Ron Paul 2012: 1,404 Signatures in the First 12 Hours

Within 12 hours of its launch our Ron Paul 2012 petition has already attracted 1,404 signatures. Let’s keep up the momentum! Tell everyone you know about and encourage them to sign the petition.

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6 Responses to Ron Paul 2012: 1,404 Signatures in the First 12 Hours

  1. Ron Paul has my vote

  2. Michel Leter says:

    In the name of Edouard Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi, fathers of the Statue of Liberty, we support Ron Paul in Paris et we want him to run in 2012. The world needs him to end the Fed and all central banks like the ECB !

  3. Ralph says:

    End the federal reserve bank, the U>N, IMF, and restore our liberties. We love you Ron Paul. Give them hell

  4. Gary Stankiewicz says:

    It would be great to have a constitutionally minded type government, Ron Paul would be a great choice if not the perfect choice to bring that around. Go Ron Paul!

  5. Anne F. Grant says:

    I am sure Ron Paul has God’s vote. All of you Christians out there vote for Ron Paul. It is what Jesus would do.

  6. Rick says:

    I’m In! They’ve left us no choice! Give ‘em Hell Ron!

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