Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Petition Attracts 20,000 Signatures! Help Us Reach 100,000!‘s grassroots petition asking Ron Paul to run for President in 2012 broke the 20,000 barrier earlier today. Word of the petition has spread all over the Internet, and additional signatures keep being submitted at a rapid pace. You can view the signatures in the Petition Archives.

Our goal is to collect a total 100,000 signatures by the end of February. Will you take a few seconds today and ask only 5 people to sign the Ron Paul 2012 petition at

Join us in making a few calls, sending an email to your friends, posting comments on blogs, forums and YouTube, and/or using Facebook, Twitter and other Share buttons at

Together we can make a difference!

May the momentum carry us to victory.

Thanks for your support.

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3 Responses to Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Petition Attracts 20,000 Signatures! Help Us Reach 100,000!

  1. Brant Clore says:

    Give me a mic, and you won’t have to fear the assassin in the night, because I will be twice as loud. Twice as accusing! Twice as confronting! They will HAVE TO KILL ME. Because freedom belongs to my family. It was won by MY GRANDFATHERS. And I will be DAMNED if I let some psychopathic bankers take it from US. I will fight for my neighbor just as solidly as for my own family.

    WE ALL LOSE TOGETHER. We all stand together. Remember your dead relatives, remember what they believed. We are not too spoiled. We are not so lost that we cannot redeem our liberty!! RON PAUL 2012 is just the start. God bless all patriots and those who will stand for this great nation.

    V for victory, VIVA Constitution. Long live the United States of America, and TO THE REPUBLIC, for which she stands, or falls together.

  2. Angela says:

    Ron Paul is now taking monetary donations for his campaign! :) I just read about it on his facebook

  3. Steve grant says:

    I am pro choice, environmentalist, but I still love you Ron Paul. We have this thing called a country and it has a constitution with some critical ammendments tagged on. After the Bush Sr and his idiot son with the USA Patriot Act and Clinton with the Bosnian escapade….now we have an intelligent, educated, articulate, globalist sock puppet. Either amend the constitution to do away with art I sec 8 of the constitution or impeach these criminals.
    I would vote for you.

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