Ron Paul 2012 Petition Signatures #1 - #5,000

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Signatures #1 - #5,000
Signatures #5,001 - #7,000

1: George Edward Baker A.I.A.

“Let's do this Dr. Paul! I'm a C4L member, ready to put all my time and energy into a real revolution!”
2: JT Williams

“As an example for the whole world !”
3: Rob Gemmeke

4: Michael Halpin

“This country cannot survive another Obummer, another burning Bush, we need YOU Mr. Paul…”
5: Name not displayed

“We don't wish you to do anything you choose not to, but I think now is the time you'd have the best chance of winning and leading our country through this revolution.”
6: Cody Wink

“everyone lets make this petition go viral send to friends loved ones etc….not one man can restore the country its our job we the people lets do thiss !!!!!!!”
7: tomas perez

8: Ryan Payne

9: Gregor

10: Justin Verechia

11: Michelle D. Parker

“Ron Paul 2012!”
12: Michael Roche

13: Kary Channell

14: Mike Leeth

“Come on Dr. Paul! If you run, then you will definitely win and make this country what it should be. Our founding fathers would frown on today's politics, but I believe that you are an exception to that.”
15: Dante Ludlow

16: Nady

17: Jonathan Winning

18: Name not displayed

19: Donald P. Segura

20: Marpheen S. Chann-Berry

21: Jesse Fields

“Restore Liberty!”
22: Diego Pestana

“Stand strong for liberty and freedom Dr. Paul. God Bless America”
23: Terry Peterson

“RUN! I'm Gonna Vote For Ron Paul”
24: Name not displayed

“Go Ron, Go!”
25: Cody Searl

26: Name not displayed

27: jose reyes

“You are our last hope… please run!”
28: Erika

“Let's go Ron!”
29: Miguel Estrella

30: Annmarie Gualberto

31: Name not displayed

“Yes we Can! Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R3volution!!”
32: Elie Miyaji

33: Randall Malboeuf

34: Joseph Pitre

35: Jeffrey Sibley

36: Amanda Linton

“It's gonna take a miracle to get this country back on track, but it has to start with all of us. Let's do this! Ron Paul for President!!!!”
37: Name not displayed

“America needs Ron Paul”
38: Monique Gawryk

39: Name not displayed

40: cindy n

41: matt macosko

“Your our only Hope!!!!!”
42: Rhonda

“come on, Dr. Paul! You can do it this time! We need sanity in Washington!”
43: Kimberly A. Pearce

“Run Ron Run!!!”
44: Michael Vieira

45: Mark Bailey

“Ron Paul for President 2012!!!”
46: kevin harmon

“Please run for president. You are the only candidate that makes complete sense!”
47: Michelle Jones

“You are our only hope to restore the constitution and bring back liberty to the American people. We need you Dr. Paul and we are ready to campaign for you. You have more supporters now than ever. Keep up the good fight!”
48: Amanda Hughes

49: Stephen R. dupont

“I perceive you as one of the few great inspirations of our time sir. Run Run Run!”
50: Lazarus M Mavis

51: Scott Smith

52: seth thienes

53: Teresa Baker

54: Richard Soper

55: Patrick L Elliott

56: Name not displayed

57: Josh Harbour

58: Name not displayed

59: Adam Card

“Let's do this!”
60: Jeff Mortenson

“We need you Dr. Paul!”
61: David Luttrell

“RON PAUL 2012!!!”
62: Jeffrey Wixted

63: Rodney Even

“In these ugly days my hope is to have a leader with the courage, brains and common sense thinking that this counrty is screaming for. There needs to be change and by change I mean real change, drastic change a plan that makes sense and makes people feel proud to be in their country again. This is why I am signing this petition because Ron Paul has realistic plans and a realistic sense on how economics, foreign policy and being an American works.”
64: Chad Garceau

“I've voted for you once, and I hope I have the chance to do it again.

It is time for change in this country. Change only a true visionary like yourself can bring.

RON PAUL 2012!!!!”

65: Damian Riniker

“2012: It's time for another r3VOLution!

It's time for Ron Paul president!”

66: Luca Fusari

67: J Whalen

68: Lacy Byrd

“run dam it run”
69: mario matarese

“I hope you win Ron Paul!”
70: Neeraj Narula

71: Name not displayed

72: Thomas Gilmartin

“End the Fed!”
73: David McCollester

74: Name not displayed

75: Jody McCarty

“Dr.Paul please run for US presidency in 2012. I'm not a citizen, but I believe truly that a Ron Paul Presidency would not only change america but the whole world in a radical way. Go for it sir.I'm unable to vote for you, but I'll be praying real hard for success and I'll vigorously campaigning for you. May the Good God Bless You.”
76: Appu Mathew

77: Alex Stambaugh

“Ron, your vision, dedication and principals make me very excited for the future of America; for I see the continual growth of followers, both young and old, that have their eyes and hearts wide open ready to do what is right for America's preservation. God loves you Ron and so do your followers!”
78: Michael Clifton

79: Shawn Powers

80: Travis Rhoades

“Ron Paul 2012!!!!!”
81: Name not displayed

“I voted in 2008 and will do so again in 2012.”
82: Name not displayed

83: Billy Brigman

84: steve gritchen jr

“Dr. Paul, I just turned 17 last year, so I didn't have the chance to vote for you in '08. However, I will be graduating from high school next year, and I'd really like to see you as the first president of my adulthood. I know you can do it, and I know that you're the man to do it. To fix this country, and put us back on the right track.”
85: Weston Davis

“Thank you for all you have done to educate us about our government and for your support of liberty these past decades. I know it is a lot to ask of you, to run for President that is. I hope you can find the strength and courage to try another run.”
86: Name not displayed

“Please run if you feel up to it or get fully behind Michelle Bachman (sp?). I think she is the one who attends Dr. Paul's lunches.”
87: Alan Chapman

“Ron Paul 2012″
88: nick peters

89: Michael Mangano

“Bring liberty back!”
90: Frank facenda

91: Jordan Inman

92: Matthew Oakley

93: Nicole Montgomery

“you can fix the USA!!!!!!”
94: Michael Funk

95: Gina Herzog

“Please for the sake of our Country, would you please run for President?”
96: David Garrett

“We need you Ron Paul for 2012″
97: Thomas Smotherman

“We need your continued wisdom and what better way to get it out there! I know you'll do the right thing. Blessings!”
98: Dawn Peet

99: Adrian Gutierrez

100: Name not displayed

“You are the only true hope this nation needs and should be so lucky to have in power. You are the only one truly equipped to steer our nation in the right path. Please save us from ourselves.”
101: Name not displayed

“America needs you, Dr. Paul! Please run in 2012. I know I and many others will do everything in our power to support your campaign and the cause of liberty. "If freedom is what we want, it is our for the taking. Let the revolution begin!"”
102: Lindsey Ferguson

“Please END this CRAZY Goverment of waste, over spending and entitlement.”
103: Floyd Craft

104: JoNathan mariande

“Your background in economics, constitutional understanding and of biblical understanding as the founding fathers, gives you a common sense approach. Where everyone one else just seems to flounder in darkness with no clear direction other than their czars which hardly represent the eternal principles of God or mans in alienable rights.

The bible records of another Government which was oppressive to humanity, let me echo those key words that changed things for those people and repeat them here. "Perhaps God has raised you up for such a time as this"”

105: Todd Gregory

“If there's anything I can do to help with campaigning? I'll gladly lend a hand.”
106: Joe

“Thanks for being an inspiration!”
107: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul, the only principle politician in the H.o.R.”
108: Kenny Tan

“Go Ron!”
109: John B

110: Gabriel Huot

“Ron Paul - The Champion of the Constitution”
111: Brian Martin

“Ron Paul 2012! We believe in you!”
112: Carly Peters

“Please run!”
113: Josh Simpson

“Audit the FED!”
114: Thomas Adams

“You know it!”
115: Mark Bixler

116: Dave Clausen

“please run for presidency sir.. i believe you are the last hope for this country. i dont think our world will be the same in the very near future. thank you for being who you are, Delano McDade”
117: Delano McDade

“In the last presidential election I finally had a real choice for President…you, Ron Paul. Thank you.”
118: Jonny Letson

“Without the right candidate, the country is destined for 4 more years of Obama.”
119: Tom Riley

120: Tyler Phares

“In God we trust and Ron we hope.”
121: Samuel Russell

“All people want is the truth, without it how can we ever make decisions to lead the world?”
122: Colin Hanshaw

123: Kurtis Lawrence

“It is time to stop this continual raping & pilaging of our country! Dr Paul, a man of your integrity is so desparately needed right now!”
124: Randy Ketza

125: Paul Laurent

126: Brian Smith

127: crystal clifford

128: Cynthia Hershberger

“America needs a man like you in office. I will repost and have other friends repost.”
129: ismet pilman

“Sir, Dr. Ron Paul, I truly believe in your ability to effectively shift our current paradigm back to qualities our truest patriots and founders sought for this land. Just imagining the possibility of your leadership and the persuasion it could bring remedies my spirits amongst many other believers. Go for it! I support you completely!”
130: Ryan Lee Yeoman

131: Joseph Johnson

“Ill pencil your name on Ballot if I have to.”
132: Slade Secore

“Kent State students for Ron Paul!”
133: Gregory Allison

134: Jason McClamrock

135: Name not displayed

“Please run and straighten out this mess.”
136: Duane Bierman

137: mitch zientz

138: Name not displayed

“i am honored to know a man of your caliber,who defends my liberty with every fiber in your being,day in and day out,without rest,and give me hope and truly believe in what our constitution really stands for and and not letting it be sidestepped like its nothing more than a poetic,political prop,i proudly pledge my support for you,Dr.Ron Paul”
139: roy vance

“We love you Dr. Paul and everything you stand for. Keep up the good work and hope to see you on my Nov ballot in 2012!”
140: Jason

“The country needs you!”
141: Jared Gaffney

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”
142: Jennifer Crist

“Honest, rational Americans need representation.”
143: Travis Holm

“Even if it doesn't result in an election, please, hit the debates and spread the message.”
144: Luke

145: Aaron Rath

“Ron, Thanks for giving voice to the freedom movement!”
146: Name not displayed

“Your the man Ron!!!!”
147: Ryan howard

“Run Ron Run!”
148: Gary C. Huggins

149: Name not displayed

150: Dwayne Forehand

151: Jeremy Erickson

152: Edward Stevens

“Ron Paul…the only logical man for President!”
153: Name not displayed

“We need you!”
154: Dawn Peer

155: Name not displayed

156: Al Garcia

157: John Kerbawy

158: Mike Swatek

159: Richard Willets

160: Name not displayed

161: Veronica McCarthy

162: lawrence knop

“Please run Ron Paul!”
163: Tiffany Atchley

164: Brian R

165: Bob Miller

166: Jeanne Mueller

“Dr. Ron Paul, you will get my vote AGAIN!!!”
167: Gerald Pata

“With everyone's support, you can make it happen!”
168: Dr. Thaddeus Gala

169: Name not displayed

“Please run for president and save this country!!!”
170: james leveroni

171: Craig Strickland

“legalize cannibus”
172: Name not displayed

173: Tammy Pope

“Lets Take Back Our Country! Go Freedom!”
174: Richard Potesak

“We need a strong leader like you to run this country”
175: Ruth Jankowiak

“Run Paul Run ! ! !”
176: Travis Hill

“We own the dome!”
177: Robert Whiting

178: David Robins

“Even if you don't run or don't want to be President; we are going to vote for you anyways, just like George Washington. We need strong, brave leadership to fight for our liberty.”
179: Nathan Bode

180: Jacob Tennant

“You must run!”
181: Name not displayed

182: Aaron Knight

“You have down to earth thoughts and processes. Great ideas and plain talk with nor crap init. Please run, america needs you!”
183: Rick Flannery Sr

“I'm with you 100%.”
184: Ron Dorff

“please sell simple cheaper t-shirts like Rand Paul had for so I can improve my wardrobe! is a lil steep.”
185: Carl Pinto

“I miss my constitutional rights.”
186: Ryan Cornmesser

“You can do it!”
187: Wes

188: Ganine Van Alst

189: Jay Bailey

190: Frank D\'Angelo

“We awakened much of the Hill Country of Texas back in '07 & '08 with your message, but a majority of the people just weren't quite ready to commit to the serious changes necessary to pursue an agenda of liberty. The tide has changed now and many of those same people are now coming to us old "Ron Paulers" seeking answers. The time is ripe, Dr. Paul, for your message to finally be heard by the mainstream.”
191: Ed Boyd

“Ron, you are the best! Please run in 2012!”
192: John Englert

193: Zachary Thornburg

194: ivy cook

195: Name not displayed

196: Name not displayed

“We need to fix the budget and not have a rock star president… you have my vote…”
197: Scott Buller

“Ron Paul 2012!”
198: David Franklin

“America has a great need for a great American, and you are that American. Please, for the love of all that's good, run for president in 2012. If one person could change the world, it's you.”
199: Dylan Palme

“Please have him consider Karen Kwiatkowski for a running mate! They would be virtually unbeatable! Banking, Healthcare, and Military experts! We really need these people! Great team!”
200: Lisa McCumsey

“Look what you did in 2008. Imagine the possibilities in 2012.”
201: Christopher Campbell

202: Name not displayed

“Please run for president we need you Dr. Paul!!!”
203: Brian Rochford

“You're the only one making any sense. If you run you'll need lots of protection. god speed and may god protect you and your family.”
204: Name not displayed

“Hope fox doesn't discredit him again!”
205: Cory Drippon

206: joe lasarge

207: Dan Boches

208: Ally Muller

209: Gene Harris

210: Name not displayed

211: Michael Anthony

“We don't need another politician in the White House. We need a Paulitician!”
212: Ginger Baughman

213: Name not displayed

“I'm ready to vote for you, Dr. Paul!!!”
214: Name not displayed

“go ron!”
215: Bob Roberts

216: Kevin Seaman

217: Daniel Hyatt

218: Name not displayed

“Please run for president and bring back real liberty to our country”
219: [email protected]com

220: Sally Bode

221: Krystal muller

“Please run, our country needs a man of your character to help us save this sinking ship.”
222: Brad Horinger

“America needs you Ron!”
223: Stephen M. Bianco

“There is no one of your stature and integrity who will stand up to a president and congress that has been fully bought by Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and the pharmaceutical industry. You may be our last chance to prevent the destruction and complete takeover by the large corporations. We need you now.”
224: Name not displayed

“I can't picture a better person for office”
225: Nate Younger

226: Carl Gibson

“We are desperate for some sanity”
227: Dennis Dale

“Make this man president so we can return the govt to the people.”
228: Richard Lawhorn

229: Name not displayed

“America needs Ron Paul. His our only hope!”
230: Brandon gchachu

“GO!, RON GO!”
231: mon & linda bertolucci

232: Mark Heger

233: Dustin Jones

“We need to leave a bright future for America! We need Dr. Paul!”
234: Amanda Toohey

235: Matt Jamison

“We need you Ron Paul. Please run for President”
236: JB King

237: Name not displayed

238: Name not displayed

239: Joey D\'Alessio

“Ron Paul for Prez. 2012!”
240: Name not displayed

241: Name not displayed

242: Name not displayed

“There's no other candidate that could compare!!!”
243: Adam Nogrady

244: Name not displayed

245: scott a bannister

“I promise to work hard to help get you elected.”
246: Ed Skerke

“You'll be risking your life for the love of your country. You are far and away the bravest man in Washington….it's a long shot, but on such bravery may the nation be saved.”
247: Richard Bach

“Please make this happen! Ron, we need you!”
248: Waseem Hammoud

249: Jeffery Bonetta

“run baby run”
250: Manny Fernandez

251: Brett Diercks

“Lets go go go!!!”
252: Name not displayed

“God bless you Mr. Paul. You sing a song that every American needs to understand and believe in. Your clarity, much like Dr. Friedmans…helped greatly in re-programming my brain after college. Thank You.”
253: Jim Wade

254: Name not displayed

255: Bijon Naimat

256: Geoffrey Tanner

257: Jeremy Frits

“If you do it we will come.”
258: Travis D. Scott

“Ron Paul is the only politician that will get my vote in 2012. If Mr.Paul doesn't run, I won't vote. I refuse to contribute to another puppet of the New World Order.”
259: Eric Manning

“I will donate 00 if he runs and if he gets the GOP Nomination, I will donate the max…”
260: Peter Paul Hudson

261: Brian Sullivan

“Lets start a REVOLUTION Ron Paul!”
262: Name not displayed

“Lets go Ron!!!”
263: Gabe

“Dear Dr. Paul,

I wasn't aware of you till you lost the primary for the 2008 election. Now that I've taken the red pill, my eyes are wide open to your teachings whom I've passed on to my family. We will whole heartedly support you in your 2012 run if you decide to do so. I true representative of the Bill of Rights. Now to convince Andrew Napolitano to be your running mate…”

264: Brian Decot

265: Jonathan Burton

“Ron Paul 2012″
266: Jeffrey Pugliese

“I should have voted with my mind in 2008″
267: James allI

“You are the best! The only REAL hope for America!”
268: Nick G

“Mr. Paul, you got my vote!”
269: Name not displayed

“Behind this 100%! Let's GO! :)
270: Dave Waggoner

271: Joan Woodward

272: Mark Heger

273: Name not displayed

“True conservatives are Libertarians!”
274: Matt Paruske

“End the Fed”
275: Name not displayed

“We need your expertise, Senator Paul. The Constitution needs a rebirth and the Federal Reserve needs to be done away with.”
276: Marilyn Felton

“The most mistake Ron Paul can do for his country is not run for president.”
277: Stephen caron

“I believe that Ron Paul would make a change for the better in America if he decides to run. I will work for hard for him. I've studied about him and trust he knows it's time for a REAL CHANGE AMERICANS CAN TRUST.”
278: Donna Sarrell

279: Ari Piscatelli

“Were with you Ron, I sincerely believe you might be our last hope.”
280: Asaad Dennis

281: Name not displayed

“Do it!”
282: Name not displayed

283: Bill Ames

“Dr. Paul, you stand to be one of the most important figures in our nation's history. I believe, as do so many other patriotic Americans that you may be our last hope of ever reviving our Constitution and protecting our sovereignty. We need you now more than ever. God bless you sir”
284: Chris Wall

“I hope to God he wins…”
285: Wayne

286: John Goodwin

287: Angel L Gonzalez III

“win the race 2012″
288: helena dworkiewicz

“Dr. Paul. Please, for the sake of this country and my two boys, I beg you to run!”
289: Kenneth Legasse

290: Dwight Cushman

“I have never voted in any presidential election before, for two reasons, while I've been old enough to understand politics I haven't liked any candidates, and I was too young. Come 2012 I will be 20 and this will be my first ever vote for president. I want to vote for you Ron Paul because I know you can lead us to a future of prosperity.”
291: Christian Martinez

“We voted for you in the last election. The trend is over. It's time for a real president.”
292: Jesse & Ruth Wilkerson

“Ron Paul createing an on going mass movement in one campaign. The next one will save this country.”
293: John Perna

“Peter Schiff as your economic advisor!”
294: ross kranz

“Doctor Paul: you heroically exemplify my hope to restore America to a limited constitutional democracy, and you have all my support in every endeavour.”
295: Reuben Garrett

“We need you!”
296: Amanda H

“You are our only hope.”
297: Suzanne Chandler

298: Gary Burrow

“DEATH to the Federal Reserve!”
299: Name not displayed

“restore the constitution - ron paul freedom revolution now !!”

301: Jack Horbal

“We need Ron Paul in this Revolution!”
302: Joseph Hart

303: Roger Tucker

“Ron Paul is our last hope.”
304: Thomas Giannetti

“Hope he wins!”
305: Mike Evans

“Please Dr. Ron Paul! You are our only hope! Please we need you!”
306: Alex Donahue

“You have my vote, Dr. Paul… and many others around me support you also.

-Tara B. from Texas”

307: Tara B.

“We need a God fearing person, who with the Lord can turn this country back on track.

Go with God, M. Brinsdon”

308: Mildred Brinsdon

309: Jennifer Sluka

“Don't even hesitate Dr.Paul!!”

311: Name not displayed

“Your the only honest politician I know of, who no matter what sticks to his principles.”
312: Norman Schultz

“Paul is the only hope we have….”
313: josh s thomas

314: Rebecca Steinbach

“This is our last chance. I wouldn't blame Dr. Paul if he just retired and said "Screw it. I've tried for decades to help America, but it won't accept my help. Screw 'em."”
315: Barry Howe

“A libertarian minded Democrat for Ron Paul!”
316: Aaron D. Yeargan

317: Name not displayed

“I am prepared to support your campaign in any way that I can help! The U.S. is finally waking up to how much it, and the world, needs someone like you and Judge Andrew Napolitano for VP!!”
318: Republic Constitution

319: Nancy Baughman

320: Name not displayed

“Please run, Dr. Paul. America needs reason and common sense again!”
321: Michael M. Frankel

“If he runs is he asking Judge Napolitano to be vice…

: )”

322: Miguel Rivera

323: Marvin Lavertue

“We believe in you Ron Paul!! You can do it!”
324: Amy De Silva

“Please RUN in 2012. We KNOW you speak TRUTH!”
325: Anne

326: Kelly Bullock

“If ever we needed your help it is NOW!!! We can win this.”
327: Bernadette L.

328: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul,

Please run and give the younger generation a chance to have true liberty for ourselves and our children. You are an inspiration for Americans that feel that the vision that founded and made this country great is being irrationally destroyed by planners in the government.

Think about the youth,


329: Josh Ward

“RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!! There ain't no rest for the wicked (government)!”
330: Joshua T. Counselman

331: David Acord

332: Larry Sullivan

333: Name not displayed

“If anyone can change the grim economic fate of our country, it is a true libertarian visionary like Ron paul.”
334: Name not displayed

335: Name not displayed

“Vote Ron Paul!!!!”
336: Devin Dzierzynski

“Take down the bankers!”
337: Kyle

“For Liberty!”
338: Jim Fox

339: James Barrett

340: Andrew Hunstiger

“We need a quality person who means business and will do what is necessary without all the political garbage that does nothing but dig a deeper hole.”
341: Lynn Van Horn

342: Hank

“Please save our country, Dr. Paul. We need you.”
343: Brian Anderson

“For years I had no idea were our hope for this country has gone. My mother immigrated here for the American Dream, only to live her life run by bureaucrats, who constantly pinned her and her family down with welfare. Us poor are only tormented by run-away government spending of borrowed and printed blank money. My entire life, I always believed the government truly was faithful when they would supply the goods, only to wake up to find ourselves being pushed just over the edge of a knife; a debt the younger generation will no doubt suffer from. This is my reason I selected you Dr. Ron Paul. You cured me and my families apathy, helped us understand what America is truly about. It is the People who built this country, not the government. Thanks to you, this isn't just a Ron Paul Revolution, it is the American Revolution. Dr Paul, our champion, please help us restore our Constitution.”
344: Reggie Wolf

345: Name not displayed

“You are what America NEEDS NOW!!!”
346: Kimberly Seeberger

347: Name not displayed

“Do work!”
348: Vito DeGidio

“I want Ron paul to win”
349: malcolm Brammer

350: Timothy D. Stephens

“I feel as if Ron Paul is the only politician who can put this country back on track. Some people might not trust him but he appears to want to do the right thing, and most likely would not hail to the corruption that has been plaguing our government for so long! Please Ron Paul, you're one of our last hopes!”
351: Jon Bartels

352: Martin De Leon

“Rise up. End the Federal Government. Long live the libertarian militia modern-day confederacy.”
353: Justin

354: Adrian chevreuil

“America needs a man with convictions that are based on the foundations of the founding fathers, and the fundamentals of the Constitution. Ron Paul is the candidate to bring those beliefs to the Ameican voters!”
355: James Goode

356: Michael Weidemann

“Canada wants Ron Paul to run!”
357: Michael Forian

“Please run for President Congressman Paul! We need you now more than ever. End The Fed!”
358: Cory Ruell

“You have my vote.

A Paul/Palin ticket would be a real winning combination.”

359: Harold Best

360: Name not displayed

“Looking forward to Ron Paul running for President.”
361: Nicole Sorkin

“Run in 2012!”
362: Jay Strange

363: Elle Dee

364: Nithya Priyan

365: Jerry Rose

“2012! Lets do this!”
366: Terry

367: Daniel Sliva

“The most succesful failures in life are those who didnt realize how close they were to their dreams…when they gave up.”
368: Amber nolan

369: Name not displayed

370: alan clark

“2012 will be my first time voting and I was very much looking forward to voting for Ron Paul for my first presidential election! I just ordered a Ron Paul Revolution bumper sticker as well and if he decides to run for president in 2012, I will be campaigning strongly on my college campus. Let's make a step towards changing the world for good! :)
371: Alyssa B.

“Is there someone BETTER than Paul running an exploratory? Hell yeah, Mr Paul. If you've got another Campaign in you, the least we can do is help.”
372: Stuart & Cailin Bridges Grant

“May liberty prevail.”
373: Jarrod Huntley

“I honestly believe you are the only one to save our counrry”
374: Name not displayed

375: Fred Ross

“Mr. Paul, PLEASE, run for the President!!!

You will win FOR SURE ;) ))”

376: Dmytro Chernysh

“We need real change for america. End the Fed! End corporate scumbags that continue to exploit and con the system!”
377: Derek Thomas

378: Name not displayed

379: Brett Wigren

“Go for it Dr Paul! Let's start this revolution!”
380: Daniel Schuster

“I love you, Ron! Thank you for all you do. I have learned so much from you, and I know that so many others have as well. You are a hero. You have deeply-held, well-researched (and soul-searched) beliefs, and you stand up for those beliefs, even when that is not the "popular" thing to do. I don't know if there has ever been a better time for someone like you (a true Libertarian) to run for the office of President, and I support you 100%. Again, thank you for all you have done. To me, you are a modern-day George Washington. The reasons I say that are: I believe you are truly honest. And also, I believe that you have never sought public office to be able to exercise power over people, instead heeding the call to serve and be an advocate for individual liberty. That is a high calling, and you have handled it with grace, dignity, and humility. George Washington did not want to become President, but he did it because he knew he was needed. He was the man for the job. Dr. Paul, I ask you to consider the call and become our next President. God bless you!”
381: Shane Engel

“Ron Paul cured my apathy!”
382: Corey Sharpe

383: Dwight Strickler

“You are what is right for America and WE THE PEOPLE stand behind you!”
384: Jason Turner

385: Mariam Khalili

386: Chris

“On my heart always Dr. Paul. You've got my vote and my grassroots effort.”
387: paul bennett

“Dr. Paul. . . get in it this time, and lets get you into office. You are the best choice with your policies that you ran on. You can get the young and educated vote easily. I will personally tell all of my friends about you.”
388: Christopher L.

“We need more leaders like you and your son…”
389: Scott Gordon

“Ron Paul is the only candidate that cares enough to stop the corruption within our government and who has the common sense knowhow that Americans are screaming for in our next president. Please, Please, Please, run in 2012. Our future, our children's future and the fate of this great nation depend on it. Thank You!”
390: Robert N. Kelsey

“We need you to run if you have the energy and stamina. If nothing else than to bring the lime light back to liberty.”
391: Johnny O\'Barr

392: Catherine S. Young

“AMerica Ron Paul is the only politician that has been telling you the truth since day one, wake up America we need Ron Paul.”
393: Bryan Collins

“Ron, you are one of the few who I trust down in that slime pool they call "Washington"! Run Ron…Run!”
394: Carmine DeFalco

“We need Ron Paul now more than ever. Americans are finally listening to what Ron has been saying for years.”
395: Karen Bracken

“…the office of President of the USA needs a statesman like Dr Ron Paul… I've been saying that for 4 years and will continue to put all my efforts into securing that position for RP…”
396: tim lewis

“Rep. Paul,

You are a "True" American Patriot, In every sense of the word!”

397: John J. Schneider

“You are this country's last hope PLEASE RUN!!!”
398: CJ Williamson

399: Name not displayed

400: ken leihser

401: Trever C.

402: russell jones

403: Gabriel Dannemiller

404: Stuart Waterman

405: Ryan Carlson

406: David Walker

“Ron your country men need you please don’t let us down.”
407: Joseph Mangano

“Ron Paul is a true American patriot. I can honestly say he is one of my heros. I truely believe his legacy will one day be told in school in school books.”
408: Curtis A. Webb

409: Name not displayed

410: Joe Evans

411: Brandi Labonte

“Ron Paul can't wind up Americans then drop them like a hot potato.”
412: Rangi Carroll

“I'm a native Texan. I'm sick and tired of all the political corectness in our world, and I'm ready for some truth from our politicians, for a change!”
413: Name not displayed

“Had your vote last time and you'll get it again.”
414: william bowersox

415: Corrie Kondek

“My only wish is Ron Paul becomes the President of the United States of America!

I have only one vote which I have saved for him!!!”

416: pershia barvarz

“You are the ONLY politician I trust, and honestly the only hope for real change!”
417: Colby Reed

“There's no other hope for the country at this time - you and Jesse Ventura!”
418: Janet Urian

419: Name not displayed

420: Geoffrey rule

“Please Ron we need your help!”
421: Name not displayed

422: Alex Hazelwood

423: Rob Neckar

424: Phil Turnage

“There's still hope.”
425: Wesley A. van der Klomp

426: Sam Pauken

427: Putheara Khoeun

“Thanks for all you are doing!!!”
428: Name not displayed

“2012 don't let us down, Dr. Paul!”
429: Rich Kee

“The only candidate worth voting for!”
430: Dani Buettner

“Champion of the Constitution, and a representation of what American Politics hopes to be. Ron Paul 2012!”
431: Name not displayed

“Champion of the Constitution all the way baby!

Let Liberty kill Tyranny!”

432: Davy C Rockett

“First of all I am glad I was able to vote for you in 2008, it was my first time I was ever eligible to vote for president (age 20). I first became a fan after the LP Newspaper wrote an article about you in late 2006. Back then my concerns were mainly about civil liberties and ending the war, economics took the back-burner for me back then. Since then you have turned me onto Austrian economics, before you I was much more of a monetarist and a Friedman fan; however, since you introduced me to the Austrian school I found out that I am much more in line with F. A Hayek's teachings about economics. Thank you Dr. Paul.”
433: Michael

434: Hubert Bardin

“Save us! Revolution is the only way!”
435: Russell Wyatt

436: Emal Popal

“We need you Ron!”
437: Glen Page

“Run Ron Run! Give America a real and consistent voice and choice for freedom & liberty.”
438: Kirk Smith

“Give me Liberty or give me death!”
439: Justin Bullock

440: Name not displayed

“I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012.”
441: River Jones

“a real revolution!”
442: Jamie Floyd

443: Deon Masker

“I would be honored to have Senator Paul as

the President of the USA.”

444: Hollis Jones

445: Robert LeRoy

446: William J. Watson

“We need you”
447: Bonnie sutton

“We NEED you Ron Paul!”
448: Kasey Harris

449: Michael Fortner

“We need your voice in the next election more than ever Sir”
450: Kevin Spangler

“It's time for REAL change.”
451: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul for president! America needs you.”
452: Joachim Mørk

“One of the very few politicians that truly cares.”
453: S.Geyres

454: Keith Bickel

455: Clay

“Dr Paul, I really hope you run for president! You are the best person for the job!”
456: Patrick Meek

457: Niklas

“Thank you for being one of the few politicians I believe.”
458: Edward Nolan

459: Rick

“Thank you for caring Mr. Paul…? & ???´¯`•.¸¸.?…”
460: Name not displayed

461: Santina Lampman

“Dr. Paul has to run. He's our only hope regarding a realistic chance at a meaningful future existence in this corporate controlled media. Everyone I talk to says that if he runs they will vote…”
462: Andrew Miller

“Dr. Ron Paul, "We need you. America needs you."

We who support Liberty and Justice for all are ready to support you in any way possible. We must restore America back to the way our forefathers intended it to be.”

463: wayne

464: Miles Henry

“Come on Ron!!”
465: Name not displayed

“For Liberty!!!”
466: Name not displayed

467: Name not displayed

“Hope you'll run in 2012.”
468: Name not displayed

“Do it Ron!”
469: Evan Fudderman

470: Jack McCambridge III

““All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke”
471: Whatcom County Citizens for Liberty

472: Name not displayed

473: Darek J. Hawkins

474: sean bayard

“Ron Paul believes in a country that lives by the Constitution, and therefore I believe in him!”
475: Robert Sloan

“You and Andrew Napolitano would make a fantastic winning team.”
476: Wallace Jensen

477: Jimmie Pittman

“Time has come!”
478: Christopher Spaide

479: Name not displayed

480: Akshay

“I am willing to quite my job to focus on Ron getting elected if he so chooses to run. Ron you are truly our last hope. Ron we (these United States) need you so much right now. I promise the people will back you. They are hungry for truth and answers. 2008 awoke so many, 2012 is yours Dr. Paul.”
481: Caleb

“We need to stop this insanity NOW!”
482: Dennis Barrett

“I believe people are really starting to wake up and are ready for real change and a president that will serve liberty rather than tyranny. Now is time to become an activist of liberty and to help others understand what real liberty is, regardless of their political affiliation. Go Ron Paul 2012.”
483: Adam

484: Randy Brandt

“The only petition I have ever signed!!!”
485: Name not displayed

486: Logan Smith

“You've gotta run now. I've already made 1000 RP2012 bumper stickers :-) . America needs you Dr. Paul.”
487: Trinity Claud

“We need you Ron to Take our country back before we are all enslaved by the new world order.”
488: Jeff Cottingham

489: Travis Owen

“We need your true Constitutionalist voice to get US out of the undeclared, never ending, 'War on Terror', and get Our own house in order before trying to spread democracy at the point of a gun, as BushCo tried to do and Obama has continued.”
490: Alex Bahr

491: Travis Wadeson

“Dr. Paul,

Please run. America needs to hear your ideas now more than ever.”

492: Bradley M. Cochran

“Ron Paul 2012.”
493: Name not displayed

494: Nora Giachetti

495: James Thomas Moon

“America is finally wakening up!!!!! S. Cali is……….RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N the JUDGE for VP……………..”
496: Sean Lynch

“Save our Constitution. In God we trust.”
497: Elizabeth Andre

“lets get the right guy in this time”
498: craig newberg

“Imagine Ron Paul '08 campaign + Peter Schiff '10 campaign combined. This would be huge”
499: Mattheus von Guttenberg


“Thank you Ron Paul for telling the truth”
501: Michael Fellner

502: Brandon Frohs

“I'm ready to see what our founding fathers had in mind for our country. Because what we have gotten is not it. We got your back, knowing you've always had ours.”
503: Steven Fisher

“For Liberty!”
504: Elise Myers

505: Christy Fuentes

506: Michael Brazeau

“Go Ron Go!”
507: Lenn Anderson

“You've got my vote already”
508: Russell Rector

“Cheering for you Ron Paul!! xo”
509: Name not displayed

510: brad swiklinski

511: Brian Estal

“Paul! we're all here, let's make a difference for 2012. we're making progress. Don't give up! you have mine my families and friends vote..”
512: Jonathan F.

513: David Feigelman

514: Michael

515: Name not displayed

“The only man u can trust”
516: matt brinck

517: Name not displayed

“I voted for Dr. Paul in 08 and I will vote for him in 12″
518: Cary Nunnally

“You're a true statesman! And that's what I love about you!”
519: Helen Griggs

520: Jason paige

“I am proud to be part of your Freedom Team and together with your son Rand in the Senate, we will be unstoppable!!”
521: Brent Bielema

522: Douglas D

523: Ted Stamos JR.

