Ron Paul 2012: 5,363 Signatures in the First 48 Hours

Within 48 hours of its launch our Ron Paul 2012 petition has already attracted 5,363 signatures. Let’s keep up the momentum! Tell everyone you know about and encourage them to sign the petition.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul 2012: 5,363 Signatures in the First 48 Hours

  1. Shirley Starling says:

    Prior to Sept. 11, 2001 I had never been involved, in any way, with politics. I have never been a “religionist” not a “political”. I considered myself and “spiritual being” and neutral, I still do.
    However………….when we were “declared war upon” by illegal “guest” whom we had befriended, all expensed paid, educated , fed and clothed at our expense. I literly felt slapped in the face as I saw those planes hit the second tower as I flipped on the t.v.

    I remembered reading about what happened at Pearl Harbor and I expected our president (whom ever that may turn out to be) would gather up every illegal and deport them! I surely did not expect my government to kill anyone who had nothing to do with what happened here. I was pissed, shocked and appaled at what “We The People” allowed our President to do.
    Yes, Sadam Husain was an ass hole, but he had nothing to do with what happened here which was what the whole thing was supposed to be about, wasn’t it??? We still haven’t found him……are we really looking?
    Anyway I decided to exersize every right, as an American, I still had and the one to vote was to precious to waste. I vowed to be active in my community and know what is going on and have a voice in who is elected to represent me in my State.

    We need to get rid of the Fed and the only leader we have that We can trust, to help US do this is Dr. Paul. I am 100% in.

    I think ever one of the people who sign this petition should pledge something, anything, to Dr. Paul’s campaign if he decides to run.

    Lets keep the momentum up on the signatures, when do we need the 100,000? I have sent it to all on my mailing list. Only one person responded, to me, I hope and pray everyone passes this petition on, put it on Face Book, and all of the above.

  2. debbie plymell says:

    I hope you do it!!!!!!

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