law was passed and it goes against the constitution, Do you really think Ron Paul can win? If Ron Paul does not win and does away with this BS We are in HUGE TROUBLE!!! I am a liberal and I can see it clearly, Ron Paul is the only choice.

  109. evromsd says:

    One question is it not the duty of the military to uphold the constitution? Even if the president gives the order don’t they have to uphold the constitution first?

  110. elfil76 says:

    I just saw the movie The Siege, with Denzel Washington for the first time, my friend told me to see it, because this what we may be dealing with soon,now that the NDAA bill has pass, all I can say is wow.

  111. Unkn0wnGuy says:

    Wouldn’t this bill constitute treason?

  112. what if I said What if again?

  113. LucidDream says:

    Can’t believe that bill was passed…

  114. nzirish1 says:

    Its very very sad to see such a great or once great country do this to their people

  115. paulyd40 says:

    If ron paul doesn’t win I’m moving to france

  116. LucidDream says:

    This also almost confirms my fear of something I found recently…There are camps in the U.S. that have been built, but no guards or prisoners are inside. There is one that I know about around 30 miles from my house that used to be a WWII pow camp for the prisoners we caught. The place was recently refurbished and the information center claims that they will be using it as a 4-H camp…I don’t entirely follow that. Now that bill is passed, what’s next? Are they going to use those camps now?

  117. joanarc1111 says:

    Please watch my story “TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE” They hid my only evidence and lied about it then they made me “TAKE THE DEAL” or go to Prison for 9 + yrs. This is crazy shit. They have given me 2 strikes and one more brush with the law of any kind will send me to “PRISON FOR LIFE”….. HELP MEEEEEEEE

  118. Lewny1 says:

    “Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither”

  119. ednstead says:

    Rick “sanBOREDOM” bores me to tears! “Mitt the NIT” that annoying buzz in our ears!!! Gingrinch “the grinch” can’t trust for an inch!! obama only brings trauma!!!

  120. ednstead says:

    Rick “sanBOREDOM” bores me to tears! “Mitt the NIT” that annoying buzz in our ears!!! Gingrinch “the grinch” can’t trust for an inch!! obama only brings trauma!!!

  121. wookeye says:

    04:30 he looks like robert de niro in taxi driver XD

  122. Sederos says:

    its not that hard just round up all those fucking senators that voted for the bill and lynch them motherfuckers, so the next time a senator or even the president thinks about breaking the constitution will think again

  123. geek77rus says:

    Remember when Americans lived under laws that obeyed their Constitution?
    Good times, huh?

  124. Oceanno69 says:

    We are at War with our Government WOW I bet know one that that was coming?

  125. Oceanno69 says:

    We are at War with our Government WOW I bet no one saw that coming? LOLO The patriot act should have been your first CLUE!

  126. evromsd says:

    The first thing RP must do is denounce and repeal the patriot act and this piece of garbage law. Our military is obligated to uphold our constitution ans should reject these laws as well.

  127. AncientAtlas says:

    This is real scary shit.

  128. AncientAtlas says:

    This is real scary shit.

  129. dpetrano says:

    Does anyone think this would fly?

    FALSE FLAG PROHIBITION ACT, making it a high felony for any US official, citizen, agent, operative or ally: to plan, conspire, orchestrate, commit, counsel, conceal, exploit or knowingly place wrongful blame on any event or occurrence, intended to generate fear over the general population, or as a pretext to engage in (1) hostile conflict, in or with foreign countries, and/or (2), loss of civil rights to the US population.

  130. Breedo says:

    Had I been american I’d left the country first thing if Ron Paul doesn’t win now. It’s pretty appearent America has fallen.

  131. iamautobody says:

    Ummmm did we all forget WACO?

  132. it will happen so fast people will be and are now in disbelief !!!!!

  133. BetyarPali says:

    Ron Paul for President of the US in 2012, from Hungary.