“Please run Dr. Paul. you speak the truth and your soul is filled with principle. Run to show the youth what adulthood is really about and that is responsibility! Thank you for waking me up. Liberty is alive in those who are awake.”
524: nicholas newton

525: Andrew Davenport

526: Name not displayed

“From a canadian who clearly understand that a good USA presidency can have huge global impact and not just within its territory. Go Ron Paul!”
527: Vincent Lacombe

“Ron Paul 2012!!!!!”
528: Ethan Davis

“you are what we need Ron Paul .”
529: vanny

530: Stephanie Day

531: Alex Picard

“RON PAUL 2012!”
532: kui xi he

“God bless any one who is willing to take on this task.Lets take back our country Mr Ron Paul”
533: james michalak

534: Name not displayed

535: Jeff

“Please help take back our country from the crooks. Audit the Federal Reserve and abolish the IRS.”
536: Geoffrey Barrett

537: Name not displayed

“If there is still an American nation in 2 years, Ron Paul is the perfect man to lead it!”
538: Ben

“Please, abolish the Federal Reserve and save the middle class from extinction!!!”
539: Name not displayed

“Let the Revolution continue!”
540: Corey James Adkison

“Thank You for your Wisdom, We need your Wisdom in the White House. I hope you'll run and win!”
541: David Dewey

“please run for president. You are the one that will save America and her core values!”
542: Connie Johnson

543: sean ataee

544: Name not displayed

“I agree with your position in regard to the FED and the IRS, as we approach the centennial anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act and the alleged ratification of the 16th Amendment. Your policy of an excise tax on imports is a move in the right direction in regard to a new revenue stream to sustain government. Furthermore, there is no other candidate that would take the necessary steps needed at this critical time in the history of America. I feel that this step is needed to protect American industry and foster industrial growth in America, once again. A toughened stance on free trade wouldn't hurt either. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Best Regards,


545: Kenneth Nichols

546: katie lehr

“Ron, please run for 2012.

And the JUDGE for V.P.”

547: Tom Taylor

“You've got my support!”
548: Kristen Pruett

“The only true patriot we have- Ron Paul!”
549: Donald Thornton

“Ron Paul~ We need you… Please run!”
550: Name not displayed

551: Name not displayed

“By 2012, America will be begging for Ron Paul to restore sanity to government and liberty to the people. Please do run, Dr. Paul!”
552: Allison Ward

“Go Ron paul”
553: Todd

“Ron, you have my full support and I hope you decide to make another run for President.”

“My 18th birthday is in 2011. My first vote ever will go to you, Dr. Paul.”
555: Kaj Hansen

556: Name not displayed

557: Ian Hammond

“We need a real change in government.”
558: Pete Brown

“Run Ron Run!”
559: Name not displayed

560: Tyler Pruett

“We need Dr. Ron Paul for hope. He is a true Libertarian and cares more about this country than his fame. He has my vote along with many other family members. Let's take back America from the Socialist road it is heading, and bring back the Constitution!”
561: Name not displayed

562: Konrad D. Kantor

563: chad

“America needs you”
564: Geir Friis

565: Michael Pagan

566: Marge Ashley

“please do it!”
567: Name not displayed

568: Michelle Ross

“Go Ron!!”
569: Dan

“Please as of today you are our only hope at restoring this nation.”
570: Naomi Jahn

571: Rob Eaves

572: Galen Surlak-Ramsey

573: Dan Greer

“I share your vision for America”
574: Ettore Divirgilius Jr

“Dr. Paul, I believe in your message and I believe in you. Please run for president, you have my vote!”
575: Name not displayed

576: Matt Smits

577: Norman Martin

“End The Corruption”
578: Len Fowler

579: Frank W. Spaeth

580: kirk sanders

“We need you even if it's a DeMint/Paul ticket - we need your strength! God bless you and yours!”
581: Lib Grimmett

“Nobody but YOU can do it! We LOVE you!!!”
582: Jeanette Weeks

583: s.armstrong

“Congressman Paul, it is time for you to again answer the call of your country to serve.”
584: Judy Collins

“We need you.”
585: Marsha Carter

“Please let me know how I can help.”
586: Tim Cayer

“Let's go for broke! The right kind of broke!”
587: Warren Ward

588: Richard Glen Heleman

589: Jeffrey eaton

590: powell

591: Roland K

“This revolution needs the leadership of a true American Patriot like yourself Dr. Paul. With you at the helm we can restore this great republic.”
592: Michael Watts

“America NEEDS you as President to End the Fed!……..however….Prime Minister Ron Paul,… has a sweet ring to it no?”
593: Anthony Vipond

“Please, please, please, run for President!!!”
594: Charlie Finn

“Go Ron Go!”
595: Keith Folk

“I hole heartedly supported Dr. Paul in the last presidential election and I anticipate doing the same for this election. Campaign for Liberty!”
596: Jessica Meeler

“Don't settle for "peace" at the expense of truth and justice.”
597: Layth Ibrahim

“Dr. Paul, had it not been for your 2008 presidential campaign, I like many Americans and others around the world would still be completely clueless when it came to the principles of liberty. I would likely be placing blame on Democrats and fervently defending the GOP, completely unaware of the collaboration between the two over the decades to undermine the Constitution and limit personal liberty. Your campaign woke me up, inspired me to begin researching the philosophy of liberty and I am a more educated, moral and capable human being because of it. Please do not pass up this opportunity to not only continue that same education and philosophical revolution but to make a serious run for the presidency to lead this nation back to its liberty-influenced and Constitutional roots. Thank you for you tireless devotion to liberty and for waking up this citizen. God Bless, Drew Martin”
598: Drew Martin

599: Sharon D Hudson-Douglas

“keep throwing punches Ron!………America needs more like you.”
600: robert a orio

“What little hope I have in the ability of our government to affect healthy change lies in the few politicians like you.”
601: Rob Dietrich

“Dr. Paul, please keep trying to put an end to the terrorism, lies and corruption going on. revolution means bloodshed.. what we need is evolution.”
602: Shawn

“Dr. Paul, please run! Even if only to keep the Republican discourse on the important issues that you always talk about and not nonsense like gay marriage, stem cells, and other social conservative drivel. Keep the discussion about cutting spending, ending the Fed and the IRS, and FREEDOM!!”
603: Mark Weinblatt

604: David Guzman

“Vote for REAL change. Vote for Ron Paul.”
605: Mohammed Y. Megrini

“I would like it if you ran with Mitt Romney!”
606: Jason C. Golden

“I would vote for you.”
607: Shaun McKnight

608: Brett Cicuzza

“As a libertarian Ron Paul is the only republican I will support”
609: Robby Reed

“The world is prepared for Dr. Ron Paul to be President, with all heart and spirit, WE, THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE OUR REVOLUTION!!!”
610: Julian Becher

“ROCK & ROLL Ron…”
611: Name not displayed

“Viva la revolution!”
612: Tammy Blair

“I'm voting for you whether you like it or not, Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!”
613: Brad Rodrigues

614: shawn

“Ron Paul is reform we can believe in.”
615: pat coleman

“Ron Paul is the only candidate I feel I can trust as President anymore, all the other prospects make me fear that tomorrow will be a grim time for our economy.”
616: Mark Cupp

617: Name not displayed

“Getter Done Ron!”
618: Name not displayed

“"Ron Paul 2012!"”
619: Zi Peng Mai

620: David Troy

“we need you!!!!!”
621: ryan

622: Verle

“Please run Dr. Ron Paul!!! I'm praying God would give you the victory. May he bless you abundantly.”
623: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul in 2012!!!”
624: Name not displayed

“Please run. America needs you.”
625: Duane Vick

“only hope…”
626: Kati Dodge

627: Patricia Hennessey

628: Matthew Christisen

“For the love of god, run already!”
629: Joshua Graham

“Andrew Napolitano for VP please”
630: Sean Donahue

“This nation is on the edge ,we sure could use your help”
631: clifford vanrenterghem

632: Steven Cockayne

633: Joe Pedersen

634: Christopher Vogtmann

“Judge Napolitano or Peter Schiff as V.P.!!!!”
635: Tom Griffin

“Sir, I'm not a republican, democrat, liberal, progressive or whatever. I don't subscribe to one set of particular ideas, I usually vote for the one who I think will be the best for me, and I have not watched someone who I think would be best not just for me, but for everyone who is not rich, or ever will be rich. Please consider running again in 2012.”
636: Jason Amburgey

637: nikole escobedo

“Ron Paul 2012 and beyond.”
638: Timothy Conard

“Ron Paul 2012″
639: Name not displayed

640: Chris A

641: Dino Dobos

“I like Obama and voted proudly for him. But if Peter Schiff's forecasts continue to come true, then we really do need Ron Paul to fix things.

End the Fed. ('nuf said)”

642: Name not displayed

“I will be voting for the first time ever as ill be 18 for this election and i know your what we need Ron! You have my vote”
643: Name not displayed

“I am a police officer and many of my fellow officers are supporters. Your supporters are everywhere. You can feel the energy in the air, the time is right for the message of liberty.”
644: Elijah Bruton

645: elizabeth tolbert

“We need a principled captain to steer the ship of state.”
646: C Neal

647: Brian Landsberger

“We can turn it all around, this country was meant for greatness! dump the felonious corporate MIC, wall street pirates etc. restore the best, we the people!!”
648: Ron Markus

“He'd be better than most and unfortunately more vulnerable than most, but the few presidents that laid down their lives for this nation are extremely rare”
649: J. Robinson

650: Name not displayed

“Let's do it! Come on! 2012″
651: Name not displayed

“Run Dr Paul, Run!”
652: Joel Rico

“Dr. Paul, There is no harm go for it. Think of it as a rally to spread the word to the masses. We need to reconsider were we are heading.”
653: Name not displayed

654: Brandon Raich

“I was not a supporter last time but have educated myself since. Please run again Mr. Paul, I feel there might be a lot of people like myself out there.”
655: Timothy S. Sorrell

656: Name not displayed


658: Dan Lundgren

659: Shane Mast

“Let's do it this time around and kill big government!”
660: Chris Ruiz

“Ron Paul 2012!! For our Posterity…Let us teach our children in the ways of liberty. They are the inheritor's of the Republic and future defenders of the Constitution.”
661: Melanie Collinsworth

662: Name not displayed

“? ? ? ? L U T ? ? N”
663: Tony Contreras

664: Kurt Brackob

“-Manchester, NH”
665: Alexander Krantz

“Congressman Ron Paul, MD is a great man!

In Liberty,

Alex Tzetzo, PhD”

666: Alexander Tzetzo

667: Mac

668: Toni Ries

“For freedom, liberty and truth!”
669: Austin Parker

670: Aleksandra

“You're our best hope Dr Paul!”
671: Ed Connor

“The Liberty movement is alive and well! Please run for president in 2012, Dr. Ron Paul! Thank you Mr. Congressman Paul for always representing "We The People" with honesty, dignity, and courage!”
672: Bryan J. W.

“down with the FED!”
673: Name not displayed

674: Name not displayed

675: James

“Once more unto the breach”
676: Andrew Youngberg

677: Name not displayed

678: Nathan Villa

679: John DeZago

“You've got my vote!”
680: Name not displayed

“this economy needs RP!!”
681: george johnson

682: Douglas Ko

683: Jonathan Day

“Please run for president Ron. You may be this country's last hope!!!”
684: Anthony E. McNeal

685: Paul Saladino

“Dr. Paul - America needs you now like never before. Please run, the whole country needs to hear your message. There is simply no one else out there who will tell it like it is.”
686: Gary Pastoor

687: Name not displayed

688: Eric Roth

“The Only Hope For America!”
689: S Tipton

“Godspeed, Dr. Paul!”
690: Shawn Stone

691: Name not displayed

“This time, let's finish the fight, and to hell with the neocon GOP.”
692: Gerald Sills

693: Eric James

“Please run in 2012. The power brokers have had their fun long enough. It is now OUR turn and OUR time.”
694: Lisa Morales

“Audit the Fed!”
695: Name not displayed

“You are the conservator of hope!”
696: CPT. Forrest L. Horn, Sr.

“I pledge 0″
697: sonny junell

“We can never give up. Never.”
698: Michael Lacy

“Run Dr. Paul, Runnnnnnn*!”
699: John-Erik Steiger

“End The Fed”
700: Brian Mansell

701: Brenda Weeks

“You're the best for the people! I'll do whatever I can to help.”
702: George

“If not Ron Paul, then who ????”
703: Billy E. Price

“Ron Paul, I know everyone has not been there for you like you needed us to be so if you decide not to run due to wanting time with your family during this time in your life, I will not be upset if you don't but would feel very sad. But, knowing your son is in Congress, it makes me feel a lot better. I just hope that after your gone that things don't change from the messages you are trying to pass on. I dis-like how people change to make things worse and only benefit the rich, or themselves when they pass through Congress. Even if you don't run, to me you are already my president. :)

I am afraid of what our country is leading to. I wished you where elected sooner, or forever! If you run, it honestly would be God's light on our hope in the US for restoring our country like it should be than what it has become now. My family and I have gotten so scared of our own country where we some times wonder of moving, but we don't because we are Libertarians, a voice for the ones who do care for this land and our US Constitution. If you can do it, so can my family. So, in a way, you gave me and my family hope when we felt very small. Thank you, for everything that you have done. If I had money, I would give it all to you so you could complete your tasks and goals to benefit us. When I finally get back into college/education again and a great job, I promise, I will donate and support you tendentiously, you will forever have my word on that!

-Em 23″

704: Emily H. Gault

“If he runs, I'll go all out one last time.”
705: Anna Sullivan

706: Name not displayed

“Please run for president.. We need the right change..”
707: Name not displayed

708: tyler staples

709: Ty Fridrich

710: Christopher Sullivan

“Please Ron, I don't want to leave America but I will if I must.”
711: Name not displayed

“We need you and I feel is your duty to serve our Country is fallen on dangerous and perlious times and we must all take immediate action to save it and our freedom.”
712: Mark Christopher Stevens

“Go Ron Paul!!!

No lies like the rest of them! The only hope for America is for a honest president who genuinely cares for the welfare of the nation and its citizens. I am tired of promises that presidents never live up to. We need a President to follows his word, gets America back on track, and takes America's nose out of the rest of the world's business! Please do as you say Ron, and i will support you 100%!


Jeremy Field


713: Jeremy Field

“We need you Dr. Paul!!”
714: Erika Lee

“Dr. Paul - America has never your leadership more than it does today. We are grateful fro your service and sacrifice. Casey Caplin”

“You only live once…”
716: Jason Rogers

“Ron Paul for 2012. America needs you more than ever.”
717: Name not displayed

“No one knows what's best for America than you!!! Real change will come from the American people through the real leadership you offer. No matter your age, no matter your political party… you have what it takes to lead America back to greatness! We the People… this is our land… many of us are ready to do what it takes to support you through this campaign because we realize what is happening to our country. I will personally spread the word for you. Give it another try… no one speaks more sense than you… your track record is solid and demonstrates your character. Ron Paul 2012… we will support you!!!”
718: Anna Burke, LMT

“End the Fed!”
719: Zackery Fretty

720: Kevin Kilgore

721: Name not displayed

722: lacie doman

“Back in 2008 I was but 16. Now you would have another confirmed vote in me!”
723: James McAuliffe

724: Bruce Morgan

“Ron Paul gives me hope. hope that america could acually be what it once was.”
725: Tim Clark

726: Name not displayed

727: Stephen Thorn

“For liberty.”
728: Adam Bode

“Save this country!”
729: Mathew Holevinski

730: Margie Hanzes

731: Troy D. Stenzel

“Please run Ron. You may be our last hope.”
732: Leon

733: Sharon Nusunginya

“Please Dr Paul and run for President in 2012. I promise to spread the word and get you nominated and elected. I like many new very little of you in 2008 and have since learned you have straight forward ideas that make total sense. I see your passion and sincerity in everything you do. I know when you are elected you will work to make America better for all people and I pledge to keep contacting my representative and have them support your ideas. Please run. Please”
734: Danny Bern

735: Grant Jansen

“Please help only you can make the changes needed in Washington D.C.”
736: Name not displayed

“Run, RON, run!”
737: John Beale

738: Erich Thomas

739: Heather Holden

740: Alexis Chontos

“The only leaders that are making any real sense have Paul in their name.”
741: scott linker

“You have sacrificed so much for our country already, it is difficult to ask for more. But you have an enormous gift that has helped inspire thousands. This is one of the darkest hours our country has ever seen. The difference between your last campaign vs. your new one is that you would start with thousands of advocates instead of end with them. With all of your followers already willing to sacrifice, and a mood of discontent toward the establishment in the country, this has the potential to be an even bigger revolution this time around. We ask, with some hesitance due to how much you have already sacrificed, for one more Ron Paul Revolution before somebody else carries on the torch.”
742: Jeremiah Gault

743: Wendy Scoggins

“Without Ron Paul, despotism awaits us.”
744: Dale Maxim

“…please Dr. Paul, to the best of your Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and its citizens.”

746: James Robbins

“Although i feel we can do this without ron, we need him more than ever, and his help as president would be a great assistance in our efforts for a reduced government”
747: Name not displayed

“As a 27 year old, you are the first politician who has compelled me to feel like voting and paying attention to the political landscape has any relevance. You did this by being the only candidate to emphasize ideas above all else. Additionally, your ideas are grounded in an ideological foundation that resonates with me and your voting record reveals a man of consistent, principled integrity - something seemingly unprecedented in American politics today. Please run for the presidency next year, Mr. Paul and I will be ready to give of my services however I can to your campaign.”
748: Scott Perry

“Ron Paul, Run!”
749: Frank P Skinner

“Let's just be honest here. You are the best person for this position. The only one. The next in line. C'mon you have our support. If you have that, what other reason do you need?”
750: Name not displayed

751: Carolyn Platt

“I enthusiastically look forward to casting my vote for Ron Paul. We need a Revolution! Please run Ron.”
752: Mark Baker

“Dr.Ron Paul

You put up with a lot of Nasty News People when You Ran before. But this time things will be

a lot better. So Please just throw Your Hat In the Ring. We will All be there with You. God Bless You Ron.”

753: Marian Colborn

754: William Russell

“I pray for the future of this country so my children will know true freedom and liberty. Mr. Ron Paul, I applaud you for your courage and I am inspired by your determination to restore our country with the vision our founding fathers shared and for which they fought so hard to establish. I join the fight with you and the many Americans who recognize the vital and urgent need for authentic leadership.”
755: Chanda Charlesworth

“We need someone to finally show everyone else how it's done. Be that person.”
756: David Velazquez

“I'll vote for Ron Paul”
757: Rebecca Stine


“I hope that you run Ron, so we can see a lasting change!”
759: Julia Thompson

“Run Ron Run you can win.”
760: Sandy Shields

761: Cody Hartman

“We need someone who understands monetary policy, which is one of our main problems. You are the only Congressman who understands monetary policy.”
762: Thomas Durfee

“Dr Paul, you are the only one that has stood on your principals throughout your whole career. Please you are a man of your word, which is what this country needs. I feel that you are loyal to your beliefs and truly love this country in the way our founding fathers did. Please, please run.”
763: deborah

“Dr. Paul, this country doesn't deserve you, but the ideas that you fight for do. Please continue your principled stand for liberty by carrying that banner to the White House!”
764: Name not displayed

“I hope you will consider Napolitano as your running mate.”
765: Sally Reeves

766: Boyd Conklin

767: Name not displayed

768: Name not displayed

“Live free or die!”
769: Patrick McKart

“Doctor Paul MUST RUN 2012!!!”
770: Chuck

“I support Ron Paul!!!”
771: Omar

772: Laura Huapaya

“Please HELP! I only Have One Life”
773: John Hartig Jr

“Ron Paul is the last hope for the America our Founding Fathers set out to create. This country is in need of Ron Paul, and dire need at that.”
774: Kevin Malseed

775: Stuart Sloan

776: Sheri Will

“Ron Paul and divine intervention could possibly restore our nation to sanity.”
777: Stan

778: Name not displayed

“Please, I'm an Oath Keeper and I'd love to see the Constitution restored along with our government.”
779: Randall K. Holder

780: Jonathan Stroud

781: Jamin Brunette

“There is no one more trustworthy than you!

God Bless you always! You are my hero!”

782: lynn crippen

783: Name not displayed

784: Daniel Cook

785: Casey Jones

“*Please* run … we need you!”
786: Tyler McCuen

787: Name not displayed

788: Tim Grant

“President Ron Paul 2012″
789: Kim La Chance

790: Yancy Frahs

791: Geoff

“time for a R3VOLUTION! If not now, when?”
792: Heinz Bartesch

793: Thomas Freeloader

“duuit ron”
794: jager

“if you run, I will donate”
795: John Kim

“One more time!”
796: Jason Hokkanen

“As a two time Army veteran of OIF, I have experienced the amount of control and waste the military industrial complex can oppress upon a people. I have felt the stifling of truth by sycophants and see how our current monetary system allows for government waste and secrecy. These are the large reasons why I want you, Dr. Ron Paul, to be our future Commander in Chief. A commander that will respect the Constitutional power entrusted to the Senate to declare war. However, the victory of war can usually be traced to the victory of one decisive battle and if yours is not the Presidency, but somewhere else, then so be it. I do worry though, if not you, who else?”
797: John Day

“RON PAUL 2012!”
798: Ryan

799: Mark Hilgendorf

“You'll have my support and active campaigning, Dr. Paul.”
800: Chris McCray

“Please Run Ron Please!”
801: Sandy Shields

“I have read 2 of your books and agree with you almost 100%. I can't say that about anyone else.”
802: Barry Edward Bailey

“we need this or else it's prisons”
803: jerm

“I will vote for you whether you are on the ballet or not. You are the one of the most inspirational person I have ever followed. Please run in 2012!”
804: Jordan Stenzel

805: Michael Chevalier

“Our only US congressional champion of unfettered liberty!”
806: Ben Wanamaker

807: Stephen Davis

808: Luke Cox

809: n/a

“I must really say that your ideals and visions are really miles apart from many other politicians. I hope that you will consider running for President in 2012, thank you.”
810: Name not displayed

“I'm begging you, PLEASE run!!!”
811: Amir Rizkala

812: Kent Manton

813: Justin Alexander Wade-Coronado

814: Maxwell Lee

“Thanks for "keeping it real"!”
815: Tim Gray

“I really hate voting for the lesser of two evils. Please run.”
816: Keith Eddy

“Keep up the good fight!”
817: Blaine Matte

818: mike frost

819: Name not displayed

820: Jeremy White

“Good luck in 2012 Congressman Paul! I will support you all the way to the presidency!”
821: Kara Neary

“"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" -Ben Franklin”
822: Chase Rosson

“Audit the Feds!”
823: Leonard S Jessop

824: Corey

825: Joel Jackson

“We need you to expose more!”
826: Mark Hopp

“Your concern for this great United States echoes that of our Founding Fathers. We need a President who will provide the direction to us get back to basics and focus on the will of the people, states rights and putting priorities back in order. To, once again, be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I believe you are totally qualified for the job! I totally respect if you are not willing to run for President as there is a huge mess to clean up… However if you are willing to take on the task I believe you will have many citizens willing to put forth much effort to help. Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Paul.”

827: Carolyn Sasek

“The sword must only be given to the man that desires it least. Corruption is born from desire.

Dr. Paul, I truly believe, as a citizen and an ardent Jeffersonian patriot, that you are our first step. I only wish that I had the experience and the influence to help you directly. I know that you only want to serve your nation. Your nation is calling you.”

828: Prescott Morley

829: Eric

“I believe in America and Dr. Paul.”
830: Vincent Rossetti

831: Name not displayed

“Go Ron Paul… let the revolution grow. President or not, the word needs to get out, let's take America back from the clutches of the banksters. END the FED”
832: Werner

“I will vote for you again as well as try to persuade my friends to do the same if you decide to run. I believe in voting for the candidate with the views closest to mine regardless of party affiliation. I do not belive in casting a vote for a candidate I do not fully support just to keep the other candidate out. You sir, I mostly agree with and believe you would represent the American people with truth, honor and dignity.”
833: Jeffrey Jepko

834: Brett J. Carroll

835: Gabriel Bautista

836: John Dobson

“I'm already working for you Dr. Paul, just in case. Your message does resonate with the 20 somethings. My daughter and her friends believe in your message.”
837: Danny Peterson

“America needs you Ron Paul!! You have my vote!”
838: Name not displayed

“I need a job.”
839: Tom C

“Jesus loves you come to the truth of love Romans chapter 1 read it

1st cor 13 read it

see my creation photos”

840: sam cole

841: Nathan Wise

“more than ever do we need you now!”
842: John R. Steffen

843: Ryan Gregory

844: Kevin Blanchard

“I think people are Ready to take back Control!”
845: Name not displayed

“This is our year! At the very least we can get the movement rolling again.”
846: Michelle Jenson

“the "change" we need”
847: tom nicholson

“Good luck, Ron. The one man we know will not be puppeteered in office.”
848: Mike Waliczek

“Ron Paul is the best thing that's happened to America since its founding…”
849: Daniel Hemmert

“Ron Paul 2012! Let's get this country back on track!”
850: Rick Matza

“Please run in 2012″
851: Wade

“Ron you are the only one I WILL VOTE FOR.”
852: phil mendelson

“please! you got my vote”
853: ryan jacobs

“You're a man of honor. Please save America.”
854: Alex Bales

“Run, Ron, run!”
855: Chris Noel

856: James Richardi

857: Karen Noel

“Please be careful if you run, they killed JFK after all…Get yourself some trusted security people”
858: Name not displayed

“You're America's only hope!”
859: Agata

“Dear fellow Americans, please pray for the future of this country so our children will know true freedom and liberty. Dr. Ron Paul, I applaud you for your courage and I am inspired by your determination to restore our country!”
860: James P. Walker

861: robert harmon

862: Thomas Sievers

“We need you to run again. I voted for you every time. We do not have much time left and I love and respect your decision whatever it may be but we need you now!!! this may be our last election and I shudder to think what will happen in the future. We will not have a free country to pass on to our children. We have destroyed what we were so admirably bestowed with the responsibility to protect. I would never have believed it possible. We have lived in the best of times and now we will exist in the worst of times. Dickens will be proven wrong. We have no right to ask for any more sacrifices on your part. You have done so much more than anyone in Politics and I honor you with all my heart. We are here for you. We are ready to fight. We need you as a strong unwavering leader who is not afraid. Please help us!!! Less government! More Freedom!

"Capitalism is turning luxuries into necessities." ~ Andrew Carnegie

"Our government is turning necessities into luxuries." ~ C. J. Mayer

Ron Paul 2012″

863: C. J. Mayer

“Ron Paul being in office would strengthen everyone's resolve to reclaim our Republic.”
864: Ira Gillum

865: Matthew McClinton

“If you don't run I'm leaving America”
866: Christian Loritz

867: Lauren Elizabeth Evans

868: Brian Bartlett

“At least we would have a choice. Last few elections were like voting for a sundy with peanuts or walnuts.”
869: Jim Busse

870: Name not displayed

871: Name not displayed

872: Name not displayed

“America needs Ron Paul as its president. No one else will do.”
873: Eric Smith

“I am a C4L Local Coordinator who is just itching to start to educate the masses!”
874: Jeremy Day Lawson

“Thank you for proving to us that not all politicians are crooks. Thank you for truly representing the people and for upholding the constitution as it was truly meant to be. Run Paul!!!!!”
875: Kasi Darnell

876: Matthew Loesby

877: Name not displayed

“Please, Ron, someone has to have to guts to get fundamental changes made to the ways the US gov't is mismanaged and corrupt.”
878: Mark

879: kenneth thomas

“please help us fight the corruption in our government.”
880: mayra

“God Bless Ron Paul.. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty" -Luke 3:18″
881: kevin decker

882: Name not displayed

883: Axel

“Freedom works! Go Ron Paul!”
884: Shawn

“Continue educating the young voter of the truth! Thank You!”
885: Derek O\'Connor

“Ron Paul is the only one whose head is not stuck in the stand!…The RIGHT man,at the RIGHT time!”
886: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul will be the first real president we've had in years. But, he won't get elected on hopes and dreams, everybody who supports RP needs to inform everyone around them about whats going on. Tell everybody you know about the campaign for liberty and libertarianism. Good luck, patriots!”
887: Travis Skeens

“in 2012, I will be 18 and I would love to vote for Ron Paul!”
888: Josh Herren

889: Sean newhall

“We gave the Democrats and Shot and the Republicans as well. Quite frankly it's like watching the kindergarteners glue macaroni to paper plates. We need to give this guy his shot because I'm sure all Americans will not put their hope in Sarah Palin's corner.”
890: Billy Van Hall

“You have a friend in Daytona Beach Florida waiting for the words "Lets do this thing" Ron Paul 2012″
891: Ron Graves

892: Autumn Wellstone

893: Brandon Hawks

“I got your back all the way Ron Paul. It's time for REAL change. Put the FED in check and get all of these criminals out of power!!!!”
894: Scott Wise

“Please help us Paul. You're only hope.”
895: John Hancock Barlow

“Ron Paul vs the War Party!!”
896: Michael Cultrera

897: Charles Lee

“You are a remarkable President of the United States waiting to be elected. Please Run! We need you. You are the unique person that can make things right for our Country. These are Patriot Times where our vote is actively needed to make things right. Most people are unaware of the real issues.”
898: Lane Trent

“we need to restore the Constitutional Republic that our fathers lost.. audit and end the fed, raid the 12 federal reserve banks and arrest the banksters!!”
899: nicholas pouryamini

“Go Ron! America needs you!!”
900: Andrew Hickey

“Please run Ron! Your message is out, loud, and clear!”
901: Aaron West

902: Cory Hyland

“You have to run! You are the only hope we have!”
903: Frank Valles

“I believe in you, it's time to restore LIBERTY!”
904: Rauno Heinaru

“Go Ron Paul!”
905: Lawrence H. De La Cruz

“A true patriot!”
906: Zachary Roberts

“I've had your sticker on my car for 4 years now.”
907: Bobby Macey

908: Jason

“we need 55 ron pauls”
909: james lane

“Please run for president. We need many changes.”
910: Name not displayed

“Very few people have the insight, principles and courage to save this country from the fascist powers that Eisenhower warned of, and I truly believe Ron Paul is one of those individuals.”
911: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul 2012!!!”
912: Devid

“Your country needs you!”
913: Name not displayed

“A Ron Paulitician seems to be the only type I like.”
914: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul,

You are an inspiration to our Country. You and now your Son will be an unstoppable team.”

915: Patricia McMillan

“Stop the fed, end the police state, give America its freedom back”
916: Amanda Davis

“To Mr. Ron Paul,Just to let you know i live outside of America,But be sure that you have plenty of support,all over the World, i hope and pray that youget All the Support you Need to run in 2012, God Bless , Keep Safe, Srong, And Free ,For All of us that Belive in You, Lloyd.”
917: Name not displayed

“Please run, Dr. Paul!

Never before has there been such wide acceptance of libertarian belief, and especially so out in the open. With two libertarian shows on TV and many more outlets (around the web for sure), people are re-thinking the assumptions they held about government, and they are educating themselves about the truth of things they held for granted. The time is right for positive changes in this country, and I'm sure that after your work with the Fed in the next year alone the people will be calling for you for sure!”

918: Kovi

919: Brennan Purtzer

920: Nathan Risto

“"Your the leader we need!"”
921: Manuel Lopez

922: Tad Pomeroy

“I really have only woken up to politics in recent years, my only regret has been not voting for you in 2008. We the people of the United States of America need you Dr. Paul. It truly amazed me watching the 2008 campaign over again and seeing only one man with real answers, Ron Paul. Time after time after time after TIME! You sir are the only man that has stood up for liberty. I would be honored, proud, and grateful for your commitment to a 2012 election!

God bless you Dr. Paul and god help our great land.”

923: Gabriel Caamano

“obama tried to start the path and only Ron Paul can finish it-someone needs to help save my mother's life and get her the health care she needs to live! PLEASE run!”
924: Name not displayed

925: Eddie Starr

926: robert fliegler

“But only if you feel up to it. You've done more than 100 rational human beings already. Don't do it unless it's something you want to do. You don't owe any of us a damn thing. We owe you.”
927: Steve Hanson

928: joel stump

“Do it!”
929: Josh Nagato

930: Name not displayed

“I still have my "Ron Paul 2008" bumper sticker on my van.”
931: Jerry Alexander

“Ron Paul PLEASE come to TEMECULA, CA!!!!!!!”
932: Jade B

“You are the right man to administer the dose of capitalistic medicine the American people so desperately need Dr. Paul. We will get you elected if you throw your name in the ring.”
933: Daniel Burns

“I pledge my money, my work and my prayers to support you, Ron.”
934: Guadalupe Lynch

“Love ya Ron!”
935: Paul K.

936: Name not displayed

937: Krista Carlton

“We are worse off than slaves and don't even know it.”
938: Will Nielsen

“Please please please! You are the only politician that respects and lives by our constitution! America needs you. We were blind before but our eyes have been opened to your potential. I've always supported you, but it helps having the media on your side now as well!”
939: Name not displayed

“We need you now more then ever!”
940: Justin

941: Name not displayed

942: Joseph Jenkins

943: Name not displayed

944: Thomas Rosenberger

“You're an inspiration. Our nation is given the opportunity to choose between left and right; now let's move forward. Remain objective, Ronnie.”
945: Alise Isaksen

946: Name not displayed

“We need a true statesman such as yourself, sir. Not another politician who tramples on the Constitution.”
947: Jerry Friend

948: Austin Booher

“Ron Paul 2012, hope for America!”
949: Name not displayed

950: Enoch Gonzalez

“Dr. Paul, you're the only one who makes sense and who truly cares about America and American liberties!”
951: Brent Jacobs

“Mr. Paul, you are our last hope for peacefull revolution.”
952: Don Becher

953: Alex Chapman

“You have the chance to provide a life-giving service to millions who ought to demand it. How could you settle for any less?”
954: Gareth Aye

955: Brian Greer

956: John Mast

957: Catherine Lamboley

958: Name not displayed

959: Alison Holley

“"? ? ? ? L U T ? ? N" Must Go On…Ron Paul, Please Run.”
960: Art @ Los Angeles

“I wish Dr. Paul all the best. But passing the message on the campaign is the most important thing.”
961: Name not displayed

962: Bryan landry

963: Miodrag Kopusar

“Mr. Paul,

Please run for President. You are the only Hope for this country's survival.”

964: Kevin Choi

“You are hope for America Ron!”
965: Brian T McNeel

“Ron Paul is just what this country needs in the white house.”
966: Cory Martin

967: Ted Biggs

968: Brett Buonamici

“You're our only hope Dr. Paul!”
969: Name not displayed

“you will have people coming out of the wood work to help in your campaign, myself included”
970: Michael Dyson

“If you, or someone like you, isn't in the White House come 2012 …. The salvation of the nation is at stake. You are the only man in the world I trust to have the courage to do what needs to be done.”
971: Travis Uribe

“Im with you all the way! And so Is GOD!”
972: michelle kroll

“Let US fix America, please help”
973: Name not displayed

“Ron we all need you to step in and take the lead and help turn this country around. Your our only Hope.”
974: Whitey E Thompson

“end the fucking wars”
975: Stephane Nicholas Barakat

“Repeal the whole government.”
976: Dan Catron

“Dr. Paul,

Running for president will wake up millions more people in this country…properly educating the people is the most important part of this struggle!…your efforts will come back to you manyfold!



Head Chef

Los Angeles, CA”

977: Gavin Greer

978: Name not displayed

979: Nolan McNamee

980: Shawn McDonald

“Go ron”
981: Jason Herron

“I am a registered democrat…If you run for president, I am ready to switch sides. Dr. Paul, you have my full support.”
982: Shane Barker

983: Winston Hale

“Prayer with action of that prayer, work for Ron Paul's Presidency!”
984: Stanley Carlson

“God Bless Ron Paul!”
985: John Kariyannis

“Please run again. We need you! Our children need you! If you don't do it, nobody will, then where will we be in another 50 years? Please, Ron, please.”
986: Name not displayed

987: Name not displayed

988: Eric

“We need you”
989: Name not displayed

“Please run for President. I feel that you are the only one that will truly support and defend the constitution and and bring our troops back home for the unconstitutional wars. We need our troops home to defend our nation here. I also feel that you are the only one that can remove the Federal Reserve, IRS, UN and every other unconstitutional government agency. God Bless you and God Bless America.”
990: Jeffrey W. Ford

991: sharon

“This veteran is for you Mr. Ron Paul!!”
992: Amos Kim

993: Derek Ehrmantraut

“Most of my immediate family (around 10+ people) also wish for you to run but are not very technologically inclinded to sign an online petition. Just know that although you may get a bunch of online signatures, there are way more supporters out there not as vocal about your cause but do offer support for you come election time.

Thank you to all you have done and pushed for as your time as an elected official as well as being such a principled, humbled, logical, and open minded individual speaking for those of us not in any position of power to be heard ourselves.”

994: Frankie Tierney

“The only time in my life i have actually even cared about politics was during the Paul '08 campaign, save this country Dr. Paul!”
995: Bryan Rilinger

996: Dawn Slowan

997: Michael Keith

998: Jose Nino

999: Rachel England

1000: jason fox

“Ron Paul for 2012…it's now or never!”
1001: Louis C Rice

“Need more media coverage this time around. Get on FOX and CNN debates and you'll win! The people are behind you!”
1002: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul your the only one that can save us!”
1003: John D\'Alessandro

“Dr. Paul lead us out of this mess!”
1004: Ryan Bodary

“You, Ron Paul, have my unwavering support as presidential candidate in 2010.”
1005: Name not displayed

“Please run.”
1006: Darryl Bradshaw

“Please help save our Republic”
1007: Engin Bahce

1008: Daniel

1009: John Ross

“You got my vote. (Seattle, WA)”
1010: Name not displayed

“You've changed my entire outlook on life. I once considered myself a progressive liberal, but now I read Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard and am a passionate and vocal libertarian. Thank you for opening my eyes to the ideals of liberty and freedom. You are my hero.”
1011: Jake Wiggins

“Dear Dr. Paul, I am not American but the American presidency has such a great impact on the world that a responsible person must be placed in charge of the United States of America. I believe that you are the best person to do so. Go for it, Dr. Paul!”
1012: Name not displayed

“I will campaign for Ron in Idaho. I'm a writer and occasional speaker and I'd be thrilled for Ron to run. Money and work will I pledge.”
1013: A.J. Ellis

“I was there in 2008 and I'll be here in 2011; nothing's changed. Dr. Ron Paul is our last hope.”
1014: Elizabeth Mundy

“Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the unlawful Patriot Act;”
1015: Mark McLauchlan

“Kick ass Ron!”
1016: Carl Neumann

1017: Daniel Pavis

1018: Jon Cyr

“Go Ron - Bring back integrity!”
1019: Sally Mabelle

“RP's like Luke Skywalker…the last hope for the republic.”
1020: Amin Chang

1021: Becky

“obi one you're our only hope!!!!!i pray everyday that you will run Dr.Paul!!!!”
1022: benjamin dominach

1023: Gavin Wilson

“As a Desert Storm Veteran…… I'd be HONORED if you ran for President!”
1024: Edward B. Silva

1025: Daniel Eastman

“Wish I had voted for Mr. Paul is 2008″
1026: Name not displayed

1027: Patti Longsine

1028: john patek

1029: John Caliacatsos

1030: Name not displayed

1031: Patricia L. Silva

1032: Janusz

“Please undergo this hardship once more…”
1033: Richard Sanders

“After all these years, year-after-year, Ron Paul continues to be one of the only consistent, sensible and well informed voices willing to subject himself to the indignity of politics.”
1034: Dr. Adam Bell

“If only I were a US citizen, this e-signature would count more, but the US is my second fave country. I want it liberated!”
1035: Mark Smaling

1036: Cody Murdock

1037: Diana

1038: John

1039: Name not displayed

“You have my full support, Dr. Paul! If you decide to run, the USF Young Americans for Liberty will work tirelessly to help you become elected.”
1040: Name not displayed

“Judge Napolitano for VP!”
1041: Name not displayed

1042: Christina Moon

“You are the last best hope for individual liberty in the USA”
1043: Bill Hendricks

“Dr. Paul, it's largely because of you that I decided to educate myself in politics and history, and the more I learn, the more I truly believe you are the one to lead this country out of our current mess. Please, run again. I'll be behind you, along with all the rest of your new supporters!”
1044: Name not displayed

1045: Joel Rapose

1046: T. Burkhart

“You're our hope Mr.Paul, listening to you has made me feel for the first time patriotic and proud to be American. You're what this country needs!”
1047: Logan Richardson

“We need more signatures!”
1048: Curtiss Boggs

“May Truth Prosper.”
1049: Dave Aiello

1050: Name not displayed

“Ron needs to have 100% security at all times we cannot afford another J.F.K. incident”
1051: Name not displayed

1052: Stacey Boggs

1053: Martin

“Our country is about to go toes up. It is not that we need Ron Paul to run we have got to have Ron Paul to run. We are running out of time.”
1054: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul 2012!”
1055: Matt Bowman

“God bless America!!!”
1056: Maria Newton

“We need you Dr. Paul. There is no one else like you.”
1057: Name not displayed

1058: ryan d. kavich

1059: Lana Shale

1060: Michael S.

“You had my vote last election!


1061: DeMarcus Sullivan

“Ron Paul 2012!”
1062: Johnny

“I have, and will continue to vote for you. I believe that this year more than ever, most Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that 95% of what we are told is BS. We need a straight shooter such as yourself to lead us into a prosperous future where the dollar is a sought after commodity from other nations, as well as not being viewed as a country with less freedom than countries such as Romania which just recently obtained freedom. We are now having our freedoms taken away every day and people seem to be more concerned with who is going to win "The Biggest Looser". We need change, and WE NEED YOU!!!!!”
1063: remo paul

“Please Ron run in 2012 you have our support and vote.”
1064: Jody Newman

1065: Name not displayed

“His presidency will only be the tip of the iceberg.”
1066: Nicholas Latoszek

“Save America and our Christian roots, and end Lucifers Zionist-led global Empire.”
1067: Patrick Dowless

“Hungarians support Ron Paul's run for President in 2012! We wish You the best!”
1068: dr. Marcell Molnar

1069: james stroud

1070: Vincent Ginocchio

“The future for mankind.”
1071: Bill Rattigan

1072: Eric Holly

“I fully support nothing our government is doing, our forefathers would be rolling in their graves. RP2012″
1073: Andrew Sharp

1074: lan day

“Please run ron paul. I voted republican last time because I was affraid that my vote woundn't count. but I swear I will vote on what I truely belive in and that is to restore our faith in the constitution.”
1075: daniel cooper

“You're a good man, and this country needs someone like you in office.”
1076: Ramon Eduard Sandigan

“Ron Paul is the "Only One Who Constantly Practices the Constitution"!! Words by congress are cheap at best! LOOK AT THE RESULTS AMERICA!!!!!!!!”
1077: bill otte

1078: Michael Coombs (UK)

“If there was ever a need to beg for a candidate to run this is the time. So, please please please run for President!!!”
1079: Bart Altman II

“Jesse Ventura or Jello Biafra for vice president!!!!”
1080: David

“I haven't voted, much less cared about for any of the members of my countries senior leadership for the last several years. My suspicion that it wouldn't matter which party gets elected, it's just going to be more or the same proves to be right. The thought of a Dr. Ron Paul Presidency has single-handedly brought me back into the debate. I want my constitution back, and I want it now. I don't want to be hated abroad for policy that can't be changed by me and my fellow American's till 2012. I want to audit the Fed and while were at it, let's audit the media for bias as I further demand fair and balanced reporting. I don't have great hope for my country, without Dr. Paul, I have none. I am a honorably discharged veteran and I will support Dr. Paul by becoming a grassroots volunteer. I will give his proper election the attention it deserves because of the purpose it serves.”
1081: G. Simcox, HI

“unfortunately I was not a registered republican in CA so I couldnt vote for you in 2008. I have learned soo much since then and an in 100% of you. Thanks also for everything you have done”
1082: Name not displayed

“I will work and write for him 4 free. I'm a journalist”
1083: cort tafoya

1084: Ike Iremonger

“You are the only public official I trust”
1085: Glenn Tuttle

“Dr Ron Paul is one of the few people i consider as a Hero. The world will certainly be a better place if you be The President Of United States. Ron Paul Revolution!”
1086: Alan C

1087: Name not displayed

“RON PAUL 2012!!!”
1088: Steven Nix

“A President can't do it alone, but a man like Ron who can inspire the People to get behind him is a force to be reckoned with. I'm with Dr. Paul 100%”
1089: Michael Hulsey

“We thank God for you.”
1090: Name not displayed

“The GOP, under its current leadership, will not support you. These Neo-cons need to be exposed for the internationalists they are.”
1091: William A. Pitsker

1092: Steven G. Poyzer

“you can do it!”
1093: Jason Reid

1094: Michael West

“I'll be "writing in" regardless”
1095: Dylan Wood

1096: Lacy Thompson Jr

“Please End The Fed!”
1097: Tara Wilkins

“Ron paul GET THE FED!”
1098: Gerald

1099: Name not displayed

“the only person i'd vote for”
1100: Bryan Lee

1101: Douglas Hill

1102: Larry Highlen

1103: Name not displayed

1104: Name not displayed

“I am fortunate that I get to live in a country where I can still choose and vote for who I want to represent me. Thankfully, we are still a democracy because of people like Ron Paul. I am very concerned about the future of this country and as a college student, my future is yet to come. I was impacted my someone who can remind me what history teaches us. Ron, you have also made me have a new appreciation for American History and reminding me about what are countries principles were founded on. Dr Paul I give you my full support for President in 2012 because I feel optimistic that our country has a chance to elect a solid leader with the integrity to do what is right. I will be watching what history will teach us, as well as making me a bolder American. That is why I am supporting you Ron for President in 2012. Please represent me and as the people's president. I believe people will support you Ron. Go for It!!”
1105: Mario Joseph Trotta

“Although I'm not an American citizen I hope Ron Paul becomes a pwerful force in the government of the U.S.A. his good sense is so needed.”
1106: R. Charsley

“We need to END THE FED!!! ELECT RON PAUL !!!”
1107: Name not displayed

1108: Dave Camarca

“Dr. Paul, please give the public one last megadose of reason and sanity.”
1109: kris p marin

“washington needs u.

the us needs u.

the world needs u.”

1110: dave mancin

“Run! Dr. Paul, I will donate the max. allowed. We need you.

Do it for the Gipper.”

1111: Andrew Gober

“He is the right candidate for the next president of united states of America. He is our last hope.”
1112: Ashfaq

“Don't give up.”
1113: Blaik Cowhig

1114: Maurice

1115: Rob Motta

“Dr. Paul,

You are the lone hope on the political landscape for several generations of American idealists that still believe that this country has a bright future if we make the necessary, often difficult changes, today, that should have been made decades ago. You are the only politician that I have ever believed in and the only person in Washington, that I have ever followed, who lived by his principles, exuded unshakable character, held steadfast to his beliefs and did not act based on political expediency. Please run and expose the American public to your message from the biggest and loudest pulpit in the land…the republican primary and the presidential race. I don't believe there is a better way for your message to be heard by more people…especially those who normally do not display great interest in politics (or are disillusioned by it). Please give Americans an honest, principle driven alternative. You may not win, but your influence on party politics, your ability to focus the attention of the public on the issues that really matter, and the opportunity to expose America to another political ideology is priceless and will leave a legacy that will long outlive you as a man.

Respectfully and in deepest admiration,

Norbert Buscha”

1116: Norbert Buscha

1117: Michael Szabo

1118: Jeremy Gottshall

1119: Name not displayed

“I believe that education is the first and foremost tool in the reclaimation of liberty.”
1120: Mike Wolter

“Someones gotta bring the smart's to Washington!”
1121: Phillip Phan

1122: William Haime

“Jefferson never had a better representative, when he was alive or now. The whole world would be glad to see the work you would do to make the United States a great country once again.”
1123: Ben Gibbons

“Allah is Great.”
1124: Omar

1125: George A. Morgan

“You must run Dr Paul there is nobody else.”
1126: Iain Kidd

“Dr. Ron Paul 2012

We are with you 200% Dr. Paul we need you to run.

"Only a Doctor Will Heal Our Country"”

1127: Name not displayed

1128: Mare\' Westin

1129: Joseph Jennings

“You're our only chance Dr. Paul!”
1130: Rick Volkmer

1131: Philip Hoard

“Honorable Congressman Dr. Ron Paul:

I am a first generation native born Indian and immigrant to the United States since 1971. I have been an ultra liberal Democrate since long before I became a US citizen in 1977. However, I have seen you as the first legislator since Congressman Lewis T McFaden (R-PA) who is telling the truth to the people of America and I see you to be the frist President of United States since Kennedy assassination who will pursue from where President Kennedy left off. As G. Edward Griffin said, you have more courage in your little finger than any legislator in Washington, DC has in his/her entire body. You can count on my whole hearted support. So, stand-up and move forward.

Pravin Sheth

New York, NY”

1132: Pravin Sheth

“Dr Ron you gotta run.”
1133: James Huxtable

1134: Jason Tapia

1135: Jan Zverina

1136: Dale E. Massey Jr.

“Your nation still needs you.”
1137: Benjamin Vander Jagt

“Let's get it done ! America needs you !”
1138: Larry Yelton

“These past few years has taught me a lot about this country which I really wish I didn't know. Now that I do know, I can't go on pretending that I don't, because that wouldn't make me any better than the people who are destroying the country which I was once proud of. I haven't truly believed in anyone in a long time, but I believe in you, Ron Paul. With you as president, I think I can believe in America once again.”
1139: Virginia

1140: Ian Franck

1141: Dan Brill

“Dr Ron Paul cured my apathy”
1142: John baker

1143: Justin Myers

“Ron Paul or no one in 2012″
1144: Name not displayed

“America needs you Dr. Paul!!!! I have been making countless videos on youtube and facebook for the last year to get your message out. I am willing to do whatever it takes to do my part!”
1145: Arron Thorn

“Get us out of Afghanistan Dr. Paul, please.”
1146: Lillian Bradley, RN

“Please… We.. in Europe… need a US president like you. If FED stops BCE will stop. No more fiat money. No more US military bases in Europe!”
1147: Marcello Mazzilli

1148: Michael Schimmel

“Paul Revere's Ride…great book…”
1149: Name not displayed

1150: Name not displayed

1151: Adam Keller

“Please Bring Liberty to America!”
1152: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul you going after the Fed. Is just the beginning to the things that you want to do. I've listened to you and know you want our Republic returned to it's people and your the the guy to do it!”
1153: Name not displayed

1154: Michael Maynard

“You have the courage, the virtue, the common sense, to bring America back to greatness.”
1155: Suzanne Westfall

“You're already my personal president, might as well make it official =D”
1156: Craig Arsenicos

1157: michael carpentier

“I am a Democrat but I also believe in voting for the man. I hope you run in 2012″
1158: Laurie

“I believe.”
1159: Drew Ankney

1160: Ryan Lease

“You are the leadership our country needs, before it's too late.”
1161: Brad Mears

1162: Aaron Richardson

“America's freedoms need you!”
1163: Phil Holtz

1164: Brandon Ellis

1165: Claudio Ottonello

1166: Name not displayed

“Ron Pual is the man”
1167: Steve

“Germany for Ron Paul…”
1168: Sebastian Neubau

“Ristance is victory!”
1169: Name not displayed

“we need you Dr. Paul”
1170: Roy

“Please run in 2012…We must teach them a lesson!”
1171: sean carroll

1172: Name not displayed

1173: Jamie M Wong

“I would love to see a man such as Ron Paul in the White House, a man that speaks the truth!!”
1174: Roger A. Robinson

1175: mike manfredonio

“Revolution now!”
1176: Name not displayed

“You've got my vote, sir!”
1177: Meghan J. Lee

1178: Peter Goswick

“Dr. Paul - your wisdom and leadership are needed in our country today. The example that you set through your integrity and principles can help rekindle the passion for liberty in our country again… Please run.”
1179: Damien Oliver

“The country needs you Dr. Paul”
1180: Name not displayed

“Liberty needs a leader.”
1181: Ken Carter

1182: Mike Place

“Ready for the rEVOLution”
1183: Grant Miller

1184: Name not displayed

1185: Name not displayed

1186: TY MIMBS

“Ron Paul, please run again in 2010! We need you desperately!!!!!”
1187: Name not displayed

1188: Frank Leonard

“I’m signing despite the lame message above. “The next election will be the most crucial one in our history.” Isn’t that always true? What is “a sensible pro-America foreign policy”? The term, “free markets” has been construed by some to mean an almost entirely unregulated economic environment. I don’t Dr. Paul advocates that.”
1189: Morry Jaffe

“Tax the churches.”
1190: Name not displayed

“go big Ron”
1191: ruggero speranza

“Most Honorable Congressman Ron Paul:

All that it takes for the evil doers on this earth to dominate in tyranny is for a few good men, women and children to do nothing.

We all have something to lose by opposing those who are the willful government lap dogs that sell cheaply their dignity and moral principles. Then, of course, there are those who have NO dignity or personal morality. They are the ones who rationalize the brutality perpetrated on mankind and even rejoice in it. I don't presume to know what forces are leaning on your life and against your family and personal safety but I image that they are.

To be honest, it has not been much of a picnic for any person who stands for freedom and against the demonic one world order that is moving rapidly toward world domination since the turn of the 18th century. There must be a list a mile long of political and religious martyrs thanks to those power hungry reptilians. So all I can say is may God be with you in your decision for 2012 and God bless you and your family and loved ones. A wise person once told me that as Jesus loves and intercedes to his and our father in heaven for us all so must we always love and forgive one another in his name.


Dan of Sacramento”

1192: Dan Whittman

1193: David Lee O\'Connor

“I support your change for America. Bring back the liberty that the constitution was intended for. I support that. The truth about monetary policy and freedom and liberty that were the foundation of the United States of America.”
1194: Eric Lieber

1195: Deborah Galarza

1196: amanda larkins

“Run we need you”
1197: Marty Bond

“America is the greatest country in the world. Please help us to keep it that way. It's not a one man job, it takes all of us working together to bring back the foundations of what our country was built on. You Ron Paul, will be that catalyst.”
1198: Julee

“Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura in 2012″
1199: Tim Elmore

“America needs a leader who represents the people, not Goldman Sachs!”
1200: lawrence robinson

“Dr. Paul, I'm here if you're looking for a VP. As a black woman who happens to be a libertarian, I've been in protests about eminent domain and other issues. I would be the perfect anti-Obama black candidate. A ticket such as ours would pull everyone into the tent and speed you to victory!”
1201: Estelle Edwards

1202: Frank Michalski


You are one of the few who truly understand the Constitution and are dedicated to following it. We need those two qualities now.”

1203: Walter Wilt

1204: Ronald Wing

1205: Catherinen Thompson

“Ron Paul FTW!”
1206: Travis Lee

“Go Ron!”
1207: Brad Wojno

1208: Marie

“America needs a leader like you, sir. Thomas Jefferson lives today as Ron Paul. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of America today, but you can make them proud and point us in the direction of Freedom once again. God Bless the United States of America”
1209: Zack VanMeter

1210: Name not displayed

1211: Name not displayed

1212: Paul Parnofiello

1213: Name not displayed

“This country needs you! Please run.”
1214: Karen Perrin

“We need to take back our country and the fight is long and hard, so we need Ron Paul.”
1215: Robert Koss JR

“Ron Paul.

Don't forget about Glass Steagel. (or whatever). Good luck and thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

1216: Janez Kalan

“You are the voice of sanity in our flawed system.”
1217: Name not displayed

“You are our last hope.”
1218: Rick Wallis

1219: laurie adkins

“Keep fighting for liberty and freedom!”
1220: Timothy Binder

1221: Name not displayed

1222: Name not displayed

“This country desperately needs a leader with the knowledge and experience you possess. Please run in 2012 and continue to spread the message of liberty.”
1223: Chris May

“Our Generation needs a Revolution”
1224: Brian

“Please Ron!!”
1225: Patrick Sulatisky

“He is needed now!”
1226: Name not displayed

1227: Terry Colegate

“the only sane thing to do”
1228: Nikos

1229: Konny

“I would follow General Ron Paul in battle”
1230: Pavel Popela

“I know it's unfair in some ways, but I hope you realize that the survival of the country rests in your hands. We know what is going to happen otherwise, and you will have our strong support, but we need you to lead. God bless”
1231: Chris Marcus

“Mr Paul, PLEASE!!!!RUN Will volunteer and help all I can”
1232: chris buckley

“You can save America, no doubt!, but can you win?Who would you run with?”
1233: richard

“You are perhaps the last hope that all true Americans have for any remaining liberity in our lives.

Please don't let us down.


1234: William Gunter

“We need your integrity, leadership, compassion, and actual patriotism to return our country to it's originial origins and greatness.”
1235: Shelton Hall

1236: Name not displayed

1237: john mcmenimon

1238: Gene Young

1239: Nate Witte

1240: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul & Jessy Ventura 2012

Its time to take America back from the Aristocrates Queen of England & and the Bilderburg Group.Something to read Publication 6209 The Ultimate Delusion: by Stephen Ames”

1241: Ronald Knapke

1242: Joe Cotterman

“Hail, Ron Paul, Live Forever!”
1243: Alek Hyra

“One of the few politicians able and willing to speak logically.”
1244: Michael Deely

1245: Ronald Jones

1246: Patrick Bilodeau

“Leaders are not born…they are formed because they don't confine to society's rules.”
1247: Timmy Koukoumis

“I am 100 percent behind you. Alabama and the USA need you!”
1248: Christina Adams

“We need an honest, real Constitutionalist as President!”
1249: Fallon T Gordon Sr MD

1250: Lewis Passman

“May God Bless You”
1251: Mark Pace

1252: Donovan Winterberg

1253: duane spray

“We need true liberty!”
1254: Chris Lohner

1255: Wayne Kotaski

1256: Nadya Hakkinen

1257: James Klatt

“Live Free or Die!”
1258: Jorge Mendoza

“Dr. Paul! Let's bring our constitutional rights back where they belong! In the hands of the educated American People! Lead us to revolve!”
1259: Honorio Taveras

“Please , change the system .”
1260: Name not displayed

1261: Robin Sandler

“If he doesn't run I see no more hope for this Country!”
1262: Leona Gonzalez

“Our best chance at recovery and the elimination of further problems is Ron Paul. His idealogy allows us to bite the bullet before the larger caliber presents itself. Getting this country back in order is a prime directive and we need good guys in there willing to do the job. This problem is not far from getting out of hand with the debt ceiling trying to be raised. We aren't far from default, so its definitely time to readjust this administration and The Feds way of thinking.”
1263: Name not displayed

“This time we win!!”
1264: Jim Demoret

1265: Jake Ellett

1266: Casey Kaminski

1267: Brooke Robinson

“I truly believe that if someone doesn't come forward to return this country to its core beliefs, all this great country stands for and holds true will be lost.”
1268: Bob Holbrook

“America needs you. Please run for president in 2012. Your message is catching on and your momentum will build quickly again this time around. You have my utmost support.”
1269: Charles Page

“If there is any chance of America redeeming it's self as a free and just republic YOU,Dr. Ron Paul are our best chance of survival. Please help save this great country. Carol Latty Quintana”
1270: Name not displayed

1271: Braylon Cormier

“End the Fed and Neocons and Liberals will fade away”
1272: Salvatore Abbadessa

“Please run, Congressman Paul!!!”
1273: Julie VerHage

1274: Dave Wood

1275: Buck Holmes

“If for nothing else Ron, Its time for Educate America 2.0!”
1276: Phil

“I attended one of his speeches in Arizona the last election however he was not on the ballot so I was forced to vote for the Libertarian candidate in the election.”
1277: Timothy Cregier

1278: Gail Richer

“Ron Paul - President (The Man)

Jesse Ventura - Vice President (The Muscle)

*Together this would be an Unbeatable Combination. Strike while the iron is hot. We may not get another chance guys. Team up and we've all won. Dr. Paul, please ask Gov. Ventura to be your Running Mate.”

1279: James Rush

“Now is the time”
1280: Etta Roberts

“End welfare

End illegals

Flat tax


Stronger property rights”

1281: william deans

1282: Ross Duffield

“Quitters never win and winners never quit. Most of the best people were overlooked a few times before being appointed to something they wanted.”
1283: David Elliott

“Thank The Lord Your Running Again”
1284: Randy Fernatt

1285: James Cleveland

“run for president”
1286: samuel gely

“We All Want Our Freedom. Why?

Across this great nation of ours voices that had been quiet in past years, are speaking out in protest. The silent majority has risen to the occasion. What has caused these silent citizens to finally speak out? The loss of freedoms, the violation of trusts, the invasion of liberties and the belief that our forefathers guaranteed us certain unalienable rights.

We all want our freedom. Why? Because that one fundamental right is at the core of what makes us all true Americans. Some may want to deprive us of this assured right, but as Americans, we can and will rise above this threat to our very livelihood.

We often hear “But, it is good for you, therefore it is right.”

I say, what gives our government the right to mandate our freedom of choice? The right to burden the American people with a debt that not even our great-great grandchildren will be able to overcome? The right for a tyrant

(def. In common usage, the word "tyrant" carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls.)

to have the audacity to “mandate” that we become insured or be fined. Where, in this mandate, do freedom and liberty come into play? Nowhere. This mandate strips all semblances of these rights from the American people.

The very first case relating to mandating insurance using the commerce clause as an excuse to impose governmental duress over the citizens was Paul v Virginia. This case, circa 1869, occurred during the time when our courts still held true to the meaning and implications of the Constitution, In this case, the United States Supreme Court held that that a corporation is not a citizen within the meaning of the Privileges and Immunities Clause and that "issuing a policy of insurance is not a transaction of commerce," This ruling was later overturned in 1945 by United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association, which led to the passing the McCarran Act of 1945. If you haven’t heard of these cases, I urge you to read up on them.

With a passion not felt in many years, and forgotten by many people, I say, “Stand up for what you believe in. Let us retain possession of our freedom and never let government interference diminish its value.”

It is my belief, that in order to live life fully, there must be freedom; the inherent freedom of choice; the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. The freedom to take care of myself and family, without the bonds of unreasonable, imposed restrictions.

Without these freedoms, what are we?

Oppressed, subjugated, enslaved.

In the beginning, there was a group of people who fled the tyranny of a country in order to begin a new life. A life they believed would provide stability, liberty and freedom. After time, they set to paper two documents that they believed would protect and provide this newfound freedom to ALL people and posterity. What were these documents?

“The Declaration of Independence” (I will include the preamble)

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

“The Constitution of the United States of America” (I will include the preamble)

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

In these two documents, we were, by the very words set down by our forefathers, assured of our individual rights and liberties. These liberties are what make us “We the People”. They provide for the right to speak out against wrongs and have no doubt, we have been wronged. We are a great people. A nation built on trust and integrity. We cannot let our integrity be compromised; it defines us as the unique and extraordinary persons we are. We must stand up against this tyranny and fight for the liberties that are rightfully ours.

This is our country; the land of the free and the brave. The place where we live and breathe, care for our families, work to better ourselves and instill in our children the values of freedom. Values that were established some 234 years ago Values that are embedded and thrive within us all. To lose these values, is to lose our heritage, and this is unacceptable. I have always been thankful for the freedoms afforded me, and I refuse to stand by and let it be taken from me or any other American.

We must protect what is rightfully ours. Freedom and liberty are the very foundations this great nation was founded on. We will not stand by as our nation is divided by hate, race and irresponsibility; by a government that is sworn to serve and protect us, not dominate us. It is our responsibility, as Americans and free citizens, to demand this. We are The People, of the United States of America, and our voices deserve to be heard.

Deb Parks

Citizen and Patriot, United States of America”

1287: Deb Parks

“We need YOU!!!!”
1288: Reese Smith

1289: roberto

1290: Christopher Dougherty

1291: Elena Venanzi

1292: oliver hintz

“You helped start this revolution, Dr. Paul. Please help us finish it. Don't be afraid to be a hero.”
1293: Jeffrey T Wolfe

1294: Name not displayed

“Save our Republic.”
1295: Troy S. Okum

“Restore the Constitution.”
1296: John Anderson

“Please Dr. Paul, help us restore the Republic to its former glory!!!”
1297: Alejandro Cruz

“Please be our President Dr. Paul!”
1298: Warren Westfall

1299: mike hillier

“Lets give money material value!!! Go Ron Paul”
1300: Nickolas Grillone

“Dear Congressman Paul,

I hope you decide to run, and I, and many others like me, will be with you all the way!

John M. Brown

Flatwoods, KY”

1301: john brown

1302: David Barker

“The Governments answer to the problems at hand is to raise taxes. Government has to be cut along with the waste. Give us back our freedom. Stop lobbying.”
1303: Robert J. Passoni

“I hope we get all the support you need to make this happen and now more than ever may God bless America !!”
1304: Michael A Howe

“We have been deceived by politicians too many times. The time for change is long overdue. Please help us end this reign of tyranny by running and winning this coming election and put an end to the Federal Reserve.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." (B. Franklyn)”

1305: Albert Kasem

1306: Name not displayed

1307: Bryce Nolen

“I voted for you last election. America needs you NOW!”
1308: Robert Thompson

1309: Name not displayed

1310: Name not displayed

“legalize freedom”
1311: Dave Hartman

“Ron Paul!!! ALL THE WAY!!!”
1312: Name not displayed

“i think Ron Paul is a pretty cool guy. eh saves America and doesn't afraid of anything.”
1313: Anonymous

“I feel we need more voices of reason @ the Federal Level. Please Ron, run. You have my vote. I will do what I can in my own area of Pennsylvania (Coal Region) to assist.”
1314: Dr. Thomas P. Walker, Jr

“Go Ron!”
1315: Name not displayed

1316: Brian McMinn

“If you win, can you please start throwing out the spend-happy members of the GOP? It would be nice if the Republicans could get back to their actual principles-thrift and liberty.”
1317: trevor bajus

1318: Joshua Hayden

“Dear: Ron Paul please run for president , we need some one like you, that cares for the people in this country. You are a man of honor , integrity”
1319: kenneth lunsford

“I HOPE and PRAY for a REAL CHANGE. - Smaller government that coins/prints it's own currency back by gold and silver. Jim”
1320: James M. Jones

1321: Name not displayed

1322: Kenneth A Libby

“We need a Ron Paul/Sarah Palin ticket”
1323: Maggie Colburn

“Don't let this momentum thats building lose steam. Let's take back this country from the corpratocracy! Know thyself, Dr. Paul! Do what you feel is right!

- Benjamin Robbins”

1324: Benjamin Robbins

“Mr. Paul, Please run!!!

And start the campaign now in order to get more press coverage. There is a mass population that is just getting to know you - after 2008 elction.”

1325: Zohair Naghmi

1326: Todd Priest

“Run Ron Run!”
1327: Scott

1328: James Lamb

“You have common sense, Ron, and ethical standards. We the People need what you can bring to leadership of the USA.”
1329: Elizabeth Behr

“Thank you Ron for your continued education and consistency of principles. I will gladly support and vote for you in 2012!”
1330: Stephanie Steckel

“Go for it Paul”
1331: Friedrich Helmreich

1332: Mary Ann Thomas

1333: Name not displayed

1334: Name not displayed

“Go Ron!!!”
1335: John Sladky

“We need you to run, No one else seems to really care about freedom!!”
1336: jared t rogers

“I'm 53 years old and going to vote for the first time ever. I'm not really big on politics until i heard you on tv back in 2007 talking about a recession was coming and it sure came. I think i can count on you. wow, doesn't that sound strange, you count on a politician. But you have my total support and i'm here to back you. I guess if you don't run i'm not voting, i'll wait for you to run for president. Go Ron Paul”
1337: leah baker

“We need someon to protect our freedom.”
1338: Derek Hummer

“America has never needed a liberty loving patriot more than now.”
1339: Name not displayed

1340: Name not displayed

“We need Ron Paul 2012~!”
1341: Name not displayed

1342: tula najari

“We need to get our country back from the two parties that are leading us down a road to destruction.”
1343: Rob Taylor

“Where will this country go without Ron Paul?”
1344: Name not displayed

“You, or someone like you (Rubio? Bachmann? DeMint) are our only hope. If you don't run, will you vet the others out and help them? Thank you for all you do. You are one of the few.”
1345: Heather Wegner

“Time to elect a President that cares about the country instead of self interests.”
1346: Paul Unkauf

“hey ron paul i know the war on drugs is a faliure

the brutal prohibition does not work and look at

brutal drug cartels had kill alot of people in mexico and the american cities too are crime

and violence in urban area so please end the

war on drugs to stop crime.”

1347: miguel turbay

1348: Tiffany Redman

1349: Romeo R

1350: Steven Spielbauer

“Never give up.”
1351: Michael Moon

1352: Name not displayed

“You have my support and whatever available time I have on weekends”
1353: Joseph Norris

“I pray that Dr. Paul will once again go on the Campaign trail and show Americans how all the OTHER CANDIDATES are actually NO DIFFERENT from each other. God bless the Republic!”
1354: Rev. Juan C. Rivera

1355: Name not displayed

“You are the last hope to reassert the peoples rights, and pin down the out of control government with the full power of the constitution. You have my vote!”
1356: logan

“I can only hope! Please be our next president!”
1357: mason grant

“Our Country need's you Ron Paul. Please run for President in 2012.”
1358: Matthew Kadlec

“I hate the word "hope" now - but Dr. Paul our "last chance." Let's finish what we started. Please.”
1359: Allen Doss

“You are the only candidate that ever makes sense to me. We need you!”
1360: Betsy Beinert

1361: Steven L Trubey

1362: Cheryl Brown

“Ron Paul has educated so many by his run in 2008. A run in 2012 will be a great awakening for sooooo many more. Ron must run and I and many others I know will be ready to do all they can to help his campaign when he does! The REVOLUTION continues…..STAY TUNED!”
1363: Bryan

“You are the only one that can be trusted with all of the current lies and corruptions.”
1364: Allan A Sabet

“End the Fed!!!”
1365: Jamil Wyatt

1366: Daniel Schneider

“Ron Paul is the only chance we have to really turn things around. As much as like Sara Palin and Herman Cain, I don't think they are a wise choice. Mr. Paul give'em hell!”