  134. kamsotas says:

    for goverment to deal with the citizens just as it wants is just like soviet union, and other totalitare regimes, i’m sad for america… and afraid that it will spread thru US allies

  135. hellproxy says:

    Power leads to corruption. Obama is the best example.

  136. Why would you vote for Ron Paul?! We need Mitt Romney or Santorum. I would rather have Obama win than Ron Paul. Ron Paul will let the terrorrists destroy our american children. We need to bomb Iran and Ron Paul doesn’t have the balls to do it. Vote for Romney or Santorum to defend our american dream against Iran, Cuba and North Korea! The NDAA was created to protect us from the terrorrist that invaded our country!

  137. vivalasarah says:

    “The government is using fear to justify it’s actions.” And you FOX news have been very helpful in supporting this tactic for a LONG time. The only reason you care right now is because a democrat is in office.

  138. jerry4122 says:

    I urge everyone who see’s this video to share it with EVERYONE you know. Family, friends and neighbors…everyone. Spread the word about what our government, the 1% who control it that is, is doing to the people of this great country…..Help them to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. gamerunknown says:

    The constitution guarantees rights to anyone within US jurisdiction according to the 14th amendment.

  140. planetcave says:

    The U.S. is an ongoing revolution for the preservation of freedom, justice and equality for its people. Ron Paul 2012

  141. 1984, in all the fucking world…

  142. gamerunknown says:

    Uh, I like how Fox News attempts to portray itself as the most effective check on government power. In reality, they’re the propaganda wing for the Republican party. If Rupert Murdoch thought the NDAA would be in his corporate interests, he’d drop any pretence of Libertarianism. Watch the other videos where Fox has glossed over Ron Paul’s polling results, or better yet, “Manufacturing Consent”.

  143. wagz420 says:

    everyone make sure u register and vote in your states primary and get ur people to vote
    for RP i have donated and am gonna reg

  144. VojvodinaNet says:

    Time to leave USA, just like people left Germany in Hitler’s time…

  145. DrLordSultan says:

    but you better don´t go to germany, here it´s way worse than you have it

  146. Well at least Canada is a free country… For now anyway.

    I just hope Canada doesn’t follow in Americas footsteps on this one.

  147. MrDeejayjfx says:

    Lindsay Graham is a Nazi!!!

  148. MrDeejayjfx says:

    Lindsay Graham is a Nazi!!!

  149. thetoadcat says:

    They’ve just made it easier for the citizens to justify the use of a constitutional right that HASN’T been removed yet… How many people own guns in the US? How big is congress?

  150. yayboogers says:

    does anyone think Dec 21st 2012 has anything to do with the U.S. presidential elections?

  151. i wonder, if fear shapes the world how will it end up looking?

  152. Sharonvg68 says:

    Well done analysis, Judge. This government is becoming tyrannical and the ONLY presidential candidate who is speaking out about this is Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012..!!!

  153. rushfan420 says:

    awesome compilation

  154. rushfan420 says:

    awesome compilation

  155. rbaradoy says:

    and europe takes over..

  156. rbaradoy says:

    The USA is not under the magna carta…

  157. They learn how to be good liers and feed us crap. Keep spinning your stories. Yawn..

  158. jim1a2a says:

    Where is The Tea Party on this issue?
    A Huge Silence is heard from them!
    Juast like with the Occupy Wall st issue, they show they are jsut a bunch of ignorant to The Truth Rabble!

  159. joanarc1111 says:

    Please watch my story “TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE” They hid my only evidence and lied about it then they made me “TAKE THE DEAL” or go to Prison for 9 + yrs. This is crazy stuff. They have given me 2 strikes and one more brush with the law of any kind will send me to “PRISON FOR LIFE”….. HELP MEEEEEEEE!
    I have documents to PROVE my innocence but no one will even look at it. What is going on with this country???

  160. 410cryptic says:

    nice chop up! i like the vid. RON PAUL 2012

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