“Please Dr Paul … We the people need you.”
1368: Frederick zimmermann

1369: joe draego

1370: Name not displayed

1371: James Middleton

1372: Name not displayed

1373: David Gawron

“Our family supports you and what you stand for please bring constitutional government back to the American people”
1374: Sandra Norris

“Go for it Ron!!!”
1375: Dan Merithew

1376: Sally Lewing

“"It is now or never!"”
1377: Marin Dinca

1378: Ray Groth

“save our nation, ron!”
1379: david gibson

“The media can't ignore us forever!!”
1380: Robt Kendall

“Dear Dr. Paul,

I now realize what you stand for and regret not voting for you in the past. I will not repeat that mistake if you run for President again. Thank you for your service. End the Fed!!!”

1381: Dan Jag

“We need you- America needs you, and may God bless and protect you.”
1382: Wayne Herrod

1383: Name not displayed

“Please! Please Run!”
1384: necole schutkowski

1385: David Treacy

1386: Milo Holroyd

1387: Bruce Carlson

“End the Fed and Welfare”
1388: Robert Firestone

“He may be our only hope!”
1389: Name not displayed

1390: Martim Loureiro

“Dear Dr. Paul,

This country needs you to run in 2012. You are one of the few politicians that still seriously cares about our nation's future. I would love to work for your campaign. You are my idol! With you in the White House, all wrongs would be set right!



1391: Eugene Goeser

1392: Ray Harney

1393: Jeanne Tofts

“With me as an advisor he can easily win, and make America great again—see”
1394: Wayne Green

1395: James E. Gomer

“I would like you to define exactly all that you mean about word liberty in your agenda in writing. Thank you.”
1396: Catherine Young

1397: Patrick F. Petsche

“You are already my President!!”
1398: Wesley Smith

“Ron, Please run!!! You give me hope for this country's future.”
1399: Name not displayed

1400: Sharon Noullet

1401: Giles Mirkovic

1402: Name not displayed

“"If the American people ever allow private banks

to control the issue of their money,

first by inflation and then by deflation,

the banks and corporations that will

grow up around them (around the banks),

will deprive the people of their property

until their children will wake up homeless

on the continent their fathers conquered."”

1403: Francis J Hodal

“Although I disagree with Ron Paul's positions concerning social justice, I believe he is the only person who can END THE FED.”
1404: Name not displayed

1405: Corey Creasey

1406: Jamie Hodal

“Ron Paul 2012″
1407: neoCONslayer

1408: Cameron Elliott

“110% behind Ron Paul”
1409: Name not displayed

1410: Michael Houdart

1411: Name not displayed

1412: sandee

“Ron I think alot of people see where they went wrong when you ran before.I think you have a great shot at it Gary”
1413: gary norman

“we need a real candidate for presidency here, please run”
1414: sie shanks IV

1415: David Joseph Mack

1416: Mathew Winn

1417: Catharine D.

“Even though you weren't entered, I voted for you at the last election. Please run again. We need someone up there who will get things done.”
1418: Name not displayed

1419: Rocco D. Nocera

1420: william gibson

1421: Brenda Bishop

“I have no money to help with, but I have time and desire to help you get elected!!”
1422: Name not displayed

1423: Linda Longobardi

“The reincarnate of all our Founding Fathers.”
1424: Michael B. Rautenberg Sr.

“"Uncle Stanley"”
1425: Susan L. Greene

“God Bless Ron Paul. And, God Bless America. The best blessing America could receive is Dr. Ron Paul in the White House. In Jesus Name I Pray… Amen.”

“Let's go Ron Paul!!”
1427: Bronson Katz

1428: Jerry Sherrell

“This is Americas last chance! We need you Ron!”
1429: Nick Stiles

“I'm not sure if this petition is legitimate, but if it is, I hope it convinces you to try running. America needs you.”
1430: Alex Bernal

“Ron Paul is the only politician that is truly a leader.”
1431: Luke Bahry

“We desperately need you - this country needs you. Please run.”
1432: Margaret Percival

1433: Nicholas Hoffpauer

“Dr. Ron Paul and his associates are the only ones who have articulated the real issues, studied and analyzed the underlying factors and have a viable plan for our return to sanity, free markets and the truest form of democracy possible.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

- Ronald Reagan”

1434: Terrence A Gilbert

1435: Robert Lovick

“Ron, you are the best for our country! Please run.”
1436: patrick brice

1437: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is our only hope to save our country”
1438: bruce davy

1439: Kele Biggs

1440: Name not displayed

“I scratched out Obama and McCain last time and wrote in Ron Paul!”
1441: Name not displayed

1442: Martha Johnston

“The years of effort that you have put in to audit the Fed and to vote strictly according to our Constitution and all the other work should finally be rewarded, even though the job is horrendous.”
1443: Herta Weiss

1444: jennifer sabo

“If we don't get someone in the White House with Mr. Paul's values and ethics this country is doomed.”
1445: kinsey barnard

“No other American leader will ever end our nation's empire building foreign policy, except for you. We need you to lead us out of America's financial and moral decline. Please run for President Mr. Paul!”
1446: Christopher Windt

“Ron Paul you are the only beacon of real hope and change for 2012!”
1447: Jeremy Peterson

“I am ready to join the revolution!”
1448: Michael Elgart

1449: Kyle Wunnenberg

“Go Paul Go”
1450: Dr. Daniel Coleman

“U. S. Representative Ron Paul has fought hard for many years in the House to return our country back to WE THE PEOPLE - back to our Godly heritage, back to a limited government. He has initiated many actions to remove certain agencies that destroy our American sovereignty, American Independence, American strengths such as in our manufacturing American products and services. He exposes shocking spending. This is the right time for his strong and open leadership.”
1451: Name not displayed

1452: Jeff Conte

“Dear Mr Paul,

There is truly noone else whom I would consider worthy of the office of president. You have mine and my families' votes!!”

1453: Barbara Ramirez

“Run Dr. Paul you have my support.”
1454: Kevin Heaney

“I sure hope you run, Ron Paul! We need a good leader like you!”
1455: Name not displayed

“Together - We can make this possible… I am personally doing my part:”
1456: Francis A. Nalazek, 3rd.

“I'm a 'Paul' Bearer”
1457: Sal Pundini

1458: Nathan Crawford

“Our country has become absurd and needs a leader of your integrity.”
1459: Sherrie Mitchell

“Sen. Paul PLEASE run for President and STOP the FLEECING of Americans and the elimination of our civil liberties. Only your wisdom, common sense, and most importantly your integrity stand between the America we remember and complete disaster. If you don't run for President all hope is lost - at least for me.”
1460: Vicki Peters

“Our country needs you.”
1461: Steven Hanna

1462: Randy Webster

“Please run Ron Paul, I pray you choose wisely your VP.”
1463: JR

1464: Name not displayed

“Ron are founding father would approve!”
1465: JohnEGodfrey

“The Republic has never needed your vision more. We can do it this time.”
1466: Kevin Franta

“Ron Paul is our country's only hope…please take care of him!!”
1467: Patricia L. Boros

“Well if you do not run i will not waist my gas to vote for any of these slimballs in DC… so i guess we are back to my vote dont count?”
1468: Daniel

“You've got to run. For America!!!”
1469: Patrick George

1470: David Swift

“we need him!!!!”
1471: Name not displayed

1472: Joshua A. Dodd

“Ron Paul……YOU MUST RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!! The hope of this country is depending upon it!! Thank you!!!”
1473: Steve

“Ron is an important voice to be heard.”
1474: Thomas Molitor

“Dr Paul, please help us restore our Republic to its ideals of liberty, sound money and prosperity!!!”
1475: Chris Shery

1476: Roozi Ehtaramian

“God Bless you Dr Paul.”
1477: Darrell Taylor

“I support everything Ron Paul stands for. It's time America cut the fat and asked for someone who will get what needs to be done, done. We can't sit around and wait for the world to fall apart all around us. We have the power to do something about the greed and bull that's been going on for so long. Ron Paul is definitely one who will go in there and get it all done! It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!”
1478: Mason Alexander Cobb

“You will have my vote, do something about the war on people in the US and around the world. Peace”
1479: Don Cox

“Ron Paul, cut from the same cloth as our revered Founding Fathers, is our best hope in leadership in the restoration of our endangered Constitutional Republic. The American experiment has traveled too long, too far, down the road of self-destruction at the hands of leaders who have "known best" and chose to circumvent the Constitution. Your country needs you at the top more than ever, Dr. Paul.”
1480: Bill Reeves

“In what is most likely the final hope for the American dream….

I Love you Ron……”

1481: Name not displayed

“We need smaller government. We need freedom. We need personal responsibility.

You are the strongest person we have to promote these ideals. Thank you for your unyeilding service to this country.”

1482: Sarah Burnham

“Let's restore the Constitutional balance of power - "State's Rights"”
1483: Brad Winslow

“There will bo no other like you in my life time. Please try to save what's left of this great nation.”
1484: Sean Barron

“Ron Paul was my write-in vote for president in 2008 and he will be again in 2012.”
1485: Kevin Meyler

“I'm fired up and ready to volunteer! End the Fed!”
1486: Antonio R. Hernandez

1487: Nancy Manubens


You were close in 2008 in straw polls, but I HONESTLY believe that 2012 is your year. America is truly fed up, and your name is everywhere.

Please, please, please, reconsider running in 2012. This nation needs you, this world needs you.”

1488: E. Andrew Jaramillo

1489: Justin Rowland

1490: John Davis

“We need someone who is not drinking the cool-aide. You, Doctor Paul have a sound mind. Ron Paul 2012!!!”
1491: Sandy Smith

1492: Name not displayed

“Business as usual, if you don't run. Which means no business. Please get behind the Fair Tax. Something like that is the only thing that is going to save this country. Then we could stop all of the talk about whether or not to raise taxes.”
1493: Carmen Costanza

“End the FED!!!”
1494: Eliana Serini

“Please destruct ridculous financial system”
1495: KK

1496: David Hall

“America needs you.”
1497: joey henderson

“We must kill the worst provisions of the fake "food safety bill", especially, the part regarding codex! Big agribiz, esp. Monsanto, is being allowed to destroy our food, farmlands, nature and our health. We need to stop unelected bureaucrats in governmental agencies, such as the FDA, TSA, FTC, USDA, from destroying our Constitutional Republic. Time is running out for our personal liberties and choices! The NWO/depopulation agenda is very obvious now!”
1498: Name not displayed

“Freedom, Truth, Unity”
1499: Jon

“I have 3 high traffic area, if you want to put 2012 ron paul sign, i'm in san diego ca.”
1500: roger chou

“You are our last hope please donth let us down”
1501: Ariel hernandez

“To paraphrase from Forrest Gump:

"Run, Ron, Run"”

1502: Larry Thomas

“We need more people like you”
1503: Mike Allen

1504: Doug Burton

“This country needs you now more than ever Dr. Paul.”
1505: Lorraine Layne

1506: Name not displayed

1507: Anthony Pace

“Please run.”
1508: Matt Stein

1509: Name not displayed

1510: michael tragesser

“i have faith yul get the this time”
1511: william jackson

1512: Jonathan Payton

“Ron Paul is the man we need to lead us out of the Government takeover of our lives, no one else has the willpower to stop it.”
1513: Jamie Puckett

“We need help!”
1514: Timothy K. Meehan

1515: Name not displayed

1516: Name not displayed

“There is more unrest and disillusioned citizens than could possible be realized, if its not too late please help save us from ourselves!”
1517: karen allred

“Viva La rEVOLution!!

Ron Paul 2012!!”

1518: G.Forsyth


“WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!”
1520: jacqueline Graziano

“Only with your leadership, will America find it's way back to prosperity.”
1521: Christopher Hinkle

“Please run, Dr. Paul! The country needs you!

"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. "

Thomas Jefferson”

1522: Jessica Flaherty

“You have my vote!”
1523: Ernest Little

“Ron Paul is the ONLY person with the understanding, vision and ability to bring our country back to rightness. You have got my vote and my friends' vote too!”
1524: Rose Mary Abbott

“We need men like Ron Paul in Washington.”
1525: Robert M. Haney

“ron paul is a REAL conservative!!!!!!!”
1526: Mark

“Or Mitt Romney would be great too.”
1527: Name not displayed

“He may be the only honest congressman left.”
1528: Ken Putt


“You are the hope for Amreica.”
1530: Donna Mason

1531: Chris Sutton

“Please give me someone I believe in to vote for!”
1532: Karen Wolfe

“It would do wonders for this nation if you should become president. Even running would be of benefit. I will help all I can to get you going.”
1533: Roger Jackson

“Our country can't be saved overnight, but we must start somewhere and your the man.”
1534: Dorothy Whitman

1535: Taras Stets

“We need you!”
1536: Alisa Williams

1537: Scott Jones

“You can save this country, do it please.”
1538: James Wetzig

“No one else has the guts to save our country from the overreaching political class. You can count on me to help in any way I can.”
1539: Jaime Flynn

“I appreciate your efforts to champion Liberty”
1540: Matt lyons

“If you become president, I would hope you continue your investigations of the fed.”
1541: Robbie Kelsay

“We'll get you in this time!”
1542: Dean Brannon

“Ron Paul would bring this country back to being the greatest country in the world. We are falling fast. Help Mr. Paul!”
1543: Paul Brookhouse

1544: Caleb Rhodes

1545: K. Coulson

1546: Dwight R McGhee

“Dr. Paul, I'm an 18 year old college student and I plan on voting in the next election. I will do whatever I can to spread your message. Please run in 2012, you are the only candidate in either party who will make ACTUAL change in Washington. Save our constitution. Save our country.”
1547: James Perry

1548: James E. Leveroni

“We need a leader who is true.”
1549: Kim Hudson

“Only those who have already stood up and spoke out against the machine can be trusted in 2012″
1550: Phil Bennington

1551: mark smith

“"Everyone lets make this petition Count!!

We all know what we needs to be done in times like these,

It just takes some one like Ron to plant that seed!!!!

And sit back and watch it grow!!”

1552: Shannon

“Go RON!”
1553: Olga Kaczmarczyk

“we,the people. revolution”
1554: glen waters

“Help us Obi-Ron Kenobi; you're our only hope.”
1555: James Taylor

“it's time to try something dramatically different. Let's try Ron's way!”
1556: Name not displayed

1557: John Nolfi

1558: Name not displayed

“Save us! It will be nice to have a presidential candidate I truly believe in and support.”
1559: Lynn Goldhammer

“Throw the Bums out”
1560: Name not displayed

“You are the only one who can save this country and one of the very few that is talking sense.”
1561: Name not displayed

“One of the last politicians that actually makes sense!”
1562: Scott Engel

“America need your honest leadership right now, and you know it! The Constitution is basically calling your name!”
1563: Dan Henry Boehler

“Ron Paul 2012″
1564: Blake Shatto

1565: Robert Brown

“Get rid of the FED and prosecute the banksters for the criminal fraud they have done and the damage to this country they have caused!”
1566: Name not displayed

1567: Michael C.

1568: Jeffrey K Judd

1569: Name not displayed

“Please Dr . Paul, run for President. America needs your vision

and intelligence to become the Republic that we were meant to be.”

1570: Name not displayed

1571: Name not displayed

1572: Karl Walser

“Ron Paul, the country needs you. We the people,will vote you into office. Thanks for all you have done for America.”
1573: dale harp

“Thank you for continuing to fight for our personal liberty and dignity.”
1574: Charles Sarkioglu

1575: Jennifer Baker

1576: Mindy Maucelli

“We need a voice for the people not the corporation.”
1577: Craig M. Hermanson

“Dr. Ron Paul, you are a true man of character!

When I listen to your speak, I can't help but smile and say I love this man! The world needs more people like you!”

1578: millie

1579: Adam Riva

“I would love for someone who actually cares for the over all well being of the American people and the future of America to run for president in 2012. That person is Ron Paul!”
1580: Tyler White

1581: Christopher Petraglia

“We need a President who puts America ahead of Party!”
1582: Albert Hussman

1583: Name not displayed

1584: Chris Kuminkoski

1585: Daniel DeBruin

1586: Teo Ferreira

“Ron Paul is a Genius, Avatar and visionary. I would love to see him run for and become President in 2012.

Being a true Libertarian- I would only want this if Ron Paul wants to run. I have been a huge supporter and advocate of his positions on

the Constitution,Bill of Rights, free markets and limited government.

He is very bright star in a vast cosmos!!!!”

1587: Name not displayed

“While it's true that we ought not rely on a single man (and others need to step in and carry the banner), I can't help but think that another run by you would help to carry on the momentum that was built up the last time around. We need more and more people to start considering the real solutions that you have advocated. More importantly, however, we need people to start to see the source of all true prosperity, which is God and HIS solutions. As a man of God that's truly seeking to honor Him (I have read your statement of faith) and also has brains in his head (not by and large influenced by modern political correctness), I would trust you to be FAR more qualified than most that would attempt to do the same job. Keep up the good work!”
1588: Jonathan Narwold

“Ron Paul, America needs you to be our next President. Please run, we will elect you!”
1589: Lynne Knightstep

1590: Name not displayed

“I am sure both parties are trolling this.. Gotta keep an eye on the Paul..People might be ready for some liberties..”
1591: jewell livers

1592: Valerie Murphy

“Run, Ron, Run!”
1593: Bill Purks

“The country is ready for an honest, congruent and consistent leader who leads by example! That leader is Ron Paul in 2012!”
1594: Donna Wolf

“We need you to loead this nation back to greatness…”
1595: Bob Hamden

1596: orlo mundorf

1597: Name not displayed

“For the people”
1598: Jacob Jorgensen

“You're our only hope for the Presidency is 2012 Dr. Paul!”
1599: R. Craig Grounds

“From Obama's actions I have finally seen the true power of the President. I believe the majority of Americans are ready to "do without" to get our deficit and debt back in line with the principles of our Forefathers. We need your conservative leadership to get that accomplished. I also support ending the Fed and most everything else in your platform.”
1600: Name not displayed

1601: Dave Lovett

1602: jai parekh

1603: Scott McGee

“I would much prefer someone who still believes in what being American is. I have lost faith in the D and R. It is time to bring back common sense to America……end the Fed and any other bureaucratic stuff that goes with todays political and economic system.”
1604: Steven Baird

“Thank you Ron and others like him; time to revolt, end the Central Banking System's control, support the US Constitution and take back America!”
1605: Carol Rossignol

“Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help now or during the election. Thanks”
1606: Dave&Kim Slack

“God Bless you”
1607: Susan Baker

1608: Name not displayed

“We need in you in the White House”
1609: Paige Peters

1610: Fred Speyer

“He is one of the few that can't be bought. We now more than ever need Ron Paul as President.”
1611: Steven Ross

“Ron Paul you are overdue to be our President to fight the left wing, atheist, globalist, NWO takeover.”
1612: Vince Portera

“I will support Ron Paul this time around, he is the only man to help us out of this mess!”
1613: Fred Skellenger

1614: sherri isaac

1615: Name not displayed

1616: Steven Shavlik

1617: Name not displayed

“Please Dr. Paul run for President and save us from our doom.”
1618: Name not displayed

“If the America public truly knew what was really going on, Ron Paul would be President !”
1619: Christopher Geroulo

“Dr Paul, we the people are calling on you to lead America in the right direction. You are the only candidate I trust. I will my part in my community to support your campaign for President.”
1620: Greg Ball

1621: ruslan Guryanov

“"I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. "”
1622: chris jablonski

“It's now or never”
1623: Josep Zapater

“don't let us down”
1624: Name not displayed

“American voters need to hear your principles of government”
1625: Ralph Hughes

1626: Thomas Dahl

1627: Jayme Taylor

“lets continue our revolution forward, not theirs. The people will rise.”
1628: Jeff Sisler

1629: Kyle Glew

“Thank you for your example of integrity and fiscal responsibility.”
1630: Kaya Pace

“The only hope WE have left.”
1631: Drew Walsh

“Save America”
1632: Chad Wahlquist

1633: Susanna Martin

“My children need you.”
1634: Alberto Knight

1635: Ashley Stratton-Lauritzen

1636: David Milan Landholm

1637: Joe Royce

1638: Brent

“Saw Mr. Paul in Bloomington, IN it was great to see him in person.”
1639: Bob Pace

1640: Dianna Sturm

“Das Ende der Fed bedeutet auch…”
1641: Robert Wallis

1642: Jason Eaton

“Stop the Federal Reserve.This entity is creating the inflation!!!”
1643: barbara vinyard

“Someone please help us.”
1644: Candice

1645: Lawrence W. Krall

1646: Mike Jackson

“I am not an American, but I fully support your views. I would love to see you run for the betterment of the world.”
1647: Name not displayed

1648: Name not displayed

1649: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, thank you for your tireless, courageous service to America. We will work for and support you in 2012 in every way possible.”
1650: TG Rees

1651: Allen Grippo

1652: Stepheny Frazier

“Please run Dr. Paul, after all these years we need an honest man in the Whitehouse”
1653: Joseph Gardner

1654: Robert Caron

1655: Robert DeMott

“Ron Paul now more than ever”
1656: Name not displayed

1657: Terry Palmer

“Ron Paul has the competency to save America. Also, Democrats kind of like him, so he has pretty good odds.”
1658: Name not displayed

“end the fed”
1659: friedrich a. wenzel

1660: Marin Holmes

“Go for it! The country is ready for someone with brains.”
1661: David Platter

“Please give US another chance Dr. Paul. I have my bumper stickers, pocket constitutions, yard signs and I'm READY!!”
1662: Shirley Starling

1663: Ronald Mellema

“" Now more than ever, our Country needs you"”
1664: Randy Verham

“You have my vote. Brenda Guthure”
1665: Brenda Guthrie

1666: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul for sound economic policy and less war!”
1667: Frank Knopers

1668: Jo McCarthy

1669: Matt Leahy

“We need our country now!”
1670: Bill Wright

1671: Name not displayed

“Go for it, Ron Paul! WE NEED MEN

LIKE YOU to turn this nation around!”

1672: Judy Singer

“I voted for Dr. Paul in 2008 and I'm gonna vote for him again in 2012!”
1673: Joshua Dutson

“You're our LAST hope !! RON PAUL 2012 !!”
1674: Robert Clewell

“Dear Ron Paul,

You are the only saver of USA.

Please stand out and unite us into the final victory.”

1675: qi wang

“Go getum Ron!!!”
1676: Name not displayed

1677: william reischour

“Go Ron Paul, I wish you had won last time, we would not be in the mess we are today !!!”
1678: Joanne Miller

“we need Ron Paul”
1679: marion epps

“"Long live the true Republic"”
1680: Paris J. Fox

“Please help save this country!”
1681: Name not displayed

“You are a beacon of light in the darkness, Run!”
1682: john myser

1683: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul seems to be the only public official who understands the gross erosion of personal rights currently happening in our country under the guise of "security". He has my committed vote today and in 2012.”
1684: Linda Sanders

1685: Rebecca Pettit

“You are what American needs.”
1686: Name not displayed

1687: Robert R Cooke III

“Its time”
1688: Eric Fiebig

1689: Matt Chapman

1690: tom edmondson

1691: timothy meyer

“We must restore Constitutional government now before the Republic is lost.”
1692: Mark Potts

“we need someone that hs some common sense and i believe you do.”
1693: mary smith

“The only person in the U.S. Congress who makes any consistent sense.”
1694: Robert F. Blumberg

1695: dh

“Ron, you have been trying your hardest to tell th American people about the economic downfall since the 60s. Now is the time to fight back. We already have taken over congress, and I think many Americans are waking up. Please run for president.”
1696: Tommy Siri

“Ron Paul for pres & Herman Kane for VIP. GO!”
1697: Stuart R Cox

1698: Michael Crossland

“you may be the strongest and best voice out there capable of succeeding.”
1699: Name not displayed

1700: John Lee Bonner, II

“Audit the Fed!”
1701: Bill Mikulas

“God bless you Dr. Paul!”
1702: Name not displayed

“With God nothing is impossible!”
1703: E. Laverd

1704: Joshua Victor Thurman

1705: Todd Prohaska

1706: Name not displayed

1707: Name not displayed

1708: William Pointer

1709: kristy coontz

“We desperately need your leadership and are behind you, Ron! PAUL IN 2012!!”
1710: Jay Armstrong

“Will do anything to support your run for President of Our United States.”
1711: Dan List

1712: Nathan Erdelt

“Only TAX Payers can vote.”
1713: Randel B. Dawes

“For liberty, please run our voice will be heard”
1714: Anthony J. DeMartini

“Please try to become a little more main stream to get more support. I do like your conservative ideas. You also need to get the main stream media more familiar with you. Go 2012!”
1715: Robert Moorman

1716: Mike Iacampo

“It is time that our nation see's the truth. We need real change not a sheep in wolves clothing. We need to get this country back on track and I believe you can help us do just that! Here's to the truth!!!”
1717: Leslie Prohaska

“You truly are the only one that can save our country. Please follow your heart.”
1718: Catherine Cardoni

“The only "legislators" we need are those to protect the constitution, American's civil liberties and freedoms to speak, print, speak out and assemble without fear of oppression. Repeal the PATRIOT act and dissolve HOMELAND SECURITY. We are moving towards a corporate authoritarian autocracy, ruled by multi-nationals from abroad !.

We need massive regulations on industry and corporations to protect the environment, our financial security and consumer freedom from USURY. Lets write laws to empower the people and to curb the power of the corporate dictators.”

1719: john doran

1720: Randolph Hager

“Our country needs you sir.”
1721: Bob Tessitore

1722: Grace Boatright

1723: Mark Krueger

“Ron Paul is the modern day Jefferson.”
1724: Sean

1725: Anne Baker

“The only Candidate with the Intelligence and Knowledge this Country back!!!!”
1726: Name not displayed

“Go Ron!”
1727: Randall Megathlin

1728: Alan Smith

1729: Name not displayed

“You are of good character, hold high standards, and will do what is really in the best interest of our country. Help us put America back on track.”
1730: Brian & Karen Railey

1731: Keith Rudner

“I know running for president is a very difficult task. But I know of no one that would better reset the direction of our country. You've proven over time that you are not swayed by DC influence peddlers and you have the proper vision for our country. I'll do everything in my power to help. Please run for President Dr. Paul.”
1732: John Vicars

1733: Pam Mallen

1734: John Wood

“If you do it, Ron, I'll go to the U.S. to support you. The world needs you! They are in desperate need of an example.”
1735: Name not displayed

1736: Jeffrey Easterwood

“Legalize Industrial Hemp for Americas farmers! Defund "Alphabet" agencies EPA,DEA etc……., Remove ALL "Czars" This is the U.S.A. !”
1737: Tom Higgins

“Dr Paul, our country you needs you more than ever.

Americans are waking up to the atrocities perpetuated upon us by the establishment criminals. You have many, many supporters. God Bless you and your family. I sincerely hope you will accept the challenge, we will support you vehemently….”

1738: David Reese

1739: Dustin Underwood

“Ron Paul, your country NEEDS you!”
1740: Sam

“Most bad government has grown out of too much government.-Thomas Jefferson”
1741: phillip Hubbard

“For God and Country.”
1742: Warren Wilson

1743: Jonathan D Cook

1744: Paul

1745: John Schneider

“I would like to hear Ron Paul as part of the important discussion of US war and economics. What ticket would he run under?”
1746: Janine Brunell Looker

1747: ranall lane

1748: Michael M

“i signed the first one but here it is again”
1749: jim bjork

1750: Name not displayed

1751: Christopher Luckenbach

1752: Stephen White

“For life, liberty & property.”
1753: Richard Lowe

“I made the wrong decision in 2008. Give me the chance to make the right decision in 2012. Please run!”
1754: Grant Sasek

“Support freedom, support Ron Paul for 2012.”
1755: Christopher Wixom

“End the Fed”
1756: Don Stewart

“I think you were ahead of the times. Many more Americans are politically active and concerned about the Federal Government these days. We’re ready to shrink the Fed and restore more personal liberties.”
1757: Curtis Dettmann

1758: Adam Lenhart

“Dr. Paul for President!!!”
1759: James Schump Sr.

“I would like to see his running mate Judge

Andrew Napolitano and Peter David Schiff as chief economic adviser . Their combined power, influence, philosophy, and expertise will insure a victory and stabilization of our nation.”

1760: David Z.

“With peak oil running out and this nation collapsing even Ron Paul might not be able to stop this runaway train. But he is the best option in 2012.”
1761: Jason Allen

1762: Graham Simmons

1763: Name not displayed

“we have to take back our govt”
1764: Guy

1765: Thom DiGirolamo

“Lets get it done!!”
1766: Mark

“I believe that Ron Paul is dedicated to the truth and to us , THE PEOPLE!! He has my vote. It's time for someone with a spine to be President!”
1767: Diane LaBeau

“America needs a President that we can be proud of. And the Republican party needs a Libertarian influence.”
1768: Jeff Baker

“The time is now! Let's get America back on track!”
1769: Mike Nielson

1770: Name not displayed

“Please run! We need you. Please fix our goverment so it runs the way our founders intended.”
1771: David Smith

“I would like to see you run for President. :-)
1772: Josh Bednarsky

“Mr Paul - Your sound conservative principles are what our country needs. You are a patriot and a politician that actually gives politicians a good name. Thank you for representing the American peoples' will.”
1773: Name not displayed

1774: Martin

“END the FED!”
1775: Name not displayed

“For Our Freedom and Our Country!”
1776: Michael

“So many people are standing behind you Dr. Paul. You are opening eyes, ears, and hearts. Even if you are not able to win, you will inspire so many thousands more to the philosophy of Liberty.”
1777: Zena Mobley

1778: Bella Gorelik

1779: Name not displayed

1780: Maria Guzman

1781: Tyson W Lambert

“And we Truck on a head”
1782: Name not displayed

1783: Jeffrey Paddock

“You are the most trusted & capable by americans than any other candidate that plans on running for office[Palin,Beck,Obama].”
1784: Georgia

“Mr. Paul - You didn't win in 2008, but you were heard and people followed you in the creation of the tea party movement. You are no longer a representative of your district in Texas alone - on a much more important level, you are the representative of the United States. Your education campaign has been superb but we need you to take it to a whole new level. Please don't ignore your call.

Yours truly,

Jim Zimmerman”

1785: Jim Zimmerman

“Dr. Paul is the only chance America has left.”
1786: James Jackson

“Lets shake the pillars of the hell called DC!”
1787: Michael Lane

“Please run for the future of our children and grandchildren.”
1788: Name not displayed

“Some restored rationality and reverence for the Constitution would be greatly appreciated within the walls of the White House.”
1789: Cory Jensen

1790: Jordan Hess

“Hopefully we'll have a Congress to back you up!!”
1791: Name not displayed

“Please run we need you”
1792: Robert Ingve

“Ron Paul we need you now more than ever,each day we become closer and closer to insolvency”
1793: richard crisalli

1794: Carl Wisniewski

“Please save America”
1795: Kansei Umeno

1796: Name not displayed

1797: David Greer

“There will be nobody worth voting for if you don't run!”
1798: David Duncan

“I believe in your ability to build a stronger America for the citizens not just corporations.”
1799: Celeste Thorson

1800: Name not displayed

“America needs you desperately! You're our hope for the future.I saw every speech you made and was almost crying!!”
1801: Curtis Bostic

“We the people….”
1802: John Smith

1803: Sadie O\'Brien

1804: Michael Flores

1805: ray grden

1806: Chaplain John S. Woods

“Rp for president!!”
1807: Oli Cundale

1808: Name not displayed

“I'll do what i can to help America Re-achieve her former greatness!”
1809: D.J.Mac

“There couldn't be a better person for president. Without good leadership soon I'm afraid we will crash as a nation and recovering from that will be very draconian, certainly by American standards. If Ron Paul can help save us from this, it would be the best thing that could happen to our nation this century. Please lead us to victory for freedom. Thank you.”
1810: Stephen Pilling

1811: John Austin

“It's time for integrity to return to the government of the people.”
1812: aaron hall

“You should take the government out of healthcare that is bankrupting the USA and also eliminate the health industry cartel so that people can have affordable healthcare.”
1813: Andrew Weeraratne

“Time for a vigorous start in changing the political and economic direction of this country.”
1814: domingo isip

1815: Renjie Abraham

1816: Joe Swam

“please run!! and when you win, please end the fed!!!”
1817: Jane Simon-Audas

1818: Etta Cook

“Ron Paul appears to be the only one that understands what a financial mess we're in and how to really solve it instead of some short term bandaid BS”
1819: christopher walters

1820: Dawn Butz

“Dr.Paul please help this country in th hour of great need!!!!!!!!!!!!”
1821: W.v.Schwarzbek

1822: Mark Audas

1823: Darío Petrollini

“try to bring some real conservative programs

back into our government.”

1824: robert baker

“what a mess the U.S. is in clean up will require "moving some things"”
1825: Jeff Morrow JW

1826: Neal remmers

“end the”
1827: Duane K. Johnson

1828: Matt Robinson

1829: James Kelly

1830: David Parke

“It is in the interest of The Greater Good that you run in 2012.”
1831: Dan Moreno

“I support you 100%! 2012!!”
1832: Roger A Glas

1833: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, everyone is not computer savvy. I have many family, friends and co workers who will undoubtedly vote for you if you run for President. Please run.”
1834: Kevin E. McCall

“Dr. Paul is our hope!”
1835: Eleanor \'Cissy\' Abruzzese

1836: Name not displayed

1837: Randy

“please help us by running”
1838: Tera McBurney

1839: Robert Prouty

1840: Name not displayed

1841: Marc Price

1842: Steven Matlak

“American needs you now more than ever.”
1843: Alan Childers

“Please run in order to restrain our out of control governmental bureaucracy running roughshod over all Americans”
1844: Craig Geron

1845: Name not displayed

1846: Name not displayed

“help us get control of our govt”
1847: tom

“Who else??”
1848: Derek J.R. Welsch

1849: Jose Muratalla

1850: Anita Nicole Carr

1851: Name not displayed

“Thanks for being the man you are and standing up for Americans against corrupt big gov't/corp.”
1852: David King

1853: Bart Elens

“Dr. Paul you may be the only hope for the USofA.”
1854: Craig Barrett

“you are my only choice for President.”
1855: Name not displayed

“Ron, {lease run either as a Republican or Independent. We need you more than ever.”
1856: George & Susan Vitetta

“Get rid of the Fed. Res.”
1857: Ronald Stovall

1858: Name not displayed

“Anything worth doing is woryh doing right”
1859: Doug Dixon

“I want true and lasting change.”
1860: Nicholas albano

1861: Name not displayed

1862: Shawn Reynolds

“LOL trying to get the powers in charge to back a non puppet candidate!”
1863: John P. Davidovich

1864: Robert Olivieri

“please run”
1865: Name not displayed

“One of the handfull of politicians that really wants the best for its people.”
1866: Karel Spil

““…… the stock of the bank is held by foreigners who are more dangerous than the military power of an enemy.” — Andrew Jackson”
1867: valter melo

“Go Ron Paul”
1868: Brian Tipton

“We have the government we deserve. America needs Statesmen like Ron Paul.”
1869: Name not displayed

“Love ya man, do it for your country. Our country needs a real hero, the wisdom to know and the spine to do.”
1870: Name not displayed

1871: karen noel

“You're the only major candidate that I believe properly represents my views politically. I have one suggestion that could be a game changer for you. Run as a concensus candidate. IOW, don't focus on your right wing views and implementing them in their entirely but focus on getting the houses to vote on what they all can agree on. That doesn't mean we compromise our principles and it doesn't mean we hide from our positions. It means we have an understanding that some people have different views and until there is a concensus nationally, we won't move to the extreme either one way or the other but we will always focus on what we can agree on. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Abortion - I think it's always wrong. The left thinks that it is often acceptable but almost everyone can agree that we should try to limit them. So it would be completely consistent with my views to vote for something that limited abortion while not completely banning it. There will always be a need to be clearly state our "ideal" state but then preface that with the fact that until the rest of the country votes in people who agree with that position, that we will have to settle for a step in the right direction (progress not perfection). I think the candidate that does that and uses that as their primary differentiator, will impress the independents that they'll get something done and limit the political games that get played while at the same time staying true to their character and ideologies. Be our libertarian concensus candidate and I think you have a shot at winning.”
1872: Jerry A Moore II

“I'm ready for a real America.”
1873: Anthony Austin

“I believe in you because you believe in the Constitution.”
1874: Timothy Lewellen

1875: joe Bright

1876: John Robinson Jr.

“"Dr. Paul's presence in the debate provides a necessary, libertarian voice that will otherwise be missing from the larger political spectrum of the presidential election."”
1877: Joey Johnson

“We need a president who will do things right! Nerves of steele, I see Ron Paul as a re encarnation of Andrew Jackson. I want him to run, I will sure vote for him.”
1878: Gideon Dominguez

1879: Name not displayed

“This is THE only chance our country has to survive”
1880: Tom LeValley

“Ron Paul in 2012!!”
1881: Mark Gogan

“Give us a little something to look forward too in 2012!!!”
1882: Name not displayed

1883: Mary

“The time is now or never!”
1884: Matthew K Bryan

1885: Darin Dalida

“America needs you. You are the very best!!!”
1886: Stephen M Schon

1887: Mariana Y

1888: Wida Egan

“Free Energy!!”
1889: Daniel

“Ron you are my hero”
1890: Isabel Vigil

1891: Name not displayed

1892: Name not displayed

1893: Name not displayed

“Please run, we can carry you to presidency. I am 21 years old from North Carolina.”
1894: Robb Wells

“End the Fed, end the wars Ron.”
1895: Joe Pernice

“It wouldn't be a bad idea for him to run for president.”
1896: Jeremy Rivera

“I was his precinct captain in '08 and was terribly disappointed when he reneged on his promise, after loosing nomination, to stay on the ballot IF he had continued support. The next day WE supporters put in many thousands of $ only to have him withdraw a few days later. I probably will not vote FOR R.P. as he, as a member of 111th Congress, did not question Obama's eligibility — because his FATHER WAS A BRITISH subject and he, Jr., was also, by birth!”
1897: Name not displayed

“Not a single other potential canidate I would vote for over Ron Paul”
1898: Travis stoker

1899: Robert Darrah


“Please run. We need someone to restore the Constitution.”
1901: Mike Kotyk

1902: Name not displayed

1903: Terry Staub

1904: Ron Blake

1905: Ellen Hoffman

1906: Clint Herrmann

1907: Name not displayed

“Ron will enentually run but leave him alone for now so the big powers the now exist will not try to trash him so far in advance that he will have no credibility befor he decides to run. Lets just put together facts that he has done his job well and that we are willing to stand behind him in a big way, when he decides what he wants to do. If he strongly feels it is the will of the people you know he will do what is best to serve his country. I am an active Tea Partier and as most Tea Partiers, will not endorse anyone, but will always give the pros and cons of his worthlyness to run..At this present time, I personally love the guy and have not yet found anything strongly negative against him..”
1908: gary gray

“Get the Bankers Ron!”
1909: m pollard

“We are in dyier need of a people's President. Not a idealist who thinks they can make change! please run we need you to stop these wars!”
1910: Kyle Quigley

“Dr. Paul, if you don't run, I'll write you in anyway! =)”
1911: Name not displayed

1912: Name not displayed

“Citizens=United States, not Government or Corporations”
1913: Joseph M. Stahlman

“please Run! we all must do whatever we can to save this country from socialism.”
1914: Name not displayed

1915: ray trozzo

“RP 2011″
1916: Andy Jonsson

“You have my vote!”
1917: Mick Carter

1918: Alex Shelton

1919: Jim Robertson

“Please ron paul run for president you would help fix a lot of things”
1920: derek quick

1921: sandra

“Expose them for what they are! It worked for Rand I honestly believe it will work for you.”
1922: James Croyle

1923: Asbjorn Boyesen

“We need change. Our lives depend on it!!”
1924: Randy Burnam

“Please run for president!! We need you.”
1925: Name not displayed

“Lets start the real change!!!”
1926: Arturas Simonaitis

“We need your wisdom to restore the american dream.”
1927: Robert Pyle

1928: Name not displayed

1929: Name not displayed

“We need to return to Government that follows the Constitution and abolish the unconstitutional fiat monetary system controlled by the private federal reserve banks.”

“I look forward to getting our Constitution back to our country and get rid of the Federal Reserve.”
1931: Richard

“May be the most critical presidential election of THE 21ST century”
1932: Name not displayed

“We could all benefit from Ron's leadership and vision.”
1933: George Aja

“Let's get Ron Paul's ideas out in the public forum so people can realize how screwed up the big picture is and how dramatic change is necessary”
1934: Evan Bourne

“You are a great man Ron.”
1935: Daniel Vigil

“The Best Presidential Candidate for 2012!”
1936: Chelses Venkadathu

1937: Jess

“America needs Dr. Ron Paul as a leader!”
1938: Man Wong

1939: angelina brown

“Go team freedom!”
1940: shad bowen

“Dear Ron Paul save America.Run,run for President.”
1941: Name not displayed

“Please run IF you can run as a Republican, but please don't run as an independant because you will syphon off justconservative votes from the Republican candidate to allow a second term of an Obama Presidency which would likely finish off our country.”
1942: Robert Woodward

“The country & people need you more than ever Ron. Let us all rise up & and defend our liberty.”
1943: Name not displayed

1944: Samuel Piña Jr

“Dear Dr. Paul,

You have already opened a lot of eyes and created a movement that has shookup this government. Please continue this mission by running for the office of president in 2012. I will do everything in my power to help as long as we continue to spread this fire of understanding, effectiveness, and peace.

Thank You for all you have done and all you are about to do!

Eric Ohlsen”

1945: Eric Ohlsen

1946: angelo

“I don't always agree with Ron on all subjects but he is the best choice to combat socialism in the US. Do away with the Fed.”
1947: Ken Sieving

“REAL change that we can believe in!”
1948: Kevin Glueck

1949: Jordan Ward

1950: Michael Jarboe

1951: Matthew Heeney

“People are getting frustrated with the way things are. Now is the time to give them a better option for America.”
1952: Name not displayed

“God made you a Warrior, and it's time to fight the good fight. Our Freedom depends on it. We need a stand up man.”
1953: Anita Anderson

“I would like to see Dr. Paul continue to distance himself as much as possible from the current Republican Party and fight for the ideas of liberty.”
1954: Name not displayed

“Mr. Ron Paul please run for president in 2012″
1955: Alex Bremer

“Thank you so much for standing up for the things you do and for educating me on such vital matters.”
1956: Name not displayed

“Lets push the Revolution… End the Fed.”
1957: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, At 57, I've been a 35+ year researcher into all things governmentally corrupt. I have been dealing with making people aware of what is actually going on, now, for over 20 years. I'm dedicating the rest of my life, full time to becoming a public speaker about the current state of affairs. A very difficult decision made at the urging of some of my dearest friends, because they tell me, I'm the man to do what I do best, communicating this horrific reality. There are millions, like me.

The governmental theft from the public, the bankers in control of every facet of our lives, the hidden technology that can transform our world, the control of global resources, our trillion dollar financed 'secret' government, and our imperialistic approach to foreign policy, are but a few things that make you, Sir, OUR man, desperately needed in these tragic times. There is NO ONE, BUT YOU, who is in more of an advantageous position to be our rescuer, our next leader. You have the support of millions of Americans who recognize what's upon us, and WILL NOT tolerate anything , but the full return and full reclamation of our beautiful country, our freedoms, our rights, and our American dreams. Dreams of living a life inspired to achieve excellence, again.

You are the closet thing we have in out modern age, to one of our founding fathers. MORE knowledgeable than ANY public official I've seen in decades, maybe ever. Having lived through the optimism of the Kennedy presidency, until he was tragically taken away from us, YOU SIR, are the only politician today with the integrity and backbone to restore our glorious Constitution. So we have, again, one place on this earth where limitless opportunities abound, for anyone willing to apply themselves.

I want my country back, Sir! I voted for you in the last election. I will dedicate any and all efforts, for as long as it takes with YOU at our helm. PLEASE consider taking up command of our country so we have some chance of leaving a 'Constitutionally based America', to the AMERICAN generations to come. God bless you Dr. Paul. We're at your back.”

1958: Roger Bibeau

“Ron Paul needs to run. He's the only legitimate, no BS candidate I've seen in the past 2 decades. He's a rare breed of politician that America could use more of. I sincerely hope he runs for President.”
1959: Donald Gary

1960: Jerome Miller

1961: Name not displayed

“For Liberty!”
1962: Nick

“Even if you do not win, you will get your knowledge and ideas out to millions of people who would otherwise not receive the info.”
1963: Name not displayed

“Please run in 2012. You are the last chance America has.”
1964: Tomas Estrada-Palma

1965: Chris Cordella

1966: Joe

1967: Lisa Colver

“we still have our 08 sticker on our truck”
1968: Ken Palmer

“This is your time for real change back to the Constituion.”
1969: Phillip Logan

1970: Michael Wilson

1971: Olivia Harvey

1972: Silvia

1973: David Donaldson

“You are unique, of the caliber of those patriots of ''76 .With the Lord's help and guidance, you would lead the way back to liberty. God bless you and our republic!”
1974: michael potter

“The only chance for REAL "hope & change"”
1975: Scott Troogstad

“Ron, we need you. More than the desert needs the rain. We need you!”
1976: Jerry Noble

“Liberty and Justice for All”
1977: Elmer Whittaker

“I may have missed the R3volution in '08, but am fully on board for 2012!”
1978: John DiLiberto

1979: timothy torode

“PLEASE DR. PAUL save us from ourselves!!! RUN in 2012!!!”
1980: Justin Griffin

1981: Christopher Palino

1982: Jose

1983: Emmanuel Garza

1984: Marron Cox

“We need men in already in place who know and will speak the truth willing to stand (as we ALL should) for and with the people against the tyranny coming upon this country. Wasn't it Ben Franklin who said "A little revolution is good once in a while"? This IS the TIME!”
1985: Richard Tiegs

1986: Dale Iacovetta

1987: Andrew Cialek

“America needs Ron paul please.”

“I look forward to supporting you.”
1989: Name not displayed

1990: Name not displayed

“Please help return America to fiscal sanity and constitutional based government.”
1991: Richard Osborne

1992: Name not displayed

1993: Kevin Young

“Please Ron…RUN!”
1994: Tim L. Barnes

1995: Daniel Brinkman

1996: Michael N. Schulte

1997: Tom Wright

“We need Ron more than ever!”
1998: Richard Pope

1999: Jeff Rifkin

“Ron Paul seems to be the only Politician that hears our problems. We the middle class, recently graduated unemployed good hardworking American citizens are in despair, and RP is the only guy on capitol hill that gives a $h!t”
2000: David Sin

“Come on Dr. Paul! We need you!!”
2001: Jeremy Scott

2002: Lauren crump

“Some men are born to greatness…other men have greatness thrust upon them..either way Ron..your country is calling you.”
2003: David Velasquez

2004: Carmen Del Signore

2005: Marc McCarthy

“If not paul, who else?”
2006: Name not displayed

“WE THE PEOPLE need Ron.. Never let The American Die,, let the Revolution begain..”
2007: James Perrow

2008: Name not displayed

2009: Sean Hartsel

2010: Pam Willson

2011: Name not displayed

“God help you, Dr. Ron Paul! In Him all is possible.”
2012: Name not displayed

2013: Kari Carlisle

“Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help save our country.”
2014: Gary A. Wolfer

“Live free or die!!!!”
2015: Elisa Wray

“No, you do not owe it to your country. Your years of service have been greatly appreciated and have done more than most to help keep the country from an even worse condition. But we REALLY COULD use your character and your name recognition in 2012.”
2016: Phil Stadler

“Let's make it happen.”
2017: Name not displayed

2018: mike wachtel

“I need someone I can trust to do the right thing. I think Ron Paul is that man.”
2019: Patricia A. Wolfer

2020: Chris Hansen

2021: raul Delgado

“I'll support you if you run. You have the experience, common sense, and honestly to lead us out of this mess we, the people, have allowed to happen by being complacent and trusting of the thieves, liars, and greedy elite who are now running the country.”
2022: Polly Mastin

“I know what a sacrifice it will be for you Mr. Paul but only someone with your morals and ideas can save this country from itself.”
2023: Patricia Shaughnessy

2024: evelyn stone

2025: Name not displayed

“I am a Graduating Business Student at Oregon State University and I support Ron Paul”
2026: Judd A. A. Wolfer

2027: Nicolas Delgado

2028: Kika Alcega

“Please save our Republic, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! Be our President Dr. Paul! END THE FED! Save America!”
2029: Jerry Atkinson

2030: Chris Bake

“Ron Paul you are what this country desperately needs. Please consider running for President in 2012 and again in 2016. I believe you may be the only one who is brave enough to audit the FED and maybe even get us on a new gold or silver standard.”
2031: Jason Stewart

“I feel your outlook on America's future is what is needed to wake up the "sheeple". Thank you in Advance! End THE FED!!!!!”
2032: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul 2012!!!”
2033: Robert Seale

“for Liberty!”
2034: Chad Clark

“RP12 rEVOLution!!!!!!!!”
2035: Chris R. Whitener

“Run Man Run!!”
2036: Mark D

“Ron We Need Real Change…Not This Make Believe Stuff…I Served In The US Army From 2006-2010. During Career I Did One Tour In South Korea And Another In Afghanistan. The Direction This Country Is Headed In Make Me Truly Upset For Even Sacrificing What I Did In The Name Of Freedom. Please Ron You Got My Vote..Show The People What Our 4 Fathers Intended For This Wonderful Country Thank You”
2037: Angel Rodriguez

2038: Brian Lull

“Now more than ever, we need your principled Constitutional leadership.”
2039: Doug and Patricia Schell

“Please fix this mess!”
2040: Ben Mellen

“run Ron run”
2041: Doug

2042: Randal Stadler

“Ron Paul!!!!”
2043: Erik rodriguez

“Dr. Paul, if you do not take the chance, we may never have a chance!”
2044: Abe Dalis

2045: Adam Coburn

“"America needs Ron Paul"”
2046: Lech Albrecht

2047: Name not displayed

2048: Brad Glazier

“Lets do this allready.”
2049: Dan Cotter

2050: John Robbins

“I don't agree with Dr. Paul on every issue, but there will be time enough to argue about those things AFTER we've taken back our country from the clutches of banks and the corporatocracy. Now is the time for people to put aside their petty, irrelevant differences and stand together! Unite! Ron Paul for president!”
2051: Ray Culp

2052: Anthony Dominic Stoval

“Just do what you know will help our Country Thanks”
2053: Name not displayed

“America's sick and needs a Dr., Dr. Paul 2012!!!”
2054: Jared

“Let's save America together!”
2055: Leon Palermo

2056: Name not displayed

“Keep up the momentum!”
2057: Ron Cafferky

2058: Brian Stoffel

“Go, Ron Paul, GO!!!”
2059: Giorgio Fidnato

“Congressman Paul..YOU KNOW I country needs you! This is our last chance to get you into the drivers seat. We WILL support, campaign and push you to the top.


2060: Tara

“Go get 'em!”
2061: Douglas Rogers

“PLEASE Obi Wan Paul….you are our ONLY hope!! And if you need ME for any help…please just let me know!! I'm there!”
2062: Jill Capriccio

2063: brent edwards

“We love America, and we need you Dr. Paul. You get it like no other!”
2064: Eytan D.

“Please run. He is the only candidate I would vote for, hands down. I do not want to choose the lesser of two evils again, I want the right man for the job!”
2065: Daniel Schipul

“You are the only politician that deserves the helm of this country. I will do everything in my power to help, if you run again.”
2066: Benjamin Jaques

“Ron Paul is the only possible candidate that can bring liberty back to America!”
2067: Nathan Hunt

“Do it! Our only hope.”
2068: Name not displayed

“Liberty must prevail.”
2069: Flo Hoffman

“The victory is ours because 'the Light Shines in the Darkness and Darkness cannot overcome it'! John 1:5!!!!!”
2070: Cyndi Shisara Feigenbaum

“You are truely the only one who can make real change in Washington. Can't wait to campaign for you !”
2071: Name not displayed

2072: Samuel Nutty

“It's time to take this country back to its roots. Liberty!”
2073: Alexander D.

“Consideration: Phyllis Bennis for Secretary of State!”
2074: Philip R. Snow

“We need to start worry about our country, and stop worry about every other country. The problem with our government is they think everybody wants our form of government.”
2075: Name not displayed

“We need you more than ever!”
2076: Gary R. Paulish

“I have came to the conclusion that We the People of These united states need to learn to make sure our politicians are upholding their oath to protect the constitution. WAKE UP!”

2078: William Jones

2079: Charles Speitel

“The United States needs a hero like you as president.”
2080: Steven Barendregt

2081: Robert J Davison

2082: Nancy Marnocha

“Go Ron!”
2083: Doug Smith

2084: beverlee williams

“I strongly believe in this man. Our time is running out rapidly, hopefully Ron Paul will play a large part in digging us out of economic disaster.


2085: Rodney E. Stafford

2086: Taylor Greenwood

“Freedom please?!”
2087: Heather Thompson

“On behalf of myself and my 3 yr. old son”
2088: Name not displayed

2089: Name not displayed

“End the new world order now!”
2090: John M. Ege

2091: Jennifer Perry

“We supported you in campaigning efforts in Nevada and Texas in 2007-2008. We will get behind you again!”
2092: Cynthia Korenek

“The choice is clear - Ron Paul. The country desperately needs a change and he is the only "change we can believe in". Audit that Fed, Dr. Paul!”
2093: Alan R. Miller

“Congressman Paul, please, we need your help!”
2094: Kelly Kammer

“Now more than ever !”
2095: Paul Springer

2096: Name not displayed

“Dr Paul not only laid out what is happening today, 20 years go. This foresight and honesty are what Americans as a nation should so boldly strive too!”
2097: Chris San

2098: Richard E. Sternard

“Would be the first time I voted since Ross Pero if he runs.”
2099: Joe F

“Everyone keeps saying "It's time for a change". I want to prove that I mean it, Vote Ron Paul.”
2100: russell toner

“I will be writing your name if it it's not on the ballot; it's the only vote I can make in good conscience.”
2101: Name not displayed

2102: Larry Wilson

2103: Doug Mathes

“Our country needs Ron Paul to lead us in the direction we should be going in and we need his leadership to do away with bad things like the fed reserve etc.”
2104: Bobby Angulski

“You represent everything I fight for. The U.S. military needs you as badly as the population at large. We know you have already given more than most, but you are so needed. -SSG Cosby”
2105: Jason Cosby

2106: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul,

Help us Obi-wan, you are our only hope.”

2107: James Hinton

“I'm from Romania, and some of us here do know about Ron Paul. We also know that making the world right again starts with America. Go Dr. Paul”
2108: Adrian Tanca

“Mr. Ron Paul, I want you to be the first President I vote for.”
2109: Benjamin Searle

“We need Ron Paul.”
2110: Katie Black

2111: josh shaughnessy

2112: Name not displayed

“Hi Ron,

We know the Fed and the banks are rotten, but, is Congress any better? What is the answer?”

2113: Name not displayed

“Lead the way…..and may the Lord be with us…”
2114: Paul P. Marin

“Mr. Paul, you are all we have left!”
2115: Chris Corrigan

2116: Andrew Quimby

“We voted for you in 2008,write in, and we will vote for you in 2012 if you decide to run. You know what is best. If you decide that you can do more by

chairing the committee in the house we will back you all the way. We are praying for the Lord to guide you in your decisions.”

2117: Diane Burkland

2118: Keith Koss

2119: Faith Bohlin

“We need you Ron Paul. America needs you!!”
2120: Julie Eldred

2121: Name not displayed

“Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito”
2122: Mike Phenow

“We need you Ron!”
2123: David Jimenez

2124: Michelle Mooney

“The only politician that is not owned by special interest.”
2125: Gary Lee

2126: James Jaeger

“Go ROn Paul!!!”
2127: Zulfi

2128: E Lysak

“Ron Paul is our only true chance for liberty!!”
2129: drew doran

2130: Andrew Lees

“Ron Paul For President!”
2131: Benjamin Demarteau

“Ron Paul may be the only person that can solve our problems politically.”
2132: D Hugh Kean

2133: milton diaz

2134: glenn krivik

2135: Artie Hyde

“Ron Paul is the man!”
2136: Kenneth G. Koon

“Ron Poul FTW!!!!!!!!! :D
2137: Reywinson Blankas

“We are in need of a great president”
2138: Troy Soares

“Consider Dennis Kicinich as a running mate. He can run as an indepenedent, or vice versa.”
2139: Robert Sardon

“Time for real change.”
2140: Wiliam Barraza

2141: Philip Roy

2142: Name not displayed

2143: Name not displayed

2144: panagis alexatos

2145: Klas Vestergren

2146: scott

2147: jay telegdi

“The United States of America needs your leadership. Please let me know what I can do to help get you elected President”
2148: Bruce H. Cook

2149: richard hensley

“We need you to get this country back to reality. Fiscally, militarily, economically and internationally back reality.”
2150: David Essig

2151: Walter L Oakey

2152: David

2153: Dilip

“End the Fed! Even the libs like that you are anti war!”
2154: Donna Martinez

2155: Susan Bonito

“I'm not an American citizen myself, but I'm a citizen of a socialist country and I'm afraid the U.S. are heading in the same direction. The world is already failing enough, and the system will never have a chance at working. For the sake of every person on earth, Ron Paul, you have to run, and you have to win.”
2156: Karina Osen Aarsaether

2157: Name not displayed

“The man has Solid objectives and Goals”
2158: Donald Lavespere

2159: Vasco Lourenço

2160: Name not displayed

“Go Ron Paul Go!!!!!!!”
2161: Name not displayed

“Our only hope.”
2162: Rick Brucker

“Run for it, keep us free!”
2163: John

“We the People of America need you!!”
2164: rocky venti

“We need someone in office with a plan for the country not for themselves.”
2165: Edward Renaltner

“Ron Paul 2012!”
2166: michael bazinet

2167: Linda Winkler

2168: Eric Bonata

2169: Anthony Ianozi

“We need a new direction in this country.Ron Paul is it.”
2170: Robert Lovick jr

“I don't vote since the system is a corporate asset - But I would get in line for Dr. Paul for real change.”
2171: Damon

2172: Donald Mueller

“Dr. Paul, we need someone like you to lead this country now. For the sake of the oppressed and bullied people of this nation, PLEASE run in the 2012 election!”
2173: Phillip J. Jones

“You are our only hope!

My blog is long island freedom alliance - search on facebook / google”

2174: Daniel napolitano

“Under the grace & guidance of The Heavenly Father, it was YOU, Ron Paul, who stoked the fire of liberty in our hearts.

It was YOU, who banished our apathy, and sent cold chills, down the spines of evil men, at the thought of an awakened, coordinated public.

You echoe the words, of the founders of this great nation, a nation under GOD,

And so, I ask the Holy Spirit of the Almighty, to move you, to run for President, and help us reclaim our Republic, founded in HIS name.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to guide and bless us all, in this time of uncertainty.”

2175: Robert Scott Bain Jr.

“Ron Paup for 2012,our last hope !”
2176: Craig

2177: Name not displayed

2178: Dave James

2179: Matthew R. Mitlo

2180: Elizabeth Eljdid

“i have so much respect for Ron Paul and everything he stands for.”

“I really enjoyed reading End the Fed”
2182: Matthew Barrow

“I know we are asking alot from someone who has done so much, Thankyou for your public service.”
2183: Geoffrey Plouffe

“Ron Paul you can win. The country needs your leadership. You have my vote.”
2184: Bruce A. Hignight

2185: Magnus Tomelthy Eide

“pleases run Dr. Paul your the last hope for America”
2186: Colin Giacomini

2187: James Benner

“You've completely changed my views for what a real American should be.”
2188: Chris Han

2189: Stephen Eller

2190: Jason Verdon

2191: Ryan Magnusson

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson”

2192: Gregg Back

2193: Bonnie Foulois

2194: Joshua Narwold

“Looking forwards to voting for Dr. Paul”
2195: Jason Chan

2196: Chuck

“get rid of the fed so we can get our money under control again. its the single most powerful weapon for changing this country into what we want it to be.”
2197: Brian S Henry DC

“Dear Congressman Paul,

As one of your young people it has become my duty to make sure that you are in the White House in 2012. We have already started spreading the word on our college campus and we will line up in droves to support you in any way feasible. You have captured the hearts, souls and minds of my generation and once the message spreads, there will be nothing stopping you.”

2198: Kenneth Zeitler

“its time”
2199: Name not displayed

2200: Name not displayed

2201: J Mintzmyer

“The Ron Paul Revolution continues!~”
2202: Name not displayed

2203: Steven Hoffman

“For freedom.”
2204: Name not displayed

“We need Ron more than ever !”
2205: ken kanoza

2206: Tricia Grashaw

“Help save your country and sign this petition, if we don't do it this time it won't get done !”
2207: Joe Martino

“everyone, help save America VOTE RON PAUL”
2208: jon roberts

2209: Gary Horton

“We need a person with fresh ideas in the White House. Someone who is capable of making decision against opposition. A person with innovative plans for the future of America and the people therein.”
2210: Denis Herman

“Lets go Ron”
2211: Charles Harris

“I hope and pray he can make it 2 the White House”
2212: Roy Woodruff

2213: Jason Cooper

2214: Wayne King

2215: Name not displayed

2216: Widar Nord

“we needRonPaul DEFINITELY!!!!!”
2217: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul real hope and change”
2218: jamey hull

“I wrote your name in last election. And regardless of you running, I will write you in again because there is no one in my mind that can lead this nation back to sanity. You are by far the smartest, most honest, and EFFECTIVE politician in Congress. Please lead America back to liberty and justice for all.”
2219: Sarah Varnerin

“Intelligence, Integrity, and Morality. just 3 of many reasons to support Ron Paul. A thought, while, " yes we can " , was a popular, yet empty political slogan, " YES WE WILL ", is much more indicitive of the strength of the people of the united states.

[email protected] president . c-m”

2220: Don Myers

2221: Donna Hammond

“I look forward to having such a man serve as my President. RON will make a difference!”
2222: Jeff Burchell

“win or lose, it will help by expanding the debate and putting more ideas into the not so free marketplace. And it's an unusual and refreshing voice of genuineness. Agree or disagree with the views of Ron Paul, it's so healthy to hear someone who says what he means, clearly, who lays it on the table. So rare. Help!”
2223: Judy Weintraub

2224: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul its time to steer our country in the right direction!!!”
2225: Ricardo Acevedo

“Our last best hope to reestablish the gold standard and save our great country from the follies of the Federal Reserve an International Money Interest!”
2226: Eric Cole

2227: Chad Stallberg

“Help us end the fed! Let's use the billion$ here at home instead of greasing the Israel skid! End our military-industrial adventurism!”
2228: Jeffrey Linden

2229: Michelle Maguire

2230: Name not displayed

2231: Michael Hendrick

2232: Dylan McDowell

2233: James Taylor

“Keep up the great work Dr. Paul. No more immoral wars! I'm praying for you and your family.”
2234: Name not displayed

2235: Name not displayed

“We need a knight in shining armor to rid Washington of the thugs and miscreants destroying our country. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank now!”
2236: David W. Florio

2237: chris evensen

“We need you now before it's too Late!”
2238: Phillip Emerson

2239: Katrin Volkmer

“Go Ron!”
2240: travis brown

2241: Victoria Parker

2242: Ken Rich

2243: Dave Frost

“your country needs you, please run.”
2244: Name not displayed

2245: Anthony Strazzulla

2246: Name not displayed

“We Need You! Our freedom is being stripped away, the US Govt is overreaching not to mention overly corrupt, the banking/corporate elite have too much influence, and the people need someone to wake them up. You can be that man. Please help us.”
2247: Name not displayed

2248: Nathan Rezac

“Vote Ron Paul!”
2249: JP Althiser

2250: Name not displayed

2251: Iris velazquez

2252: Adrienne Dumas

“I worked hard for you in the last Presidential Primary and will do the same in this one and again in the General Election!!”
2253: Rayma Meyers

“We need a good Libertarian candidate!”
2254: David Prichard

“I very much respect Ron Paul's positions and integrity. We certainly need a leader with integrity and understanding of our founders' wisdom, such as Ron. He is one of few who really understands and is facing our countries great issues.”
2255: Mark Compton

“We need someone who doesn't cave in or compromise his principles.”
2256: Virginia Mueller

2257: Name not displayed

“Although I am not an American citizen I do support totally Ron Paul to run for presidency of the USA. May I wish him the very best and all who are behind him.”
2258: Barry Sargeant

2259: Vikram Ranade

2260: Michael Gruen

“This seems like a very hard task considering the people who really control our government! Anyone coming into office is bullied from our government/gangster lead bunch of thugs!!! I would have to say if Ron would to run he would not win… this is because its what the people need and not what our corrupt government wants. Our Government is so corrupt it would need a revolution to change it. THE PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE IT! I think its best for Ron to keep doing what he's doing and stay alive… God Bless America…”
2261: Name not displayed

2262: darcy oresky

“We need someone that understands global finances to straighten out this wall street mess and start creating jobs before it's too late. Please run!”
2263: Name not displayed

2264: Name not displayed

2265: Steven Blaqart

“Restore USA to being a light in a dark world”
2266: Mark Paynter

“Now more than ever!!!”
2267: Cynthia Burchell

2268: Name not displayed

“End the Fed!!!

End the American Empire-bring our soldiers home!”

2269: Name not displayed

2270: Patrick Sweeney

“Let's finish what we started 2006. I know it is hard on you and your family but with our help we would pull it out. Thank you in advance.”
2271: Name not displayed

“We are losing our liberty. Please help.”
2272: David Lloyd

“Honesty and integrity are divine qualities the Paul's have at least both”
2273: daryl

2274: John Somdecerff

2275: Bekir Ko

“Honesty, good old time american integrity is what he represents.”
2276: Harry Oliveto

2277: Debbie Drechsel

“It's time for a POSITIVE change for a change Go Dr. Paul!”
2278: Wallace Long

2279: Susa Glenn

2280: Name not displayed

2281: Aaron Hausman

2282: Todd Sprong

2283: Lindsey Hausman

2284: Lee Sutterfield

“Please run for office of the president”
2285: james armstrong

“the revolution begins with us and you mr. Paul..once your elected…throw the bums out…lets see heads roll..”
2286: gene corpus

2287: Lindsey Limbaugh

“Good Luck!”
2288: carmela nuzzi

2289: Name not displayed

“Please run Ron Paul. You are our last hope!”
2290: Andrew

2291: Michael Wood

“We need your strong voice for liberty.”
2292: Name not displayed

“God Bless”
2293: Colt Roan

2294: Shannon Dearinger

2295: Name not displayed

2296: Name not displayed

“If you're not running, it's not even worth it to vote. Seriously.”
2297: Aaron Carpenter

2298: Jacob

2299: Lawrence Williams

2300: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is the only man who makes sense in Washington.We have not had a president in 45 years,we desperately need one.”
2301: Jeff Schofield

“Do it Dr.Paul!”
2302: Joseph Almonte

2303: Arthur Prelle

“We are all counting on you to help fix the mess we are in! You are the PERFECT man for the job. God Bless!”
2304: Michaela Meade

“Let's restore morality, good character, integrity, and respect for our Constitution! Let's support Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election…that will be a change we really CAN believe in!!!!”
2305: Mary E. Greer

“20012 baby”
2306: terry holt

“Ron Paul is exactly what America needs. A president for the people who doesn't bend his morals and sticks to his principles. Ron Paul 2012!”
2307: Addison Rivera

2308: James D. Narwold

“You can do it!”
2309: Name not displayed

“I voted for Obama. But unlike Obama, I'm actually a liberal. But the way I see it, Ron Paul reflects my outlook more than any Democrat, Republican, or the faux conservatives and faux liberals in government today. If the election were today, and it were between Paul and Obama, I'd vote for Ron Paul.

Go Ron!”

2310: Bill Paci

2311: Robert Williams

“I've turned republican from being a democrat just to fully support Ron Paul.. I really and truely think he's our last hope to reviving this country that we're currently losing to other nationals financially.”
2312: Stephen Wescott

“It's time. You're way ahead of the rest.”
2313: Bob Thayer

2314: Brendan

2315: Name not displayed

“The last good hope for the country as we know it.”
2316: Tim Key

“Audit the Federal Reserve and show America the FRAUD of this private bank.”
2317: James Harris

“We need a leader who will get the government back under control.”
2318: Bill Flusek

“REAL Change!”
2319: Name not displayed

2320: Lora Malen

2321: Name not displayed

“You… Are… GODDD!!!”
2322: Shigal Hammoud

“Go Ron. We need you now more than ever!”
2323: George Harrison

2324: Jenny Hamer

2325: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul !!”
2326: Matt

2327: Brian Watts

2328: Alex Ostgaard

2329: Ali Abdallah

2330: Matthew Isbell

“Please run. Our country needs a leader who follows the constitution.”
2331: Travis Wilson

2332: Alex Kelly

“Ron Paul please get more of the Congress players to clean-up this country I help protect from 1999-2003″
2333: Rochard Ray

2334: Chuck Schmidt

2335: Jeremy Heesch

“Let's show America we won't sit down and take it anymore! Ron Paul 2012!”
2336: Shane Gaddy

“America has no one with a better understanding of its government and economic system!”
2337: Rev. Fr. Charles T Brusca

2338: Shawn Sheppard

2339: Doug Crawford

“please run for pres. mr paul. we need honesty and integrity in america for a change”
2340: jack l eich

“I would vote for Ron Paul if he runs for president!”
2341: James Metzler

2342: Name not displayed

“I'm 63 and tired of this mess! Let's Fix it and Thanks!”
2343: Name not displayed

“Thank You Ron for everything! Please run! This country and the world NEED a leader like you!!”
2344: Vincent A. Roberts


2346: Name not displayed

“If he is known as the "term limits for congress" candidate, he will win. Tea Party is well motivated and criticle but I'm not sure they are well directed. Congress sold out this country to generate re-election money. That's how wall street and banks wrecked our economy. Read Charles Gasparino's book…”
2347: Name not displayed

2348: David Turner

“I have a stack of Ron Paul 2012 door hangars ready to go… Run for America's sake.”
2349: Levi

2350: Chris Fugnitti

“Not just the US, but the world needs Ron Paul to become president.”
2351: Mike Day

“So grateful for your continued service to our country. You give hope to so many that we might turn our country around. You have my full support. I truly hope you will consider another run for President of the United States of America. It would be an honor to work for your campaign to should you decide to run.”
2352: Art Wheat

“I like Ron Paul's ideas for my country.”
2353: Anna Memmer

2354: Jacqueline Crow Siegelman

2355: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul 2012!!!”
2356: Christopher Adkins

2357: Preston J. Williams

“Please do something to eradicate the Orwellian society we're stuck with now. Get some kind of bill presented to get the surveillance cameras off our streets and highways. I deserve a reasonable amount of privacy to not have my image recorded when on public property.”
2358: Jeffrey Monheit

“Kick their ASS Ronny!!!!!!! F the FED!”
2359: Omar Lita

2360: Name not displayed

2361: adrian barona

“Ron Paul 2012!”
2362: Kevin Amundson

“Your literally the only person I would ever give my vote to.”
2363: Antonio jackson

“Run, Ron, run!”
2364: Tom Griffing

2365: Thomas Michael, Jr.

2366: Name not displayed

2367: Stanley Clarkson

“Why can't we all just get along.”
2368: Name not displayed

“Be the first to announce, support will come out of the woodwork.”
2369: Chas Landon

“We need your voice in the debate of the issues! Otherwise, there may be no debate!”
2370: Linda Joy Adams

“Dr. Paul we need you to start the revolution!”
2371: JJRiz

2372: Name not displayed

“Thank you, Ron Paul, for defending the principles of the Constitution, for standing on the side of the individual, and for keeping the flame of liberty ignited!”
2373: Lisa Trainor

2374: Name not displayed

2375: James Berry

“Americas future truly depends on your decision. Your our last hope Dr. Paul. Please make the right choice. Thankyou in advance.”
2376: Jason Kountz

“The time is ripe now more than ever. There is no question the defining issue in this up coming presidential election will be the state of the economy. As you have said time and time again, in this crisis we are at a critical place where we can adopt a philosophy of more government and economic interventionism or move towards liberty. There is no one i can think of that has the eloquence and knowledge to espouse the philosophy of liberty. You have a vast grass roots network ready to spring into action as soon as you announce your candidacy. I hope you will carry the torch of liberty once more at this most critical time. Thank you.”
2377: Kristopher Malling

2378: Lauren Alvater

“Going to be the first year I can vote-really want to make it worth it by voting for Ron Paul!”
2379: sage

“Let's go.”
2380: Kevin Birge

“our country needs clear thinking and positive action.”
2381: monroe sanders

2382: Mark Jones

“We need to protect our freedom from the government's continuous encroachment.”
2383: Fred C. Wright III

“I will support anyone who will support the U.S. Constitution. . .God bless you Ron : )”
2384: Name not displayed

2385: Heather Hamilton

2386: Name not displayed

“He has my vote.”
2387: Wilson Hatchl

2388: Jeff

“The way things are going, AS OF NOW, all you have to do is make it through the primary Dr. Paul and you are then President. I think whoever wins the primary is going to shred Obama in the general election.”
2389: Robert Curley Jacobs

2390: Sean Brown

“Ron Paul for president!”
2391: Name not displayed

2392: Keith P Olsson

2393: Name not displayed

2394: Bill Saunders

“We have a responsibillity to Freedom and Liberty. Please take that hold of that responsibillity with us by running for president in 2012. The people need you!”
2395: Willard Fulton

“Thanks for your integrity.”
2396: John Campise

“The God of this Universe and The U.S. Constitution are essential in a moral and honest government . . . of the people, by the people and for the people. I believe Ron Paul is our best hope at this point.”
2397: W. Jason King

“Mr. Paul, you have my support 100% please run in 2012!”
2398: Travis Jeffries

2399: Evan Orlowsky

“The perfect storm is here, it's time for your persistency to pay off!!! The youth movement is behind you!”
2400: Rob Senko

2401: PHilip Jacob

“You have my vote.”
2402: William Bowman

“Ron Paul – my hat is of to you. I’ve voted a democratic ticket all my adult years but that will change if you run in 2012. Of all the candidates for president you and YOU only had the guts to go against the fear and negativity that was used to try to persuade the populace in the debates. In my mind that was the mentality of our countries founding fathers who had the courage of their beliefs even at the risk of the tortures available to the king of England at the time and which would have most certainly been used if they had been captured”
2403: Mike Whitaker

“You have my vote as a grass root supporter, I hope and pray that you run for President. I am a targeted individual in the United States as an American I have heard of only one more Senator who have brought the subject of American citizens being terrorized on their own soil to light, every since I saw the article on the Examiner, I decided to support you as President and do what I could for others to do as well. I believe you are a good man and good luck!”
2404: Delisa Schooler

“The US is doomed without Ron Paul as president”
2405: Meg Kypena

2406: Name not displayed

2407: Brandon H

“I pledge my vote to RON PAUL we need you please run in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
2408: kenny

2409: Nicholas Rager

“Must fight on! Never give up!”
2410: Joe Delisle

2411: Kathleen Gibb

“America must withhold the globalization for the sake of its sitizens”
2412: ed guzman

“Give voters a chance to choose some one who will really pursue "change we can believe in"!

Please keep safe!”

2413: Fay Gjester

2414: George Rogers

2415: Name not displayed

“Lets Change Washington for the people.”
2416: Name not displayed

“I hate Atheist Liberal scurvy roaches!!! Declare our colors Mr. Paul and hit em' with a broad side shot of "Delcarationism."”
2417: U.S. Constitution

2418: Lisa Favara

“Love ya Ron but, You are a FAR better cheerleader than a candidate for that terrible job. KEEP ON LEADING THE CHEER TO BE RID OF THE THIEVES AT THE FED… Thank you Ron for everyting”
2419: LLP

2420: Sarah Perry

“Ill be there on poll day, you have my vote,support,and my money”
2421: Daniel Bill

“One Nation under God!”
2422: Alex Grant

“No more Dems. or Rep. for me .It's time for a change and a different party that will do more for our country and the people in it.”
2423: Lois Klotz

“Go Ron GO!!!!!!!!”
2424: mark eckhoff

2425: Name not displayed

2426: Massimo

2427: Josh Counts

“Your predictions continue to be spot on.”
2428: John Hauser

“Liberty will reign in America.”
2429: David A Hollingsworth

“Ron we need you more than ever to stop the ruination of our country”
2430: John W. Price

2431: David Kelley

2432: Name not displayed

“You would bring back integrity to the Presidency. Please give this a chance!”
2433: Eric Benson

2434: Name not displayed

2435: Derek Satterfield

2436: Jack enen

2437: Karli Hedstrom

2438: Ken Nair

“The UK also needs YOU. Get the power back into the hands of the people not commercial power maniacs!!”
2439: Dez (UK)


“lets do this dr paul”
2441: Name not displayed

“Dr Ron Paul ~ An Inspiration to a once great nation, and a hope for the whole world.

Term limit be damned - We have our man,

Ron Paul for president in 2012 and beyond !

(Please also help another true patriot ~ Dennis Kucinich)”


“You are the best republican I ever saw”
2443: Ammar Halawa

“It is time for the country to take a new directopn.”
2444: Travis Moebes

“Absolutely the best man for the job.”
2445: Thomas Driscoll

“WE NEED YOU! I know it will be a struggle due to the corrupt media, but together we can get you on the ballot and in the White House. God Bless You, Ron Paul!”
2446: Jamie Raney

“You are a politician who's got the balls to speak the truth. How rare!”
2447: Cherie Tamai

“"One man with courage makes a majority." Go. Get 'em Dr Paul. You've got my loud mouth, homemade banners, and monetary support. Let's take it to Uncle Sam and score one for Lady Liberty.”
2448: J Crowder

“Even thought I am not quite old enough to vote, I am definitely old enough to educate myself. Dr. Paul has helped me to do that. Dr. Paul, you inspired me, and you inspired a country, we can do this. This could be your last hor-ah.”
2449: Kevin

“Dr. Paul,

In an age of never ending disparity you are what our country so desperately needs. Yo encourage people to change the system with their votes…and many, MANY people across our great country are humbly asking you to run for the office of President. Please Dr Paul… lets bring inegrity back to this great nation and restore it to it's former glory.”

2450: Scott F

2451: William Bedard

2452: Alan Watts

“I'm French and I need your candidature in 2012 in order to have the choice between Mr Sarkozy and you. So go go Ron!”
2453: Delpuech

2454: Name not displayed

2455: Lynn Parks

“The conservative movement, which hopefully lives in the Republican party, needs credible, responsible presidential candidates that follow the "Reagan" philosophy of smaller government, fiscal and social conservative views. I will vote for a candidate that stands by these principles based on our great Constitution.

We need a "stand out" candidate.

Dave Barrial”

2456: David Barrial

“RON PAUL! The world needs some new thinkers.”
2457: Maxwell Attwood

2458: Sam

“Dr Ron Paul you are our biggest hope. Please run for President.”
2459: Name not displayed

2460: Roussos K. Skarvelakis

“We need you Dr. Paul!”
2461: Name not displayed

2462: James Malone

“If someone doesn't take matters into their own hands and offer the people the real change they need, the people themselves will…. and it will not be without bloodshed.”
2463: Name not displayed

2464: George J Udovich

2465: Name not displayed

2466: Amador Ontiveros

“The country needs you!!”
2467: Philip Lester

2468: Roger Hynes

“We need more leaders like you Ron!”
2469: Matthew L. Isaacks

“God bless.”
2470: Name not displayed

“I would consider voting for Ron Paul, but please. Whatever you do, do not pick Sarah Palin as your vp nominee…”
2471: Brian Messman

2472: shane cash

2473: Yembur Ahmad

2474: David Houghtaling

2475: Name not displayed

“It's up to you and Herman Cain to turn things around! You two are the only men I have confidence in!”
2476: Name not displayed

“Ad augusta per angusta”
2477: Chad Stewart

“America needs you Ron Paul! Right now you are America's only hope to Restore our Constitutional Republic. Please run for President!”
2478: Sean Mclee

“For so many years, Ron has preached to restore the constitution and how the government is taking our freedom and liberty bit by bit. Finally, after about 40 years people are understanding him. This is his time to bring America back to the Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
2479: Joy

2480: Rory Tippit

2481: Jacob Matthew Cook

“Ron - Consider runningbecause you are the only one that has a realistic view of what is really going on with our country and what others choose to ignore!

You have my full support,

John Sedensky”

2482: John Sedensky

2483: Nathan

2484: Sheila Neary

“Please run!”
2485: Fawn

“Never in my young adult life have I ever found a politician that I truly believe in, until I discovered you. For the first presidential election in which I am eligible to vote, my only wish is for you to run Dr. Paul!”
2486: Ryan R. Okonski

2487: katie davis

“We need your voice in the mix - a true Constitutionalist, not just all those neo-con talking heads!”
2488: Randy W. Hamby

2489: Name not displayed

“What a concept- A republic by the people and for the people. I would prefer that over an oligarchy by the global elite and for the global elite to make us their slaves. It's time for the revolution. The world needs your energy, Ron. Please run.”
2490: Gary Chisholm

“I had a large Ron Paul Meetup Group in Palm Springs CA. Will do it again.”
2491: GR8GRMPA

2492: Name not displayed

“please run ron and save our country!!!!!!!!!!”
2493: josh desroche

2494: Name not displayed

2495: Micah Pilcher

“We need a president who will stand up and defend the constitution”
2496: Roland Wilhelm Jr

“Dr. Paul, for the love of our Great Country, please do run for the Love of God & Country, Thanks.”
2497: Joseph R. Aceves

2498: Randall Palmer

“God bless you for all you do and all you stand for! Give them hell and give us liberty!”
2499: Jason Howard

2500: John S. Cialek

2501: Justin Smith

“Power to the people not corporate ogliarchs.”
2502: Name not displayed

2503: Kyle Sablosky

2504: Cecil R Miller

“I already have my bumper sticker on!”
2505: Max Osterhaus

“You seem to be the best man for the task at hand.

Your financial prowess is impressive. I hope you are not weak on our "National Defense". I heard you want to start decommissioning aircraft carriers. I don't think this is a good time to do that. Do not forget China. Our Fleet is almost at the same place it was in 1940, we all know how that worked out…not good. I'm sure there are areas the military can cut, I don't think carriers are one of them. We have many "One World Government" folks that want China to be the new superpower….I'm not likin that much. Other than the defense issue, I'm all for you.”

2506: James Caraher

“If we start early, you can win…you can defeat all Republican challengers and defeat The Resident.

If not, please endorse someone early…Governor JOhnson perhaps?”

2507: Thomas M Johnson

2508: Edward Huk

“We need a course correction Ron! I believe you can get us back on course. You will have my vote.”
2509: Greg Zalaskus

“no king but King Jesus”
2510: matthew schoech

“Let's Start now so we have 2 years to complete this next step.

Push hard and and fix this problem!

It is Time!!”

2511: Eric Naal

“the future is bright with great examples. i support you ron”
2512: Name not displayed

2513: Luis Lopez

“Run, when need to do some thing different”
2514: marcus trise

2515: Kate Raplinger

“Dr. Paul is one of the few representative on Capitol Hill who follows the Constitution. In fact, I'm not sure any other representatives even remember it exists.”
2516: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul,

I really wish that you were in charge of this country. The policies that you would enact would be a huge step in the right direction for this country!”

2517: Chad Rhyner

2518: steve kuritz

2519: Name not displayed

“Full Force!!!”
2520: Bryan Wright

[email protected]
2521: Matt Laffredo


“Ron Paul 2012!”
2523: Name not displayed

2524: Charles R Stoner

2525: Laura McCue

“we all really need him!!!!

Ron paul 2012!!!”

2526: Name not displayed

2527: Jake Mott

“If he doesn't run, there won't be anything worth voting for!”
2528: Evan M Kuhn

“Since 2008, Ron Paul's message has only gained in popularity. Many people who were duped in 2008 will not be duped in 2012. America needs the Ron Paul Revolution!”
2529: Jennifer Righter

“God Bless you Ron Paul and you have my vote!!!”
2530: Michael Weatherly

2531: Heidi Artz

“End the Fed!!! Ron Paul Revolution!!!”
2532: Gabe F.

“Please run again! So many people since 2000 (including myself)

have discovered that you are our best hope to get the message out

that our freedoms are being eroded in the name of so-called security.”

2533: Elizabeth McLendon

“Dr. Paul, God Bless You for all that you have done. Please consider running in the presidential election in 2012. Thank you!”
2534: Name not displayed

“If not rand Paul for vp how about Tom McClintock. Please please run for president. You can count on this household to support you in anyway we can.”
2535: Russell oconnell

“Dr. Paul - whatever you decide thanks for fighting the good fight! My husband and I stand ready to fight with you!”
2536: Name not displayed

2537: Name not displayed

“One of the few politicians that actually exemplify dignity and character.”
2538: Eli Alafogianis

2539: Dawn Comstock

2540: Kristen McCall

“As a mother of young children, I look forward to sharing with my kiddos how I did everything I could to advance the cause of liberty! Please run for president in 2012, Dr. Paul!”
2541: Brittney Van Swearingen

2542: Alan Wright

“Lets go Ron!”
2543: john marble

“help us ron paul. your our only political hope”
2544: Cole Brown

2545: William Reynolds

“I wrote you in last election!”
2546: Warren Dickens

“Our nation is on the edge of the abyss. There is very little, if any, time left. You represent the ideal of what is is to be American. One Texan to another; Dr. Paul; please take up the banner and lead!”
2547: Jim Billings

“Please run. I'm 16, and we need someone to set American on the right path.”
2548: Stephen Jones

2549: Wes

2550: scott como

2551: Philip B Dennery

2552: Name not displayed

“You are probably America's last chance. I will be voting for you as a republican, independent, libertarian, or write-in, so you might as well run!”
2553: Name not displayed

2554: Daniel Scott

“please run

I didn’t even know about you last year, but that was last year, more and more know or are learning the truth now.”

2555: Name not displayed

2556: Jacqueline Destro

2557: Name not displayed

“I have promoted and supported Dr. Paul for years now. I hope and I commit my service to help him become our next President should he and Mrs. Paul decided that this great, honest, dedicated, intelligent, knowledgeable, learned man announces his candidacy.

Ron Paul 2012 - What a difference he would make for many years to come if he were the President.”

2558: Philip J. Palmeri

“I wish you had made a bigger noise in 07 for I would have voted for you then. Go for it now because we need you,.”
2559: Name not displayed

“If Ron Paul will run for the president in 2012, I will help to promote his candidacy among Slavic Americans in Illinois and Utah. In fact, I will promote him to as many of my friends as only would be willing to listen. You are the only candidate I am willing to vote on, Dr. Paul! The United States needs you, we need you. So, let’s do it, Dr. Paul.”
2560: Name not displayed

2561: Harry Prittie

“Even if the election is not won, the spreading of the Constitutional message is the most important. There is no better way to reach more people through media than Ron Paul being back in those televised debates.”
2562: Devin Garcia

“Please Run!”
2563: Marguerite A. Santa Maria

2564: Name not displayed

“Freedom is popular.”
2565: John Boissy

2566: Don Cianelli

2567: Name not displayed

“I live in Canada, but it is clear to me that anyone in the whole world would want you for President, you may be the only man that can save us.”
2568: Joy Stubbs

2569: Dylan Locati

“Ron Paul is exactly what the USA needs now to defeat the intrusive Big Govt. Agenda. You have my time and $$ support should you decide to

campaign. JB.”

2570: James Beck

“Dr. Paul,

I did not notice you in 2007/2008 and I'm quite ashamed of myself now. If you run, you'll have my vote as a new supporter.”

2571: David King

“Let the "Revolution" begin! Ron Paul 2012!”
2572: Jamie Williams

“Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness—and getting govt. out of our pockets”
2573: James H Stephenson, Jr

“We need you. You are the only honest polition in Washington with any experience at all.”
2574: Name not displayed

2575: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul…Please run! I really feel that many other grassroots potential candidates are not true in what they are saying but are saying it because it is the "hot ticket" right now. You have been on these matters of a smaller Federal Government for years. Give a 24 year old man hope once again.”
2576: Brandon

“And please take Gov. Jesse Ventura with you on your journey”
2577: Travis D. Hughes

2578: Robert Jellison

“I believe Ron Paul can defeat Obama Easily in 2012. And, I will do My best to get all of My friends to follow My lead and VOTE for Him.

Richard Paul Millet”


2580: chris salerno

“We need a man like Ron Paul to get this country back on track and heading in the right direction.”
2581: Jesse Wilson

“We need him!”
2582: Lucy Muller

“Bring our Morals and Values Back for a Strong America”
2583: Name not displayed

2584: Tyler Turner

“I need you to run for president. I need you to be president. We all need you to be president.”
2585: Name not displayed

2586: Name not displayed

“Please Run”
2587: Fianna M Adams

2588: Name not displayed

“GO Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
2589: Joseph R. Best

2590: Grant Ward

2591: Rick Radde

“Ron, just DO IT this time! You are the closest to Amercian Values (i.e., free markets and maxium civil liberites). We are behind you because we are sick and tired of the 'status quo' in Washington, DC! Just must run as a duty to your country. Our duty is to vote for YOU!”
2592: Mildred M. Palemr

“I hope you will consider becoming our next president. You may be our only hope to take back our country and rectify our present crisis.”
2593: Diana Nickel

“need to hatch many more Ron Pauls during the campaing”
2594: Milos Leubner

“Ron Paul For President 2012!!!”
2595: Andrew Hernandez

“The ideals of freedom need an authentic spokesman to this generation, one not a shill for Wall Street. We also need a sincere champion of life and defending the innocent. Winning the election itself is secondary to upholding those truths. Running for President provides the best forum for those purposes - Ron Paul provides their best, most articulate spokesman.”
2596: Pat Carmack

“Welfare + Warfare = Broke & Broken”
2597: Timothy Wenzel

2598: Charlie Murray

“I would be thrilled. This would solve so many of our government problems. No more BS!”
2599: Meg Hobbs

“Love your books and insight! Thank you.”
2600: Keith Miller

2601: Daniel W. Marsh

“This will be the first election I can vote in, please give me the option to vote for a person and not a politician.”
2602: Jacob Nall

“You are our last hope! Please run.”
2603: Diana Berklich

2604: Name not displayed

“You're our only hope!”
2605: Kristina Smith

“We need peace and love on this earth more than ever right now. I will campaign all over western NC.”
2606: Austin Bales

“Please run for President in 2012″
2607: Greg Lauritzen

“Ron Paul: the new age founding father.”
2608: Justin Smith

“End the Fed”
2609: Brian M. Ramsey

“Right now, the citizens of the United States are searching endlessly for hope. With your name, Dr. Paul, on the Presidential ballet of 2012, I believe that many Americans will finally find that hope!”
2610: Kyler Steger

2611: Name not displayed

“dr. paul-i will campaign for you-you are our last hope-margaret tobin-strick r.n.”
2612: margaret tobin-strick

“You are the world's only hope Paul.Please.”
2613: Jason Kennedy

2614: Kolton Fredrickson

“We Need action If something doesn't happen soon our children will be the ones who truly suffer”
2615: Terry R McDonald

2616: Name not displayed

“We need Ron Paul more than ever”
2617: Theodore C. Sayle, Sr.

2618: Scott McIntyre

2619: Matt Neithercott

“Mr.Ron Paul I believe in you. Run in 2012 please!!!!”
2620: Name not displayed

2621: James J Elrod

2622: Adam Rothra

2623: ashley atwood

“ron paul == neo (the one).”
2624: Name not displayed

2625: Roy Rost


“One of the few competent American politicians. There is no one more qualified, or more deserving of President of the United States of America, than Ron Paul.”
2627: Matt Warholak

2628: sam collier

“Please do it for the sake of freedom. We are right behind you because you speak the truth.”
2629: Omar Ali

2630: Steven M. Hamlin

2631: Anthony Hale

“We Support you! Lets take our government Back!”
2632: Robert Eichenberger

“I'm writing you in anyway.”
2633: Name not displayed

2634: Emily Lundgren

2635: Kaycee Kelly

2636: Logan Simpson

2637: Jason Coffee

“In the name of Edouard Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi, fathers of the Statue of Liberty, we support Ron Paul in Paris et we want him to run in 2012. The world needs him to end the Fed and all central banks like the ECB !”
2638: Michel Leter

2639: Edward Sellars

“America needs Ron Paul. No one else on the left or right will end the military industrial complex.”
2640: Peter B. Bultman

“we must defeat Obama in 12 and protect our country before they start using those fema camps on us”
2641: Dave

“Stop the FED = Save our country.”
2642: Name not displayed

2643: Kristy McClendon

“Please lead the way America by electing a man of rare vision and clarity.”
2644: Stephen Pittman

“Keep up the fantastic work. God bless you.”
2645: Name not displayed

2646: Jesse Boone

2647: Bilal Shadeed

“Please Mr. Paul! You are the only hope we have against the fascists who are currently in power.”
2648: Jacob Turner

2649: Jason Finger

“he's got my vote”
2650: tom

“Ron Paul. You are our modern day Thomas Jefferson. You are wise, intelligent, and honest. Please run for President. I promise I will tell everybody I know. Thank you Ron Paul for never giving up on our country. You can't give up now.”
2651: Name not displayed

“Your the only true hope for America and Freedom”
2652: Michael Liberatore

“Mr Ron Paul, We need a patriot Who will listen to the people of this great nation, The United States of America.”
2653: Dianna Sue Bart

“Please run, Sen. Paul, we need a fine leader like you.”
2654: Name not displayed

“We need someone like Dr Paul who sees things for what they are.”
2655: Tim Galloway

2656: Derek Hachey

“We got 'em where we want 'em, now let's strike!”
2657: Name not displayed

2658: thomas mitchell

2659: Nathan Johns

“Please run in 2012! I'm with you 100%”
2660: Anna Feldt

2661: Chad evans

2662: Michael Fisher

2663: Evan D. Renaud

2664: John Maxwell

“I Vote For Ron Paul, Or I am Just Not Voting”
2665: Levi Saunderson

“i want ron paul to run for president 2010″
2666: natalie qadir

“Help us RP12, you're our only hope!!”
2667: Jon Ogle

“We support you Ron Paul.”
2668: Name not displayed

2669: rachel h

2670: Robert Diamante

2671: Michael

2672: Name not displayed

“We here in Wash. state already have our signs modified for 2012….you are our country's only statesman….Ron Paul 2012!!!”
2673: Rosemary Parkinson

“I am 18 years old. I have all my life to live, but we only have so much time to right our country from the path we're on now to ensure that. Please run, especially for my generation. We had no part in creating this monster that threatens our liberty and future.”
2674: Eric Antisell

“For liberty Dr Paul!”
2675: Name not displayed

2676: Jonathan Morales

“Ron Paul, you are a historic figure whose principled, firm stand for humanity's

freedom against tyrants, without doubt and by Almighty God's Grace, will draw

power from freedom lovers of humanity's past heroes including Andrew Jackson,

George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ Himself;

of humanity's present, living, hard-working, freedom-loving, god-fearing people

who will support you financially and morally and by peaceful as well as armed (if

necessary) protest in huge numbers (hundred of thousands and millions); and of

humanity's future generations, inside whose hearts will burn this never-

extinguishable individual freedom Brushfire of Liberty, this burning brushfire

which is God's immortal Spirit itself. You will draw power and support from every

man of old age and young, every man of humanity's past, present and future who

sees no other choice but to stand and to defend his individual humanity, his

family, and his Honor at all costs including loss of fortune and earthly life.

Your soul has joined and will add to the amplitude of this rippling human energy

wave that resonates throughout the entire fabric of humanity's history (past,

present and future), and these rippling individual waves, constructively joining

their crests and adding their amplitudinal energy force that will defeat and crush

once and for all Him who Deceives the world. You have very clearly made the

decision to join your energies' crest on the side of humanity, one last decision

to make is just to what magnitude of power will you turn-up its amplitude - its

your Free Will. God bless.”

2677: Anvar Radjabi

“Go for it!”
2678: Rene

2679: Christin Clevenger

2680: Name not displayed

“President Ron Paul 2012!!!”
2681: Name not displayed

“Go Ron Go!!!!”
2682: Tim DiBlasi

2683: BeckaBugBaby.Etsy.Com

“I vote libertarian.”
2684: Name not displayed

“You've got alot of support Ron,much more than in 2008.I feel you are our only hope for a better America,and above all a better world.Millions will be crushed to see you not run,there's no words for howmuch i admire you.You truly are a great man,you alone have opened my eyes to somuch,and i thank you.You inspire somany around the world to be a better person.God Speed to you Mr.Paul,nomatter who is in office you will always be my president.”
2685: Name not displayed

“We need Real Change, please don't give up on us”
2686: Enrique Baza

“Dr. Paul, you are the only Congressman who has tirelessly fought to the abolish the Federal Reserve. Your courage and honesty are impeccable. You are the ONLY Presidential candidate I would vote for.”
2687: Darrel Johnston

2688: Name not displayed

“I am pulling for you Dr. Paul!”
2689: Name not displayed

2690: Danielle Crosby

2691: Name not displayed

“We need you Ron.”
2692: Andrew

2693: Cory Bass

2694: Mindy Johnson

“It would be an honor to vote for you.”
2695: Pat Glazener

“If you cannot end the Fed then at least Control the Fed!!”
2696: Bill Faust

“Dr. Paul, you are the only man who can bring the Fed to its knees- we need you as Pres. to tell "special interest groups" no! And take the teeth away from FEMA. Americans don't deserve their plans!”
2697: Jacquline Musgrave

“A ray of hope!”
2698: Name not displayed

2699: Patrick Mitchell

“Save our country, stop the war-mongering, secure our borders, get rid of the IRS, flat tax. Stop giving away my hard-earned tax dollars to all the bogus SSI recipients.”
2700: Charles French

“It would be greatly appreciated if you ran Ron.”
2701: Tyler Sutter

2702: Nick Geist

“You are the reason I became politically active.

Ron Paul 2012!!”

2703: M Jadis

2704: richard stuber

“America for Americans please please run!”
2705: John Olson

“america needs Mr paul”
2706: Name not displayed

2707: Dylan Etienne

“Go RP! I trust in you!”
2708: Ahmed B

“Ron Paul is my homeboy !”
2709: Mike Wozny

2710: Terri Wise

2711: fadi aqel

“America needs to hear your voice my friend!”
2712: Robert McDonell

“You're the best choice for American freedom, Dr. Paul.”
2713: Steven Kok

“we need honest people in government who dont bow to special interests and lobbiests”
2714: dave bowser

2715: Name not displayed

2716: Patricia Tiegs

“You can count on my vote.”
2717: Stacey Vitale

2718: Correne Craig

“We need you to stop these globalists and banksters!”
2719: Geoff M Thomas

“Do what you say you'll do Ron.”
2720: Evan Shupp

“For real health care freedom, cure your self, watch "run from the cure" by Rick Simpson on youtube”
2721: Genesis 1-29

“Socialism must die in America. We want America back the way it use to be and more… Prosperous and boundless freedom!

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences of too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

Thomas Jefferson (1791)”

2722: Rojeh Band

“We need you Ron Paul for 2012!”
2723: Name not displayed

2724: Shane Whaley

“Our country depends on it!”
2725: Name not displayed

2726: Name not displayed

“Mr. Paul, the country needs you know more than ever, don't be discouraged by past failures, as more and more Americans wake up to reality, hopefully they will realize you have been telling it how it is for years. We all see your patriotism, please keep it up!!!”
2727: Max Robin

“You are one of our countries finest congressmen to carry the mantle of freedom. My hero.”
2728: Bob Cox

2729: JARED

“go baby go!!!!!!!”
2730: james mobbs

2731: Ken Virgins

“We need a true leader and you are it, Ron. We can not afford to wait any longer. Lead us on the right path, so we can reclaim the Republic and secure our Liberties and Freedoms.”
2732: Marc

2733: Michael Boches

“I believe,you can really make a difference, and let's audit that Federal Reserve, show them and expose them for what they really are”
2734: Daniel DeLeon

“please teach and spread the Liberty!”
2735: jay kim

2736: Tyler Blank

2737: Craig Burton

“Go on Ron, you're the only one to kick their ass off!”
2738: F. Dubrulle

“Let me know the best way to help, let's get 'er done!”
2739: Bill Bulgier

2740: Mark Davis

“Put a Doctor in the House”
2741: Name not displayed

“The Revolution continues with you Dr. Paul! Please run.”
2742: George Speliotes II

“I think he has to get the word out immediately. I belong to an organization called the CSA and I will forward this link to them. Good luck and God Bless Ron Paul.”
2743: mr & mrs john peters

“Congressman Paul, We need your talents and vision for America now more than ever. Please consider running for President.”
2744: Truman Dean

2745: Name not displayed

2746: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul: Hope for America”
2747: Steven Palmieri

“Please run, Paul. This country needs you.”
2748: Gary Tupa

“Ready to work on your campaign, Dr. Paul. You've sacrificed so much for your country, our liberty and we're asking you to sacrifice more. Thank you and viva la R3VOLution!”
2749: Elizabeth Myers

“We need good people in power…not the tyrants we currently have.”
2750: Justin

“RUN RON RUN!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!”
2751: Jack Greene

“Paul 2012″
2752: Erick Arocha

2753: Name not displayed

“Dr. Ron Paul is one of the entirely too few true American patriots in congress today. A true American Revolution is far past due and Dr. Paul is the key driving force behind such a revolution. I for one support the Constitutional Ron Paul Revolution with everything that I am or will ever be. LEGALIZE FREEDOM!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!”
2754: Daniel Wickham

“Run Ron Ron.”
2755: Name not displayed

2756: Greta Langhenry

2757: Lilia Weber

2758: Andrew Karabon

“I'll vote for him if he runs.”
2759: Sarilea J. Bailey

2760: Lsvern Swartzentruber

2761: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul for 2012!”
2762: Jesse Dameron

“I've never considered myself a democrat or republican, simply someone who tries to vote for the best candidate given even if their not the best candidate. Ron's views I feel are what the country needs right now to get us not only back on track, but to head into a new direction that is more inline with the 21 century.”
2763: Name not displayed

2764: Name not displayed

2765: Victor Heddins

2766: Ed Blanchard

2767: Name not displayed

2768: Paul Wolfing

2769: Trinidad Silva Jr.

2770: Name not displayed

2771: Name not displayed

2772: Yvonne Dees

2773: Vincent Morin

2774: Suzanne

“Please save our country Ron!”
2775: Christopher T. Cayes

“Thank you.”
2776: jason kirby

“"The only way tyranny wins is when good men stand back and do nothing…"”
2777: Rick Hart

2778: Clint santiago dahl

2779: Name not displayed

2780: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, you are a great American. I'd love to see you in the White House and a return of this Nation to greatness.”
2781: Name not displayed

“Please help! Kill the Fed!”
2782: Name not displayed

2783: Name not displayed

“You're my hero, Dr. Paul!”
2784: Sean Ryan

“We ALL need a gentleman like this in OUR whitehouse, we ALL need too make change that has substance and not just talk, we ALL need OUR country back before it gets sold off completely. Let's do this Sen. Paul”
2785: John Cox

“A new vote for you….for liberty”
2786: Ted D Mielke

2787: Name not displayed

“We need Paul's honesty.”
2788: Name not displayed

2789: Roderick

“Make our founding fathers proud Dr. Paul !”
2790: vincent domino

“Texas has your back! Ron Paul 2012!!!”
2791: Ty Neatherlin

2792: Name not displayed

“Mr. Paul, please, for the good of this country and our future, run for President. We need a strong voice, with aspirations of liberty maintenance and freedom's growth in his heart, as our leader.

Please run for 2012, sir!”

2793: Zane Whitehead

“We need someone to get our Constitution back,and do away with the conspiritors.”
2794: Stephen Peirce

2795: Name not displayed

“Please recruit John Dean as a running mate.”
2796: Doug Keller

2797: Prince Jeffries

“…you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is our nation and its' current leadership…”
2798: Rev. Timothy Walker

2799: Sean Vermillion

2800: Matthew Shearman

2801: Robert Mitchell

“Our country needs Ron Paul.”
2802: Jeremy McCoy

“I supported you in 2008, but I didn't agree with your support of the GZ Mosque”
2803: Thomas Wilson

“Please continue the Revolution.”
2804: Sean Rosenthal

2805: Name not displayed

2806: Name not displayed

2807: Adam Wise

“Paul - Ventura Ticket”
2808: Tony Stroup

“Please help—-America needs you!”
2809: Teresa Fauvell

2810: Shelley Moen

“you are the first and only politician that I have ever believed and trusted”
2811: Shayne Mason Vincent

“Please go for it!”
2812: Jacob Heintz

“Ron Paul 2012. NOW MORE THAN EVER!”
2813: Name not displayed

“We need to stop the INSANITY in DC”
2814: James cox

“Ron Paul in 2012 or sooner!

No one can lead this Country in the right direction like Dr. Ron Paul!”

2815: CWC

2816: Tim french

“From Canada… Please, Dr Paul! The world needs you…. Literally.”
2817: Eric de Boer

“I am behind you all the way.

Ron Paul 2012 the real hope for America”

2818: John Cozens

2819: Renee Sinclair

2820: Michael Johnson

2821: Karen Norman

2822: Russell Henson

“You will. Have my vote”
2823: Richard Crutchfield

“"You're Bernanke's worst nightmare."”
2824: Edgardo Peregrino

“Never give up the fight!”
2825: Rev. M. Sweeney

2826: Richard Fleming

2827: stephen mcguire

“PLEASE RUN!!!!! We need to get our country back!!!!!”
2828: Dennis Hartman

2829: Michael Anderson

“America can use some clear vision in this hour!”
2830: Name not displayed

2831: William mcallum

“<3 Ron Paul !”
2832: Rebekah

2833: Ben Killen

2834: Thomas Pickert

2835: Valerie Woodard

“Never give up. Losers give up.”
2836: Rev. Sweeney

“Ron Paul…Walter Williams…slam dunk…save this country! Use radio ads in the Paul Harvey format "Now you know the rest of the story" on unitended consequences of government intervention.”
2837: Rick Roorda

2838: Greg Marsh

“Please help us get out of these crises. I back you 100 per cent.”
2839: Nicholas A. Coscia

“Ron Paul Presidency 2012.”
2840: Ben

“Please go for the presidency, you have much more support than you think, there are millions of Americans who need your sanity and wisdom to lead us back to the great country we were under the Constitution and Christianity.”
2841: Pat Jorgensen

“Ron Paul is greater than any president we ever had. Can you imagine the expansion of individual Freedom and Libertys if he was in the White House..His leadership would make this country great again. I have never voted in my life but would do so for Ron Paul….Lets kick the Socialist Obama out in 2012..”
2842: Travis

“Dr. Paul, you are the only politician I trust.”
2843: Dominick Grande

2844: Jeffrey Oswald

2845: Jason Howell

2846: Jennifer Welch N.D.

“end the fed, bro”
2847: greg gardner

2848: Name not displayed

“Ron You HAVE to run”
2849: Bill Och

2850: Name not displayed

“The country needs you and your common sense philopsophy for sound government.”
2851: Name not displayed

2852: Timothy Steurer

2853: Name not displayed

“We need super positive publicity Angie the media to stop criticizing his policy and putting him in a negative light!”
2854: Paul Bailey

2855: Robert Morton

2856: Michelle Steurer

“Run Ron run and make Jesse Ventura your running mate.”
2857: Judy Morris

2858: Frank Munoz

“Please help us Mr. Paul”
2859: Name not displayed

2860: Michael

“Pleas help us!”
2861: George Klaskin

“I'm fed up with liberal congress, Supreme court and the socialist who claims the presidency. We need to go back to the constitution and excise all that is not authorized, the fed, the IRS, and shrink government. You're probably the only potential candidate for 2012 that understands this. And hopefully has the internal fortitude to follow through. Just do it!!!”
2862: Name withheld

2863: Robert Cable

“I hope and believe.”
2864: George Georgiades

“Run Paul Run”
2865: Michael Brady

“You Have to Win Dr Paul!”
2866: Name not displayed

2867: Shannon Thrasher

“Run Ron, run”
2868: RoyWitty

2869: Christopher Negrón

“Go Ron”
2870: Mark Holcomb

“Please run for President in 2012″
2871: Toni Poole

“Please save our country!!!”
2872: Laurie L Peifer

“We think you would make a great president.”
2873: Anthony and Janelle Cooper

“America definitely needs you, Dr. Paul. Please don't let us down!”
2874: Matt Simmons

2875: Doug

“Please Run - Stop the madness in Washington!”
2876: Rebecca Meyer

“If he runs, it would be the first time in my life that I will vote dispite my religious beliefs……..”
2877: Dean Torres

“Ron Paul is the man!”
2878: Najat Madry

2879: Robert Pfountz

2880: Mike Markarian

“I think everything Dr. Ron Paul stands for is the American way. I hate what our country has become and think he is the only chance we have to keep the American way. We need not only less government but less corporations controlling our government. I would die for the country I learned about in grade school, but the corporation we have become I would rather die than be a part of.”
2881: Tristan J. Dahl

“See 50 foot billboard "RON PAUL 2012" in Las Vegas on Interstate 215 and Durango up since 1/2/11, photo sent by me thru Kirk Shelley.”
2882: Dr. Mark Carducci

“please run”
2883: roger beck

“Ron Paul is the man the USA needs…..”
2884: Chris

“This is the cycle!!!!! Go for it!!!!:):)”
2885: Name not displayed

2886: Matthew Nowacki

2887: Matt Bagot

2888: Name not displayed

“For the sake of the United States and our future! Please run!”
2889: Matthew Hollingsworth

“I will vote for you!”
2890: Name not displayed

“Please run!”
2891: Name not displayed

2892: Kevin McCashion

2893: Manfred Lehmann

2894: Louis B. McCaslin

“All of the other likely republican candidates are totally acceptable. It’s either Ron Paul or another four years of the latest Marxist to occupy the Oval Office.”
2895: Stanley Toncich

2896: sandra menkedick

“If you run, you will win.”
2897: Name not displayed

“We need commen sense”
2898: margo nelsen

2899: Carol Ross

2900: Sheila Danish

2901: Josh Waters

2902: Name not displayed

“I voted for Dr. Paul in '88 and in '08… I'll vote him everytime!”
2903: Joseph Buckley

2904: Name not displayed

2905: Name not displayed

“You have my support 100%!”
2906: Billie-Jean Greene

2907: Name not displayed

2908: Mathias JH Stromberg

2909: Tyler Neier

“You are needed.”
2910: Name not displayed

“End American imperialism and war mongering.”
2911: Marc Labelle

“It would be great to have Ron Paul as President.”
2912: Stephen Grande

“You can't let us down when we need you most. Please run in 2012!”
2913: Name not displayed

2914: Name not displayed

“we need honest, intelligent, pull no punches men in the white for our next president. RON PAUL!! 2012″
2915: lance

“Let's bring liberty back to this country.”
2916: Justin Ziolkowski

2917: Joe Sroufe

“Ya have a way of reaching smart people, unfortunately phrases like "yes we can" ring well for the rest of them. Ya might win if you employ a similar tactic. In all honesty though, run again for president. You had my vote last time!”
2918: David Fernandez

“WE need you”
2919: Tony B

“Ron, you're a better man than pretty everyone!”
2920: Name not displayed

2921: Ernest Paviour

2922: Name not displayed

2923: James Cotton

2924: John F Manning IV

“Paul - Kokesh 2012″
2925: Tyler Morgan

2926: chris

2927: Keith Toepfer

“America has one last chance to survive.”
2928: Thomas Gallagher

“Ron, you have to do it. I'm a believer, its your duty, and will do mine. Let it rip!”
2929: matt scerpella

“Only politician I believe in, the rest should be run out of town.”
2930: Lynn Couck

“The country needs you!”
2931: Ken Eyring

2932: Name not displayed

2933: Name not displayed

“Don't let the main stream media ignore you this time.”
2934: John Hughes

“We need you to run for the Presidency.”
2935: James Beeson

“I'll be turning 18 in April of 2012, and if you do end up running for president in 2012, I will vote for you. So please run for president, America needs, you for the sake of our posterity. Oh and if you do run for president, I'm eager to help your campaign.

P.S. I'm also a member of Campaign for Liberty Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.”

2936: Duane F. Horton II

“Ron Paul! I hope you can bring in a force for good.”
2937: Name not displayed

“We need leadership, we need Ron Paul.”
2938: John Miller

“I personally do not believe there is a presidential candidate other than Ron Paul that will help restore our country to a state where we are not intervening around the world and using large sums of money that our government collects out of a monetary system ruled by a private bank to use for control. I hope you do take it seriously that getting your perception to the people is important Ron because there aren't many honest people in power that people will listen to. We need you to run for president in 2012, I think you will smash your opponents in debates with logic and actual reason instead of foolish charisma. We need someone who can ideally run a country without private interest so we are united, not enslaved. I will vote for you and I will advise my peers to as well. I've been waiting for you to run again since november, 2008. The real citizens of this country will vote for you, you had the most real votes last time too :) . looking forward to it.”
2939: Joshua Mains

2940: mike

“Let the wise fix it, How True!”
2941: Michael Julian

2942: milton f. umphrey

“We need you to replace the FDA with the CSPI and start banning cancer and disease causing foods with whole foods and ingredients- PS- I'm sick of paying my neighbor's mortgage!”
2943: Jeff Longden

“run ron run”
2944: Name not displayed

2945: Joseph Granja

“PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012… We NEED someone like you to get our country back on track!!! PLEASE run!”
2946: Sarah Matherly

2947: Robert Heiney

2948: Cody Stoltz

“Ron Paul!!!”
2949: Name not displayed

“We need a leader like Ron Paul to steer this country out of the mess that it's become. We need to abolish the Fed!!!”
2950: James Hanna

“I am worried for his safety if elected. The corruption in our corporation influinced government has no limits. A good would be to regain control of our major media and stop it's brainwashing control it has over most Americans.”
2951: Name not displayed

“We need someone in Office who is not tied to the Good Old Boys Network. I believe this is an Honest man, and It is hard to find that in a POLITICIAN.”
2952: James Masters

2953: Baylee Sands

“Mr. Paul would help set this boat on it's proper course if he ran for POTUS and won.”
2954: Herman Edward Lee ///

2955: Michael

“Ron Paul 2012!

Tu Ne Cede Malis”

2956: Miguel

2957: Ted Kinder

“lets get some real change”
2958: jon mcconnell

“Ron Paul is our last hope to save our country from destruction”
2959: Name not displayed

“You must run, Dr. Paul. We will be behind you.”
2960: Name not displayed

“I love the new RON PAUL 2012 billboard saw it in my town of Las Vegas, NV off the 215 highway, wish it was on one where all the visitors coming in or leaving could see it off the I-15 going South maybe we can get some going. I would like to find a group out here to start the Ron Paul revolution even more, NOW is the time. America needs Ron Paul!!”
2961: Mary - Nevada

“For the sake of America, RUN!”
2962: Rick Shelby

2963: Wayne chieppa

2964: mike doviak

“You got my vote!”
2965: Aaron Jones

2966: James S

“Ron Paul lets go!!!!”
2967: Joel Getz

“President Palin?”
2968: Ric Griffith-Read

2969: Jaclyn Lee

2970: neil van blaricom

2971: Natalie Baca

“Please Sir don't give up …look at how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office….We need a leader that cares and isn't in this for themselves.”
2972: JM Whitlock

2973: Name not displayed

2974: Grant

“I trust you to do what is right for our country.”
2975: Kenneth Charles Barrett

2976: Michael Morrow

2977: Virginia Heidorf

2978: Aimee Winterbauer

“I believe God has ordained you for this special moment in time.”
2979: Jennifer

2980: Jeffrey J. Wright

2981: Name not displayed

“End The Fed”
2982: J. Winchell

2983: Name not displayed

2984: Richard Keal

“Let's get back to the Constitution. The Federal Government is trying to control too many things.”
2985: Name not displayed

“We need a leader with integrity that understands fiscal responsibility. I choose Ron Paul. I know of no other with as consistent & proven a track record.”
2986: Mik Kral

“Congressman, Ron Paul.

I ask you to please enter the 2012 Presidential election. You are the only hope to get our country in the right track. You have my vote, and my family's as well.”

2987: Name not displayed

“You'd make a GREAT President!!!”
2988: Name not displayed

2989: Katie A. Skrok

“Who Ya gonna call? Ron Paul !!!!”
2990: Jon Truskey

“America needs you Ron Paul, as you genuinely appear to be one of the few honest congressmen who are really fighting to improve this country!”
2991: Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez

“You are the only one who could slow down or in the best case reverse what is coming your way USA”
2992: Jose Leon

2993: Jonathan Gerrans

“The Time Has Come!”
2994: Name not displayed

“I vote for Liberty and to restore the Gold Standard!

I vote for Ron Paul for President in 2012!

God Bless America!”

2995: Nicole Lerch

“Been with ya for a long time Ron. Hang In There PLEASE!”
2996: Name not displayed

“You are the only hope!!!”
2997: Sean-west central MN

2998: Keith McCaully

“Please run. We need you!”
2999: Michael G. Barrett

“We need you now more than ever!”
3000: Larry Hauser

“If would be a crime against liberty to prevent this man from running our country.”
3001: Travis Stevens


“Our last and only hope”
3003: Garrett Gaston

“Please run, America needs you.”
3004: scott morris

“Jesse Ventura for VP”
3005: Name not displayed

“go for it!”
3006: francis sharp

3007: Lizabeth Meadows

“We need Ron and Rand Paul to be our Freedom Fighters for the World !……… Now !!!!”
3008: Robert Cabrera

“There is only one man who can fit the shoes of president and that is you.”
3009: John Nicolai

“Lets put America back in the hands of Patriots not Wall Street fat cats, and money counterfeiters.”
3010: Jeffrey Altzner

3011: Name not displayed

“I hope you decide to run, and good.luck..God bless”
3012: Name not displayed

3013: Patrick Warner

3014: Name not displayed

“You surely have my vote if you do run for President, Congressman Paul. You are exactly what America needs.”
3015: Name not displayed

“Liberty and justice for all”
3016: Jake Alford

“We need the boldness Ron Paul has shown to take America Back! We need the courage of a leader to stop the progressive movement once and for all!!”
3017: Eric & Barbara Beckmann

3018: Joe McCarthy

“Ron Paul, America needs you! Thank you for all you do.”
3019: Sherrie Gibson

“He needs to run, we need a change and he can deliver what the american people need.”
3020: Name not displayed

“You have my vote in 2012! Even if you do not run for President, please keep up your tremendous work fighting for liberty, civil rights, and privacy for the American people. I greatly appreciate, and greatly respect, you sacrificing so much time and effort on my and every other American's behalf. If you do run, you will have my full support and effort behind your campaign!”
3021: Name not displayed

3022: Pat McCallion

3023: Robin Snow

“We need an honorable man for our president. Please run for President”
3024: Peter Robinson

“Run Paul Run

Rand for VP”

3025: Name not displayed

3026: andre morissette

“Abolish the Fed. Drill in Alaska now. Nullify any unconstitutional laws that have been passed. Follow the constitution, and pray, pray, pray. May God be with you as He was with our Founding Fathers.”
3027: Pat Eubank

3028: Jan

3029: Cynthia Levy

3030: Name not displayed

“You go For it Ron”
3031: Arlene Vaa

“Please run Ron! America needs a leader like you. Thelast thing we need is Palin or Obama again. P.S. I want Jesse Ventura as vice president :)
3032: Joseph

“Gee, I was so geared up to get on the campaign team, feeling that Ron Paul might be the Nation's only hope for regaining our liberties and constitutional rights. It will be a great loss of hope for the nation if Ron Paul does not run for President in 2012.”
3033: Name not displayed

“The bumper sticker is already in place!”
3034: Jim Hudgins

“This, in every hour and every issue, is your basic moral choice: thinking or non-thinking, existence or non-existence, A or non-A, entity or zero.”
3035: Kevin St. Pierre

“It was great meeting you on the campus of Indiana University.The Revolution Continues in 2012!”
3036: Louis Smith

3037: Robert Harris

“Who else is going to make the hard choices? Who else is even going to pretend to /want/ to make the hard choices? Palin won't. You're more electable now than you have ever been. Everyone knows you're the voice of reason in this vortex of lunacy. Please run! PLEASE RUN.”
3038: Michigan Jay Sunde

3039: Jakob Rooney

3040: Mike Hribar


“You have my support”
3042: larry taylor

3043: Zachary P Cefaratti

“You are my leader whatever you decide, I will support you with all I can”
3044: H. Schuenemann

“Anything it takes to wake people up and change the system.”
3045: Resident SD

“This would be the best news possible for the future of America!”
3046: kathryn king

“We need you Ron! More than ever! Everybody spread the word about this man. Tell your friends, family, and whoever you can.”
3047: Matt Gorden -

“Dear god please run. We need you so badly.”
3048: Theodore J Daily

“For the sake of our liberty, please consider running again in 2012!”
3049: David Hage

“im in high school and paul is a beast”
3050: Matthew Shelden

3051: Name not displayed

3052: Bethany McCurry

3053: Tom Culbertson

“Dr. Paul, I really believe that you are our only hope for a better America. Please do not give up because victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting. Please continue the fight by running in 2012! <3″
3054: Laura Ames

“Diversity is the key to democracy. I'd like you to run even just so that people realize that we have more than two parties. I think you should run for other reasons too of course.”
3055: Name not displayed

3056: Name not displayed

“The world needs you to run Dr.Paul ! Best wishes from Australia”
3057: David Marks

3058: Barry McCabe

3059: Suzanne Blair

“We need you now.”
3060: Pamela Small

3061: Kevin

3062: Karen Knowles

“We need a leader that will help take back this country to what it should be. Fair taxes, Get rid of the federal reserve. A sane monetary system. No more bills based and passed on behalf of special interests. No more costly wars.”
3063: Joni Green

“Please run for President. I can no longer stand the republicans and democrats bickering over the destruction of this county.”
3064: Robert Nelson

3065: Nila Hulvey

“The world needs Ron Paul to be our President for 2012. The U.S. govt has gotten way too bing and out of line. We NEED a non-interventionist, libertarian leader like RP to take center stage. Back to the old principles!!! GO RON PAUL!”
3066: Name not displayed

3067: Darren S. W.

3068: Zachery Carter

“GO RON GO!!!!

RON PAUL 2012″

3069: Joseph Jay Mellon

“My family and I are supporters.”
3070: Nicole Fahnestock

“Please repeal the federal reserve act………Ron Paul your are our hope…..keep up the good work”
3071: ralph roberts

3072: Nash Mourad

“Mr. Paul is one of the EXTREMELY few honest people in government.”
3073: Ron Dixon

“Congressman Paul, I am convinced that you are the man for 2012. You have my vote, if you decide to run for office of the president in 2012. You are the only one who truly understands what America wants and needs in its next leader. God bless.”
3074: Name not displayed

“We are making progress Ron, run run.”
3075: Wayne Dial

3076: Name not displayed

“Your presence is needed, if only for the record books. Good luck!”
3077: Teddy

“We need someone with your ideas and commitment to run. It may stop Shara from running, last thing we need is her to win and leave in the middle of a crisis.”
3078: Erich Auerswald

3079: Gabriel horn

“It rocked to see you at the Irish Lion.”
3080: Katy Hall

3081: Name not displayed

“If people don't wake up to a true constitutionalist, conservative, republican by now, then this country is really going to go to hell >: I”
3082: Name not displayed

“Get rid of the federal reserve; they are killing our great country”
3083: r roberts

“He's got my vote!!!”
3084: William Poulin

3085: Keith Rafter

“There has never been a time in recent history that a statesman like Ron Paul is needed more now than ever before.”
3086: allen blaine

“I value your integrity, honesty, and forthrightness. I also happen to agree with your politics. I would love to have you as president. Thank-you.”
3087: Mike Phillips

3088: John Makowski

3089: Lupton Avery

3090: Name not displayed

“Support an honest man, For once, actually vote for REAL CHANGE”
3091: Daniel Rowe

3092: Christopher M Marsh

“I feel your are only hope”
3093: Nick

“There is no other national figure who embodies the principles of our founding fathers as well as you do. On the sound money issue it is imperative that we move to restore trust in the dollar, but how can that be done? I fear for our country!”
3094: Virginia Tschanz

“Audit the "Fed" ~ We need Ron Paul :)
3095: Name not displayed

“We need men like you more than ever before and there are so few. Please run in 2012.”
3096: Duane Wilson

“My folks would vote for him too.”
3097: Sean Sweeney

3098: Larry Schiller

3099: Richard Channing

“I suggest Dr. Paul run for President in 2006. I stand by that decision. Dr. Paul is was the only candidate that could spell "Constitution".”
3100: Name not displayed

“help me proud to be an american”
3101: john

“For Freedom!”
3102: Drew Aadland

“i am for the things you stand for , we need our constitution, and you have been with america, also you have been against the fed, i am also, you have been against the u n take over of america, i am also. thank you for standing with we the people.”
3103: vida clay

3104: Name not displayed

3105: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul should be president or else retire and lead a citizens grass roots revolution coordinating direct, large scale engagement of government as is our duty as citizens.”
3106: Stephen Baughman

3107: Richard

“I'd love to see you get the republican nomination as you are one of the few republicans there! I'd be proud to help campaign for you should you decide to run.”
3108: nick bruns

“You're the only voice of reason in Congress. We need you to lead.”
3109: John David Van Hove

3110: Name not displayed

3111: Marie

“A sound monetary system is the only assurance for freedom and liberty”
3112: Name not displayed

3113: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul you MUST run! You're the only one who can really make a change!”
3114: Name not displayed

“Please Run! cheers Ty”
3115: Ty Twist

3116: todd arnette

“Zip code 02459″
3117: David Del Porto

“Ron, you MUST run”
3118: Nicholas Geremia ger

3119: Anthony Gargano

3120: Richard W Hoffner

“Never stop fighting for FREEDOM!!”
3121: Eric Einert

“Our Country needs you”
3122: Deborah McCully

3123: Name not displayed

3124: scott dane

“Please, please, Ron-you're the only honest person in politics. Do it for us and I'll support you.”
3125: Bonnie

“I hope you will run Dr. Paul! We need your kind of leadership in the White House!”
3126: Jeffery D. Skinner

3127: Randy OBrien

“Go Ron Paul!”
3128: Erik Sturm

3129: Name not displayed

“Zip 23168″
3130: Name not displayed

3131: Barbara Disbrow

“I'm 75 in a few days, like you, I want my grandchildren to live in a free, sustainable world, with their own health choices.

Go Ron, Go

Good Luck

John Hurley”

3132: John Hurley

3133: Daniel Colgan

“There's no other candidate I would vote for!”
3134: Name not displayed

“It will be a tough job, but you got to do it. You da Man!”
3135: Steve Durfee

“While I admire and appreciate Dr/Congressman Paul's thinking and approach to fix our broken, fickle, wasteful government, we might be better off with a different figurehead candidate who champions the Paul Philosophy.”
3136: Name not displayed

“Our only HOPE!”
3137: Katrina Dane

“America needs Ron Paul for President!”
3138: Sylvia Delagarza

3139: Patty Moore

3140: Marty

“Need Ron Paul's leadership to fix the country, no other candidate has the right vision.”
3141: Kim Hoff

“ron paul 2012″
3142: Name not displayed

“Give em Hell Ron !”
3143: Lou Webber

3144: Kyle Miller

“Veritas NOW”
3145: Name not displayed

3146: Jerry Hummel IV

3147: Giselle Whitwell

“Ron Paul was the only candidate with scruples last time around.”
3148: shannon morrow

“You are the only political figure who can honorably run for president. Please decide to do that. Otherwise, there is no point in voting.”
3149: Name not displayed

“Remember the past, change the future. RON PAUL 2012″
3150: Carter

3151: Minh Mai

“"Go get em" I believe in you!”
3152: Dart

3153: Name not displayed

3154: George Lennon

“Would love to see you run is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans both are corrupt”
3155: Major Nick Constantine

3156: Name not displayed

“I've been a believer of your blissfully simple political policy since reading your book, Revolution. Please bring common sense back to the American government so college students like me have a bright and debt-free future to look forward to.”
3157: Philip Gruenwald

“Ron Paul is the only major candidate who closely represents my values and beliefs. He's got to run!!!”
3158: George Washburn

3159: Stacie Cox)

3160: Jeff Dion

“you've gotta run or the US will end up like Nero's Rome…..BURNING”
3161: David Shapiro

3162: Name not displayed

3163: Alan Slaughenhoupt

“God bless Ron Paul ! Bring America back.”
3164: Name not displayed

“I have voted for you before and will again….West Coast of Florida resident”
3165: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul voted for Homosexuals in the military and supports homosexual marriage/rights.”

“we need you more than ever you have to run”
3167: Shawn King

3168: T. Newcomer

“Ron, You're our only hope…inside the political system. How do you remain corruption free?”
3169: David McBride

“We are behind you Dr. Paul!”
3170: Dave Erpenbeck

“You are needed to help preserve free enterprise and freedom.”
3171: David E. Duke

3172: Name not displayed

3173: Judy Bryson

3174: Daniel Bailey

3175: geddes dowling

3176: Christopher J Bosner

“Ron Paul: The Change We Wanted”
3177: Kris Paape

3178: Heath Long

“We love and appreciate you Dr. Paul. Please run in 2012!”
3179: Daniel Morrow

“Please Lets provide a First Quality security so he does not get Killed by the International Banksters!!”
3180: Rulon P. Jeffs

“I have faith in your ability to lead our country!”
3181: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul/Peter Schiff 2012″
3182: Steve Golembiewski

3183: Enzo Macchiavello Bruno

“My Opinion,Ron Paul is the only man fit for Commander and Chief”
3184: David Seaton

3185: Kristen Linn

3186: G Reed

“We want the treasonous unconstitutional, controlling turkeys that are really controlling this country since 1913 OUT, with jail terms for their bankrupting of this country. Then they can pay us reparations for having done so ; you are the man to prove it, and restore our country and our currency, either as committee head or as president. Get us out of the UN and all its entanglements, as well as the world financial cartel ( G3 ,G5<G8,G20 et al) Give us honest money, and the world will beat their way to return business to our shores.

Thank you for waking the people up on this subject.”

3187: Name not displayed

3188: Terry Wagner

“We need a president like Ron Paul that stands for real truth and justice”
3189: David Barry

3190: Doug Gilmore

3191: Nick Tompkins

3192: Roger Huff

“Need your leadership, passion, understanding of economics, and fiscal intelligence to right the left”
3193: Chris Doty

“We're behind you Dr. Ron Paul!”
3194: Name not displayed

3195: Lisa

3196: Name not displayed

3197: Logan Reed

3198: William Coughlan

3199: Name not displayed

“I'm a supporter of Obama, but I would vote for you if you ran for President. Otherwise, if you don't get the nomination or you choose not to run, I will vote Deomcrat since most Repubs are the same except they want to invade every country or use religion as a high horse.”
3200: Name not displayed

“Even though you did not win last time you woke a lot of people up including me, if you win we will have you back Dr. Paul.”
3201: Name not displayed

3202: Maria Brzazgon

“Ron Paul our country needs youto run for president”
3203: Christopher Gannon

“You're the candidate with the best chance of beating Obama. We desperately need you to lead our Republic back to its constitutional principles. I'll do whatever I can to support you. As a 70 year old conservative and libertarian, our country is in grave danger.”
3204: Name not displayed

3205: Andrew Flighty

“If you end up needing a secret service agent/bodyguard I will volunteer. Dr. Paul, sir, I would take a bullet protecting you and your message of truth.”
3206: Name not displayed

3207: carol hoszowski

“End the Fed!”
3208: Jerry Rogers

“I grew up in Lake Jackson, TX. You were my mom's doctor Ron! Best wishes.”
3209: Scott Simon

“Smaller gov. less taxes, more jobs and prosperity.

Run, run, run!”

3210: W.D. Hutchison

“south GA standing by”
3211: R White

3212: Name not displayed

3213: Larisa Ray & Jeffrey L. Ray, AIA

“Fix our country… please”
3214: Jimmy Distler

3215: Name not displayed

3216: Tara Merchant

3217: Roy Heinecke

3218: Michael Stevens

3219: andy joros

“We are behind you!”
3220: Dan Skapinsky

“End the Fed. If we pay the debt, take away the interest or just don't pay it at all and reinstitute the power to coin and regulate money back in Congress not a private for profit Bank that is ruling the world with their wickedness.”
3221: Dan Rivaldo

3222: Name not displayed

3223: Barry Boyd

3224: Kevin Pauley

“Dr Paul, We need you to speak for us and help us regain our rights. We can't let corruption, political pandering and corporations destroy any more of our liberties and lives. Let freedom ring and save our Constitution.”
3225: Linda Bux

3226: Darren Cech

“please save the country or find someone who can!”
3227: bart heflin

3228: Amanda Murphy

3229: brad marshall

3230: Name not displayed

3231: Connor Joseph Sprayberry Sutton

3232: john savino

“Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura 2012 = PLZ 4 THE LOVE OF HUMANITY!! Last time was a test run - and now everyone sees that their left/right political pundits are not useful for national policy - you are the only one that can correct the mess. PLZ! Aloha and may peace be with you : )”
3233: John Adrian Panhuise IV

“I'm in….Let's do this!”
3234: Chris Geise

“I trust you.”
3235: Kaitlin Trott

3236: Michael Costello

3237: Name not displayed

3238: Terry Fitzgerald

3239: Michael thees

3240: Name not displayed

“Your Our Only Hope! Please help US”
3241: Jana Rodriquez

3242: Jeffrey C. Adams

3243: jill shenlund

“Let's take back our country sir!”
3244: Gary O. Johnson

“I'll vote for Ron Paul”
3245: Sarah Marchbanks

“We need an antacid like Ron Paul to counteract the acid of Obama!”
3246: Wolfgang Unger

3247: Dustin Krieger

3248: sean

“You have my support”
3249: Michael lavine

“I wish you the best of luck in the election. Please draw back the veil between the people and their

representatives in DC”

3250: Nicolas Riley

“Please run for president again, Ron.

We need to completely destroy the New World Order!

Best Regards & Bright Blessings,

Steve Austin”

3251: Steve Austin

3252: Thad Beversdorf

3253: Derrek Dew

“I will vote for the person who challenges Obama eligibity for sake of Constitution, Lt Col Lakin, other military and american people.”
3254: Name not displayed

“Dr Paul… Our nations last hope..”
3255: Gary W. Jue Jr

3256: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, it won't be easy fighting the special interests, the banksters who control the Fed, nor the never ending war machine but lets do this and take our country back. I'm all in.”
3257: Name not displayed

“RUN RON RUN!!!!!!!!”
3258: Michael Gurecki

3259: Dan Wilder

3260: Jim Leitte

3261: gene ackert

3262: Jon Kataoka

“We need your help”
3263: Anford Miller

3264: Name not displayed

“Run, Ron, that we may "vote in pursuit of nothing other than freedom, and the prosperity it naturally brings”
3265: Mark R. Cermak

“Go Ron Paul!!!”
3266: dan poley

“To a tired, old friend:

I didn't think I had heroes anymore, but you're mine.

Maybe this country is finally ready for you.

Come'on Ron, you've got one more run in ya!”

3267: mark m mccullough

“run ron run. Do run ron, the do run ron!”
3268: richard chase

3269: Charles W. Simmons Sr.

“let's roll!”
3270: Andre Bishay

3271: Jennifer Mueller

3272: Stephen Hines

“Dr. Paul: I am a New Zealander and have lived in the U.S. for over ten years. I realized how crucial to the country's (and the entire world's!) future the 2012 election is going to be. I therefore applied for citizenship in September 2010 and passed my citizenship interview last week, so that I can vote in the 2012 election. I don't see anybody else on the horizon (save your son, but it may be a bit soon for him) with the commitment and courage to make the politically unpopular decisions that need to be made, coupled with the financial acumen to identify them. No pressure, but, Dr. Paul, you may be our only hope!”
3273: Clayton Hill

3274: Chase L. Monson

3275: Name not displayed

“We need a liberty-beacon, and you are it!”
3276: Brad Gladstone

“Dr. Paul, the globalists will run away with all of it if men like you don't rise to the occasion. If we're going down, let's not go down without a fight!”
3277: Name not displayed

“I support you for President, but if you choose not to run, I also respect your judgement as to positioning yourself where you can do the most good.”
3278: Brian Graz

“As an MS Patient and Medical Marijuana user of Native American Descent I support my Freedoms and Ron is the man to show my support.

Thank you”

3279: Charles M. Kwiatkowski

“Ron for President. he will inspire the masses to Greatness”
3280: Matthew

3281: Matt Flynn

3282: John Williams

“He's the person I agree most with on many issues and the only person that can fight against the tragic growth of government that is leaving Americans worse off.”
3283: Bardhyl Salihu

3284: Name not displayed

“We need you Ron!”
3285: Suzanne Riesen

3286: A. Melville

“Give me autonomy or give me death.”
3287: frank bua

3288: James Reider

“Rarely does Duty and Responsabilty come at our convienance and Desire, your country needs you sir more than ever.”
3289: David

3290: Abby Cullington

“Hopefully our wait is finally over.”
3291: Name not displayed

“Go ron paul!!! Save us!!!”
3292: Dylan

“Don't make me vote for anybody else - you are the only one that can truly save us.”
3293: Mary Archer

“There is only one man who can bring down the invisible powers that destroy humanity- Ron Paul”
3294: Mark Cevallos

“We Need You!”
3295: Name not displayed

3296: Kristin Spiers-Maxwell

3297: Austin Kintner

“We need Ron Paul!”
3298: Jeffrey Cochran

“lets take our overbloated government back”
3299: Ken Groeling

“Dr. PLEASE RUN! We need you to help to keep the momentum of the liberty movement going and the Revolution alive. You've said in the past how surprised you have been at the response to the message, well just wait till you announce your candidacy this time. I think you will be SHOCKED!”
3300: Ethan Blose

3301: Michael P. Melotti

“For the country!”
3302: Michael Lennon

“RI State Senator district 21 republican”
3303: Nicholas Kettle

3304: jerry zaski

3305: Name not displayed

“We need you.”
3306: Patti Gmeiner

3307: Chris Caulfield

3308: Name not displayed

“I am a true believer in Mr. Ron Paul. I would be more than willing to work actively on his campaign.”
3309: rmharper

“Go for it Ron. You are the best candidate for the job and we trust you.”
3310: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul 2012 or bust. You are the only honest man in the spotlight right now. As far I'm concerned there is no second choice, not any I trust that also have a legitimate chance of winning. But please don't quit just because you lose the republican primary. Run independent and we'll all continue to support you.”
3311: Patrick W Hammon

“Thank you for running for Pres.

God bless yoU!”

3312: Name not displayed

3313: C. Rado

“Please run!!!”
3314: Name not displayed

3315: rob oleary

3316: Wendy Farland

3317: Bill Seals

“"Burn the Boats"”
3318: W. M. C. Jr.

“I heard you are pro-FED and for bailouts. So, I'm in.”
3319: Charles Earp

3320: Thomas J. Galia

“Down with the Progressive Dems!”
3321: mark poindexter

3322: Jeff Brazier

3323: Gordon V. Ackland

“I own a very small WISP, and i have followed you for years. This country needs a man like you to take control.”
3324: Name not displayed

3325: Name not displayed

3326: Name not displayed

“If u run, I'll donate 2000 more dollars.

Less FTC. Less IRS. Less big government.”

3327: Drew

3328: William Francis

“You have my support!”
3329: Dusty berke

3330: Charles Catalfio

“One more time, Ron Paul!”
3331: David McElroy

3332: Susan Stavis


we are all behind you..lets bring back the america we once new…….we need your help!”



3335: Name not displayed

“Shut down the Fed! Stop the corruption!”
3336: Matthew Anderson

3337: Ryan Davies

3338: Name not displayed

3339: Billy Pettijohn

3340: Ken Heiden

3341: Houston C Kilgore

“I can only imagine how tough it will be. But you are the Best!”
3342: Jennifer Pantermuehl

3343: John Corie

“go, Ron, go!”
3344: paul dillard

“If Ron Paul does run, I will end up being apolitical for life”
3345: Immad Eltaieb

3346: Juan Mary Walston


“We need more open minded people like Ron Paul in the government.”
3348: Eleanore Dunn

3349: Matt Ellenberger

3350: Peter Linn

3351: Richard Paul

“I would vote for Dr. No!”
3352: John S.

3353: G Roberts

“please run!”
3354: Mike

“Lets do this Ron!”
3355: Christian Fanelli

3356: Robert Cox

3357: Charles Biggerstaff

3358: Name not displayed

“Both the democrats and the republicans take turns ruining our country. It's time for a third party to take charge. I don't think the government should continue to grow at a lightning pace along with our national debt. Ron Paul should be our next president.”
3359: Name not displayed

3360: Eric Edge

“Come on Ron We all need you!!”
3361: marc milman

“Mr. Paul, please give consideration to running for President. We need you.”
3362: David Day

3363: Madeline Tavani

“You are what this Country needs. You are the answer the People need and have been looking for!”
3364: Jim Pope

3365: abby armstrong

“Let's get back to the Constitution!”
3366: Brant Fitzsimmons

3367: Christopher Gioeli

3368: Gary Wahoff

“Ron Paul was my write in.”
3369: Christopher Reichert

“Dr. Paul, your country needs you more than ever. You are are a radiant beacon of hope among a very dark group of individuals. You have my spiritual, political and financial support! May God bless us with your leadership and the freedom restored by your lifetime of effort to do what is right.”
3370: Hollan Holmes

“With you as president & Ventura or Judge Andrew Napolitano as V.P. America has hope.

With Obama we've got "nope"

"truth is treason in the empire of lies"

Rock on Ron!”

3371: Kirk L Hemelberg

“You will have a voice in West Virginia Dr. Paul. I will do all I can to make your revolution happen. Thank you so much for all you do and for consistently staying true to the principles of a free society.”
3372: Wendi Farmer

“We need you Dr. Paul, it's time to take control and your the only man that I can see is the right man for the job. This country needs you. Please run for the presidency of the United States in 2012. What a great moment that would be, I can feel it now. The inauguration of Dr. Paul, music to many ears. Dr Paul a great man indeed.”
3373: Carmen

3374: Name not displayed

“World-wide support for a TRUE American!”
3375: Fred Page

“Go Ron Go!”
3376: Michael Friend

“We need an honest candidate with a vision and true passion for change, Dr Ron Paul is the only true peoples choice”
3377: Milton J Peralta

3378: Jerry Lanier Jr.

3379: Elizabeth A. Berra

“Government for the people….”
3380: Alberta Trafficante

3381: Timothy W. Collins

3382: Ethan Beauregard

“The debt and the budget must be dealt with and Ron looks like the only one out there willing to fix both. Trouble is, I see a lot of spineless pols (won't even read the whole Constitution) so we need to send more than Ron Paul to Washington.”
3383: W M Ditzhazy

3384: Bill Sabin

“We Need Ron Paul !”
3385: Rhonda Hicken

“Go Ron Paul!!! Go!!! We need you!!!”
3386: Sergey Vartanov

“Ron Paul, is the major voice in Questioning the wisdom of the Fed. Bernanke's inflationary policy during the last 3 years, created Industrial and Retail consolidation causing millions of Americans to lose their jobs and stimulated more foreclosure, triggering more home deflation.

We need some retail and fuel price deflation and home values to go up. Bernanke got it backwords, by draining the liquidity out of Main Street borrowers.”

3387: David M. Adams

“Feed the revolution of a free humanity!”
3388: Chris Strong

3389: Name not displayed

“We need an option. Both parties are for endless war, increasing debt and spending.”
3390: Name not displayed

3391: Keith Linn

3392: Timothy R. Scott

“Our country is in trouble. We need your leadership.”
3393: Michael Bowen

“Let's do this…”
3394: Robert Jansen

“we need you”
3395: mark sedar

“We need you, Dr. Paul!!!!”
3396: Alison Morrow

3397: Name not displayed

3398: David R. Kinnard

“Help us save America !!!!

Go Ron Paul !!!!”

3399: Todd Fairbanks

“Ron Paul is brilliant!”
3400: Jolene R. Brown

“I emailed my Congressman and told him, "when wondering a correct vote, do as Ron Paul does!"”
3401: Edward Ashby

3402: Name not displayed

3403: Name not displayed

“You are the type of true conservative we need. Please pledge to the American peopl that you have not given up the good fight.”
3404: William Smith

“If not you, then Rand, with you as VP. Anything but another robot like what we have now!”
3405: Name not displayed

3406: James Gilland

3407: Jonathan Mezzadri

“You seem to be the only one that knows what is going on!”
3408: Donna Bracey

3409: Cathy Hickok

3410: Gage Love

“Ron Paul please never stop!You are my hero!!”
3411: jose

“Dear Dr Paul,

If you can get rid of the IRS and clean up or eliminate the Federal Reserve, you've got my vote. The actions of the IRS or Fed towards citizens of the United States would be considered terroristic if they weren't part of the US government.

Thank you!”

3412: Name not displayed

3413: R. Wesley Mason

3414: Peter J Morrey

“i wish win ron paul change need it”
3415: victor hernandez

“Ron Paul - is a must or the one world evil govt will move in and we will never get out of it. RON PAUL IS OUR LAST POLITICAL CHANCE TO FIX THIS DAMN MESS >>> Anyone that doesnt vote or support his is either 1.Stupid 2. manipulated 3. Racist (goes more than one way) OR 4.OUR ENEMY!!!

Its about our rights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

3416: Chris E

“Your country needs you!”
3417: Name not displayed

3418: Owen McNally

“Ron Paul is one of a handfull of honest politicians in the district of corruption. We desperately need the leadership of an honest, pro-Constitution, pro-free market, pro-American after we suffer through islamobama and his band of communist thugs.”
3419: Gary Cody

“you must form a very wide coalition of all tea party members. Also start at the local precinct level where candidates are rigged”
3420: Name not displayed

“God Bless America. We, the people, are behind you Dr. Paul.”
3421: Name not displayed

3422: Heather Allen

“We need someone with an economic understanding and not beholden to engrained interests.”
3423: Tim Smith

“Run & Win!”
3424: Pete Micken

3425: Kim Invergo

3426: Jason nance

3427: Name not displayed

“We need (but have not had for a while) leadership with clear, honest and transparent intentions. Ron Paul is our best possible option.”
3428: Greg Grosser

3429: Scott Montgomery

“Please help America.


3430: Jeff pyatt


3432: Name not displayed

3433: Teresa

“Outstanding! You should be credited with getting the Tea Party going! Mr. Paul, you are what we need and want! Thank you for everything you have done for all of us! We are behind you 100%! Thank you!”
3434: Name not displayed

“Help us regain our country and its freedoms! Audit the Fed!!!”
3435: Bonnie J. Stewart

3436: Terry Ferguson

“Please run for president Dr. Paul Please Please the country needs you!”
3437: John Car

“The Constitution — Nothing More. Nothing Less. Nothing Else.”
3438: Aaron Ferguson

“We need you more than ever”
3439: Brian Kelly

“Thoughts, support, and prayers are with you!

VICTORY IN 2012!!”

3440: Frank Hinchman

3441: Name not displayed

3442: Ben Logan

3443: Name not displayed

“CHANGE; not just rhetoric”
3444: Name not displayed

“Go for it Dr. Paul. Remember though , there are some very dark forces worldwide that would do anything to stop you from winning. Be very careful!”
3445: Name not displayed

“watch your back”
3446: donald r. lowery

3447: Name not displayed

3448: Paul Stevenson

“the fact that Dr. Paul has defeated Mitt Romney in the CPAC, and won other CPAC Straw Polls, but the media STILL won't even discuss this man or his ideas is more than enough evidence to show that the establishment is frightened of the Liberty Movement because it reduces their power over us. Please run for President.”
3449: Richard ANATONE

“I'm not sure in the history of the United States that we've seen a moment in the history as important as is this next presidential election. We're at a turning point. Senator Ron Paul brings to the table not only his experience as a politician but also a practical approach to problem solving which in today's world has apparantly become a rare quality. Even if he doesn't actually win the election itself … his views add tremendous value to the dialog and conversation that is the election process. I would love it though if he won and became "My President".”
3450: Scott Christian Pulver

3451: Name not displayed

“Att: Dr. Paul

Thank you for your continued patriotism, dedication and for inspiring Americans such as myself to keep up the fight for independence, freedom, and liberty. The Constitution will never be outdated in my book; it is a sacred testament to American history and our progress as a nation.”

3452: Chelsea Sobolewski

3453: Jared allen

3454: P.D. Oliveira

“Pretty pretty please run for President Dr. Paul! We love you!”
3455: Rhett Heeb

3456: Wilfed Broussard Jr

“America needs leaders like you! Run Ron, run!”
3457: Toni Covello

3458: Name not displayed

“This country needs an honest man for President. Dr. Paul, you are the only one who can and will move us forward in the right direction.”
3459: richard sauer

“America is Freedoms last hope… Ron Paul may be America's last hope.”
3460: HardRock

“It'll be my first time voting in a Presidential race. I'd love to see Dr. Paul on the list!”
3461: Brandon Wolfe

“Please debate with a commanding presence.”
3462: Paul Schnake

3463: Name not displayed

3464: Ray Stratton

“America needs a real leader. There is no better choice. He said he'd run if there was a financial crisis. Unfortunately, I believe that's coming. End the Fed, the wars, and return to sound money starting with H.R. 4248 and phase out the Fed. Ron Paul is my only hope for America. I only fear he may end up like the last real president we had - - JFK. God bless and protect Ron Paul.”
3465: John Maglinte

3466: Name not displayed

“Hope for America!”
3467: Heather Glenn

3468: Name not displayed

3469: Name not displayed

3470: Name not displayed

“We can't miss this opportunity!”
3471: Evan Comeaux

“I am with you Ron.”
3472: Robert C Ardizzoni

3473: Fred S Brown

“A Christian who knows the Constitution.”
3474: Michael W Schleter

3475: Dick Ross

3476: Janet O\'Connor

3477: Greg machala

“The only revolutionist out there right now! By far!”
3478: Evan Doukas

3479: |Rick Hoffman

“Revive Our Constitution!!! END THE FED!!! If you don't run I'll Write you in!!!!”
3480: Tony Tedder

3481: Ashley Falvey

“No turning back!”
3482: Marshall DeRosa

“We I really need you to run in 2012. Even tho most people are'nt smart enough to know what we need in a president, there are a select few of us who do. Me and my family are supporting you. Please help get this country back on track by running in 2012.”
3483: kevin rodgers

“You have our support…Run Ron, Run….


D A L L A S”

3484: Dallas Williams

3485: Timothy Brownlee

3486: shon wall

“Please run for president!!! Please.”
3487: Name not displayed

“No one would make as good a president as you!”
3488: Judy Nelson

3489: Richard sandoval

3490: Gordon Edward

3491: K. Bower

“we know what were up against but lets do're the only hope for a true republic of america.get rid of the fed!”
3492: Name not displayed

“Let's turn back the tyranny!”
3493: Brian Cooper

“I voted for Obama but if you run this time Ron, you have my vote!!!!! We need you!”
3494: David Santucci

“Run Ron Run”
3495: Name not displayed

3496: Name not displayed

“We Need You!”
3497: Robin Parker

3498: Olati Odahcam

“Ron Paul: Change we can believe in….really.”
3499: Name not displayed

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

George Washington”

3500: Daniel J Stoll

“Please run for President!!”
3501: Carl Perrone

3502: Allen Suslow

3503: Name not displayed

“I understand both sides of this question. My question is: If not Ron, WHO?”
3504: Donald Ekhoff

3505: Ryan Paradis

“America needs a leader like you at the helm.”
3506: Joshua Dalgarn

“I want to move this country back to limited constitutional republic; I want the government to strictly follow the Constitution.”
3507: Wayne Kirkpatrick

3508: brett

“Let's take back our country!”
3509: David L

“Keep the revolution alive !!”
3510: Eric Paradis

3511: Joseph Garruba

“More people are waking up to the current crises that exists. Please run for President, you're our only hope.”
3512: Ryan Cleniuk

“Run or not, win or lose… Dr. Paul, you have already taught America what real freedom means and you are a shining beacon for those of us seeking a lost ideal.”
3513: Jonas Oblouk

“End The Fed!!!!!!!!”
3514: Dave Boggs

3515: Leeann Greer

“You're the only person in Washington who can affect "true change" and I strongly encourage you run for President, restore our liberties, and return us to a currency backed by gold and silver.”
3516: John Carman

“You got my support and a constant nag to my friends and family to vote for you.”
3517: Nic Anderson

“I really don't think there will be an election in 2012 the way things are turning out lately”
3518: Name not displayed

“You will at least inch a bit closer to the goal in another run and wake up more to the need of the revolution.”
3519: Gerald Fuller

3520: patricia riolo

3521: Name not displayed

“Please run”
3522: Name not displayed

3523: Albert Stern

“Definitely support Ron Paul for President.”
3524: Juscelino M. Acevedo

“please help us take our country back!”
3525: Patti

“If you run I will send your campaign some money.”
3526: mack mcleod

“We need your face of Liberty shining throughout America. We NEED your example to lead this nation back to its roots. Please run for presidency. Dr. Paul you represent an America I've not gotten to experience. I hope and pray 2012 brings about the prosperity of freedom throughout this once great land. You are one of few who have the heart to promote our inalienable rights and a government that is fiscally responsible and Constitutionally compliant.”
3527: Kristin Arntzen

“It would be nice to see a change in the government”
3528: Nikku Sarinasu

3529: john riolo

“Together Dr. Paul, we can change America!”
3530: Daniel Sisneros

3531: Joshua Keenan

“My greatest hope for this nation is to have Ron Paul for president. I will give whatever it takes to help him win in 2012. RH”
3532: Ryan D Hoskin

3533: Name not displayed

3534: Name not displayed

3535: charles f schaffstall

“run you are the only one that understands liberty the constitution and sound money”
3536: greg meyer

3537: Peter McGinley

3538: Jennifer Howard

3539: JP Samson

3540: Schuyler Pryor


“You are an inspiration to me sir and all who desire a return to liberty in our lifetime. Thank you.”
3542: Jeff Cash

3543: Tomas Borkowski

“You are our only real hope.”
3544: keith thomason

3545: Name not displayed

“America needs a real American working for Americans”
3546: J-F Houle

“Please do not put me on a list.”
3547: Name not displayed

3548: Name not displayed

3549: Name not displayed

“Offer citizenship to illegals (if they want it)who would pick up arms against the drug cartels under US training.”
3550: Walt Milem

3551: Cynthia Johnson

“You are amazing.”
3552: Margot Morris

3553: Jeffrey Brewington Jr

3554: Cameron Groen

“We need you Ron!”
3555: Peter Tauch

3556: Susan Clardy

3557: Carol Rung

3558: Jon

3559: Dan Meier

3560: Jon Farmer

“Ron Paul we need you……Take over and fix the MESSSSS!!!!!!”
3561: Name not displayed

3562: Michael Crain

“just dont go tbagger on us.”
3563: Name not displayed

3564: Name not displayed

“I will go to bat in my area for Ron Paul!!! RP 2012!!!”
3565: Darcy Bristol

3566: Vance Cummings

3567: Gregg

3568: Name not displayed

3569: tania vangeli

3570: Ryan McCormick

“Vote for RON!”
3571: Dustin

“Dr. Ron Paul, Our constitutional rights are being besieged, right in front of Our eyes, like We've never imagined. The time is ripe for authentic ministers of The Constitution to reinstitute the precepts that Our Founding Fathers subscribed to, ergo restoring the Constitutional Republic that We were intended to be, & saving Our Great Nation from perilous decline.”
3572: Dr. Christian Palma, DPT

3573: Name not displayed

“Please stay focaused on what we the people need now! Energy relief(DRILL DRILL DRILL, jobs, the health plan unfunded then disolved, border security espicially the state of AZ. 2012 you have my vote.”
3574: Name not displayed

3575: Mark Engelen

3576: Name not displayed

“You truly are America's last hope. PLEASE run for PRESIDENT.”
3577: Name not displayed

3578: james k. dolan

“Ron Paul is America's last hope.”
3579: Alex Lakovetsky

3580: James Gortner

3581: Scott Zinzer

“Please seriously consider a run for the presidency in 2012.”
3582: Linda Swain

3583: Name not displayed

“i voted for paul / marrou ticket in 1988 and i would sure love to be able to vote paul / venturi ticket in 2912″
3584: fred hague iii

3585: bridget omara

3586: Neal Bannister

“We need a patriot like you as president to halt the socialism that is destroying our country.”
3587: Name not displayed

“Congressman Paul. Please watch that devil, Ben Bernanke. He thinks he is so smart that he can finesse the economy and replace sound monetary management. He will destroy us even before Barack Obama.”
3588: Steve Fontaine

3589: Rick Ulrich

“Vote Ron Paul to restore America to its former status as a nation of freedom, wealth and independence.”
3590: Name not displayed

“The Austrians need you. Please run.”
3591: L. Carlos Lara

“There is no one I would rather have as my president than you Mr. Paul”
3592: Danny Black

“Please repeal The Federal Reserve Act, and Title 26. Please issue an Executive Order (similar to what JFK did) to help return us to sound money.”
3593: Chris Sianis

“I believe the Paul's can help change this country!”
3594: E Ann Dion

3595: Phillip Randazzo

“DO it!”
3596: Name not displayed

3597: Name not displayed

“The time is now!! People are becoming more aware of the importance of having a patriot that adheres to the principles of the constitution, in office. I have been a supporter since 2008. I will do whatever is needed to get the word out.”
3598: Justin Bristol

3599: Paul Matsumoto

“They finally at least read the constitution in congress, now we need someone to make them govern by it.”
3600: Vincent J Morgillo

3601: Andrew Dubas

“Ron, Our country needs you!!!!!!”
3602: Elaine Havens

“We need you, Mr. President.”
3603: Todd Ballard

3604: Name not displayed

“run ron run”
3605: ralph miele

“Dr. Paul, you have awakened way too many people to stop now….”
3606: Dale Overstreet

“I will never vote for a democrat and Ron Paul is probably the only republican I would vote for… And with today's voters he's the only republican who has a chance to win.”
3607: Adney, casey

“We are praying for you! Make it happen Ron Paul!”
3608: Allison Ballard

3609: Bonnie Marling

3610: adam famulary

3611: brian carinder

“I pray that Ron Paul will run for President in 2012. We need a REAL President who will truly represent the people and not another puppet for the Banking cartel and Wall Street. Ron Paul is America’s last hope for monetary reform along with bringing America back to what our founding forefather’s intended. A nation for the people, run by the people and represented by individuals whose concerns are for our nation and its citizens. America must stop trying to police the entire world, it simply cannot be done and we will fail as well as bankrupting our entire nation in trying to do so.”
3612: Nicholas Halverson

3613: Radu Petroianu

3614: Lora Albachten

“I know lots of my friends and family here in Alaska that want you to run.”
3615: Gregory Parret

3616: Tyler Zink


Buy gold and silver….”

3617: Richard Morgan

“Run PAul run”
3618: Steven fandrei

3619: Rob Shepherd

“The Spirit of America needs a leader!!!”
3620: Tom Hamilton

3621: Todd Jeppesen

“Run, Ron, Run!”
3622: Holly Herriott-McEvoy

“Dr. Paul, your integrity and your expertise in the matters of America is totally what our country needs in these uncertain times. 2012 could possibly be the greatest opportunity for the kind of change we need in America, with you as our President. Thank you for all your hard work and your unwavering ideals for a strong, independent and freedom loving America.”
3623: F Nettles

“Go for it, Doctor! We need you.”
3624: L.H. Palletti

“If not Ron Paul, then who I ask?”
3625: Ken Cooper

“Ron Paul 2012″
3626: Name not displayed

“Our last Great Chance to save this Country.”
3627: michael smathers

“Ron Paul is my President!!”
3628: Dustin Smith

3629: Name not displayed

3630: Mike

“Dr. Paul, I will campaign for you everyday of the week. Our country needs a true American Patriot.”
3631: Mike Messink

3632: Name not displayed

“Let us help Ron Paul overcome the establishment and get in as president!”
3633: Sean Koopmans

3634: Hilary Palmer

“Ron Paul a True Statesman.”
3635: Katherine Cottrell

3636: David McMaster

3637: Name not displayed

“Let's talk about the Fed! =)”
3638: Christopher M. Henderson

“We need you! As a paralegal student, I clearly see how far we have strayed.”
3639: Gypsy Brokenwings

3640: will mccutcheon

“Although your party will NOT let you have any stage time just like in '08, you've got my vote AGAIN Ron!”
3641: Jim B

“Go Paul!”
3642: Mike Wallace

“You are our only hope!”
3643: Corey Shaw

3644: Collin Combs

“You got our vote.”
3645: Shellie Evans

“We need someone who is interested in acting in support of the people of this great country.”
3646: Bill Mullen

3647: Tim Estep

“I will never repeat the mistakes of the 2008 election. I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. I will only vote for liberty and integrity from here on out. And Ron Paul is the only one that will get my vote in 2012.”
3648: Antonio Buehler

“Absolutely, Go for it!!!”
3649: John S Sefton

3650: Patsy letten

3651: Carl D Lang

3652: Name not displayed

3653: Nick Smith

3654: Brian Robinson

3655: Name not displayed

“Now more than ever, America needs Ron Paul and his common sense!!”
3656: Cynthia Johnson

3657: Varun

“Ron …I voted for you even when you were not on the ballot …I wrote you in …then I called the lady responsible for puting the names on the ballot and let her know how I felt about it!!”
3658: Greg Balensiefer

3659: Name not displayed

3660: Zachary Basler

“Only a true statesman can turn America around. I have seen your leadership on bringing the Federal Reserve under more scrutiny. Can we count on you now Mr. Paul to help right the ship of state?”
3661: Name not displayed

3662: Name not displayed

3663: Clayton Sheets

3664: Bill McDonald

3665: Christopher Burkland

“Let us hope the principles of Dr. Ron Paul can be utilized with him as President of the United States.”
3666: Michael Mattingly

3667: fred chu

3668: Name not displayed

3669: David Childers

“I'm ready to pledge my life and fortune for the U.S. Constutional government.”
3670: David A Long

“lets force a change here Ron”
3671: Name not displayed

3672: Name not displayed

3673: Devlon Duree

“It's a lot to ask, but we need your resoluteness!”
3674: Brad Wise

3675: Ray Sells

“Bring the Austrian perspective to the white house!”
3676: Robert Zalanka

“Dr. Paul,

The country needs you now!”

3677: Warren Blair

“I would consider voting if you were allowed a chance in the finals”
3678: Scott

“When money is debt, it is time to End the FED”
3679: Bruce L. Davies

“We're ready to work even harder this time Dr Paul!”
3680: Nicole Quinn

3681: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul or bust!”
3682: Joshua Vallejos

3683: Lawrence Potter

“The rest of the world needs you at the helm every bit as America Dr. Paul!”
3684: ross hassett

“You are my voice of reason, the hope for my future, the hope for my child's future, the hope for freedom, and the reason I care about politics.

Because of you I have a new faith in the world and a inspired outlook despite undesirable scenarios. You speak the truth without worry of judgment.

You are already my president. I learn from you, I trust you, I respect you, and I am thankful for you. Even though I do not see you wining due to the special interests, you prolong "our" America just a little longer. We can not do this with out you. You are our republic.

This is not just about you being president, this is about you continuing to stand up for our constitution the way only you can. Your presidential run will give the publicity that is needed now more than ever to the issues that our destroying our great nation.

I have so much to thank you for as you give me and my daughter the best role model we have ever seen in our lifetime's. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for obeying your oath. Thank you for your morals. Thank you not selling out. Thank you for believing in our founding fathers. Thank you for addressing the real issues that others chose to overlook.

My promise to you is that run for president, I will put myself 100 percent into supporting you. I will round up every moment of my time, every person I can recruit and we will have a Ron Paul Revolution! God Bless you for all you have done and for all that you do!”

3685: Summer Lightner

3686: Rob Franklin

“These are exciting times!! We all hope you run Mr. Paul.”
3687: Kevin Chenault

“Ron Paul, Please run for POTUS in 2012!”
3688: Name not displayed

3689: Name not displayed

3690: Dan Stanglein

3691: Name not displayed

“If you want real change vote Ron Paul”
3692: Fredrick s. Moriguchi

3693: Keith Exel

“We need someone who really understands and stands by the constitution.”
3694: Rasul Davis

“Ron Paul is the only current politician I'll go out of my way to support. Coincidentally, he's also the only politician I know who appears to believe that power isn't best in the hands of the governing elite.”
3695: Krister Anderson

3696: Name not displayed

“Go Ron. Though I don't always agree with you, I now accept the belief that the only way to get half of what I want is to vote for you and forgo our differences. The things we agree on are in my opinion, vital to our remaining strong.”
3697: Scott Barbour

“We need you , Mr. Paul.”
3698: Harold Baker

“A time has com”
3699: Caesar Alarcon

“We need someone who will represent the people rather than the corporations.”
3700: Name not displayed

3701: Name not displayed

“Sign waving and internet voting won't elect Ron Paul. If you want him to run, please help by contacting VOTERS about him.”
3702: Name not displayed

“If you decide to run Dr. Paul, I've got my support. God speed.”
3703: Donald Barsell

“Ron Paul! For Liberty!”
3704: Michael Weststyen

3705: Frances Gettys

“Be there for us, and we will help you!”
3706: Eugene

“America needs a doctor! We are ready to throw our collective resources behind you Dr. Paul!”
3707: Evan Brander-McCaffrey

3708: Coleen Sears

“Sir, The Republic needs you more than ever! Please take the reins!”
3709: Dan Leonard

“Ron Paul for President 2012. America's only Hope.”
3710: Marcus Vee Hinder

“We need real leadership. Please run.”
3711: Steven M. Ashmore, Ph.D.

3712: Todd Chapman

“Ron Paul 2012 - End the Fed!”
3713: Ricardo R. Barron

“I beg of you sir, common sense and fiscal responsibility have become an illusion and the Constitution loving public need you to stand…NOW!

I am willing to assist you in any and all ways you deem necessary to accomplish this goal!!!”

3714: Name not displayed

3715: Princebena

“Alex Jones as your Vice President!!!”
3716: Jeremy Sachs

“It's sad we forgot what our fore fathers learned”
3717: Kujawa

“We need someone to make the government accountable for their actions. Please be the voice that the people have had quieted for to long.”
3718: Cynthia Seitz

“I feel this is our last opportunity to reclaim our country. RonPaul 2011″
3719: Bradley H. Ballinger

“Dr. Paul, I urge you to run for president in 2012 to restore the Republic.”
3720: Adam Marks


“\If you run, it will be the first time I will ever be willing to donate my own time and money to a campaign. We need your help and brilliant insight to save our country from those who have been at the helm for too long, and have brought our country to the verge of collapse.”
3722: Belinda Miller

3723: Jonathan A. Mitchell

“End reckless spending and save lives as only you can.”
3724: G. Davis

“End the FED”
3725: James R Palmer

“The country needs you.”
3726: Kevin Gregory

“Let's get the US back!!”
3727: Jeff & Debbie Mann

3728: Name not displayed

“we need honorable, trustworthy men in government therefor I sign for Ron Paul”
3729: Joan Lagasi

3730: Name not displayed

3731: Melonie Jorgensen

3732: David Watson

3733: brian evans

3734: Matt Cornejo

“Liberty, liberty, liberty!”
3735: Humberto Fumagalli

“Paul 2012.”
3736: J pear

3737: Henry Paul Pierce

3738: Name not displayed

“Good men should stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against teranny”
3739: Name not displayed

3740: Patricia McDaniel

3741: Don Fowlerc

“Run Paul!!! You America's e”
3742: Lee E Levenson Jr

3743: dale f. bossons

“America needs you now!!”
3744: Douglas Austin

3745: matt muller

“It would be wonderful to see integrity in the Whitehouse for a change. Long over due!”
3746: Cindi Robinson

3747: Janet Brown

“we need an honest president that can restore the USA”
3748: R D Jennings

“get us back on track andkreign in the gov. spending good luck in 2012″
3749: Name not displayed

3750: Jason

“Please run Dear Ron,America and real Americans are need you!Please!!!!”
3751: Nicolet Nelson

3752: John Chimbor

3753: Name not displayed

“Dr. Ron Paul, we need you!”
3754: Paul Strelski

3755: Name not displayed

“America needs you now more than ever!”
3756: Kim Shaffer

3757: Robert Callahan

“Ron, we need you.”
3758: Mike Prettyman

3759: Name not displayed

“do away with the federal reserve”
3760: jerry christen

“we need you now Ron, The constitution needs you”
3761: Damien A. Chakwin

“So when's the next revolution March?!”
3762: Dale Goodwin

3763: Frank Champ

“I really hope he runs, however for me it doesn't really matter. I wrote him in last time and I'll write him in again. He's the only vote I've cast I felt proud of. Grab the Judge as VP and let's get this thing started!”
3764: Chris New


Please run. Help us straighten the most corrupt government in the world.”

3765: Steve

3766: Trey Hampton

“We need you to save this country from the filth that run it from behind the scenes. I'm afraid no one else has what it takes. Please do not let us down you are all we have.”
3767: Chris


“even if you don't win, it gets your name out there, which is what you ultimately need”
3769: Christian Fairchild

“Our grandkids need a future free from social democracy.”
3770: Chris Camp

3771: John M. Theriot

“Ron Paul will tear down that wall!”
3772: Tony Grese

“Dear Ron Paul,

You are the only viable person that I have any interest in voting for in 2012. You are truly the voice of reason in Washington D.C.. You have my vote and I promise to work for your election if you will just give it one more try. There has never been a better time to bring this country together than now!”

3773: Garry Wood

3774: tom pallotta

3775: Josh Hansen

3776: Name not displayed

“For the sake of preserving liberty and driving our country's return to prosperity, please consider the country's most influential position.”
3777: Name not displayed

3778: Ronald Keeton

3779: Steven Bowers

“I support Dr. Paul's view of constitutional and limited central government.”
3780: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, what ever you think about your chances of winning, your running will bring attention to the real issues: The republic, liberty, states rights, the fed, foreign "entanglements", etc.”
3781: Bill Butler

“We need to get our country back. We need you!”
3782: Name not displayed

“America needs you!”
3783: Name not displayed

3784: Raymond S Perez

3785: Buryl G.

“We need a true conservative!”
3786: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, we need you. YOU HAVE MY VOTE.”
3787: Dave Kosla

3788: Ron Bassett

“"We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution. "- Abe Lincoln”
3789: Michael D. Seymour

3790: Howard Brooks

“get it on !!!!!!!!!!”
3791: w.stover

3792: Justin Lee

“"Ron Paul 2012!"”
3793: Name not displayed

3794: David Dearie

3795: Jake Middaugh

“Ron Paul was right!”
3796: Robert H Eagar

“we're doomed without you!”
3797: tracy bondelier

“Go Ron Paul. Defend this nation and our freedom!”
3798: Joseph Priest

3799: Name not displayed

3800: Robert Hall

3801: Shane

“You may be our last hope. Ican see no one else I would consider voting for.”
3802: Name not displayed

3803: Chuck Palsa

3804: Chris Kjeldsen

3805: Dorothy Parker

3806: Margy Mullen

“Best wishes, whatever you decide.”
3807: Derek L. Wentz

3808: tomasz walma

“Start a new party.Republicans are not going to change.”
3809: Roger Wilson

“Dr. Paul, you are the man. Make us proud!”
3810: Lou

“The VOTES are waiting for you.

Bring our troops home, End the FED, restore Liberty and The US Constitution.”

3811: Newell May

“End the Fed!”
3812: Aaron Burhoe

3813: Damon Bean

“Ron Paul! You are a great human that loves freedom and the Constitution! I pray you run for president in 2012. If you choose to run I will be willing to join your campaign team and do anything I can to get people to know about you! Thank you for everything you do and being true to your word!”
3814: Patrick Watts

“Last time, I wrote you in! This time, I want to see your name on the ballot. Run for the republic!”

“Hell yes.”
3816: Name not displayed

3817: eric

“Audit the Fed”
3818: Joe Dwyer

3819: Name not displayed

“You have my Vote, America needs you.”
3820: Charles Lucas

“We need someone who can beat Palin in terms of grassroots enthusiasm”
3821: Matthew MacFarlane

3822: Name not displayed

3823: Steve Boyer

3824: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, your committee chairmanship can be taken away by the whims of the Republican House Leadership. If we the people install you as the President, only God or impeachment can take that office away from you. Please consider this.”
3825: Doug Burlison

“It looks like it's going to be Mr. Romney, but having your voice on that stage is refreshing.”
3826: Simon Pongratz

“Please run for President and save this country.”
3827: Nathan Charles Perry

3828: Name not displayed

“send the crooks and socialists home”
3829: Name not displayed

3830: Justin Johnson

3831: Jared

“Could you please get the "Whore of Babylon" (aka Statue of Liberty) away from and off of all Ron Paul Campaign Materials. It is not necessary for ANY religious symbols to be associated with Ron Paul (especially occult/illumnati symbols) and I really do not care if the lot of you agree or not that the "Whore of Babylon" symbol is an occult symbol - it certainly is (why do you think that Hollywood disaster films always show that wretched statue getting destroyed? So the ignorant will get emotional and offended that the "Whore" is destroyed - because they LOVE her). It's time to get real and come out of our DisneyLand Fantasy World. A Lot of people have awakened to the fact that evil abounds in America and there are sinister groups behind the evil. Ron Paul only needs to keep his banners simple and pleasing to the eye. Occult symbolism is Evil and he does not need evil in order to win the Presidency.”
3832: Laura Phares-Wilson

3833: Name not displayed

“Please, we need someone who BELIEVES in, and will uphold our constitution.”
3834: Ariel

“Let's get the revolution started”
3835: Name not displayed

“If you do declare I will be more than happy to give what I can to help finance your run for the presidency.”
3836: Richard Crana

“Dr. Paul, You are a becon of hope for Liberty

loving people in America. Please RUN.”

3837: Edward Goetz

3838: Name not displayed

“"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."-Benjamin Franklin, written shortly before Feb. 17, 1775, as part of his notes for a proposition at the Pennsylvania Assembly.”
3839: Wedge Plissken

“Make a difference.”
3840: Maxi kerr

3841: Name not displayed

“We need integrity”
3842: Connie Theoharis

“Go for it Dr. Paul! But, please run as Republican not independent. Don't want to repeat 1992 Perot fiasco.”
3843: Fred Michelsen

“I kind of like to see you run with Mike Huckabee!”
3844: Kyle Perry

“Please find the strength to stand. We need to combat global corruption.”
3845: Name not displayed

3846: Lynn Ranney Woolsey

“God help us if we can't get honest exemplary leaders like Ron Paul!!”
3847: Harry Thomas

“You have ALL of my support Mr. Paul!!!!”
3848: Christy Rogers

“Please run! I will campaign for you and I've never been willing to do that!”
3849: Name not displayed

“You can do it Ron!”
3850: Kurt Connelly

“A candidate worth voting for!”
3851: Ian Burke

“If not you Dr. Paul then who? This country needs someone who believes in the Constitution.”
3852: Lee Collins

3853: Name not displayed

“you have my continued support…”
3854: Yvonne Battaglia

3855: James Melo

3856: William Mitchell

“We need You Dr. Paul”
3857: Richard Rehm

3858: Sandi Williams

“God bless America, God Save the Republic!”
3859: G Jordan

“I'd like to see your wisdom brought to the White House Rep. Paul.”
3860: Tony Beck

3861: Name not displayed

“Run…..Run……Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
3862: Name not displayed

3863: Joshua Goines

3864: Anthony Spangler

3865: katheryne

“Hopefully, Mr Paul will take some of his valuable time to get to know and help Lt Col Allen West of Florida's 22nd District. Our country really needs patriots like you and Mr. West.”
3866: Bill Isom

3867: Brad Sydow

“Go get em Ron”
3868: Kenneth

3869: Eric Hutchison

“In Liberty”
3870: David Demoise

“As a candidate you will get more face time and air time to spread your message. The rest of the country needs to hear your message.”
3871: Irwin Tyler

3872: Douglas Stroh

“Ron Paul will restore the Constitutional Republic that this nation was originally founded on. Through his wise counsel, we can restore justice, renew a gold backed currency, and take the right steps towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
3873: Robert Anthony Coleman

3874: Name not displayed

“Let Freedom Reign.”
3875: Blake Donovan

3876: Beata Koc

“All the way! Before it's too late!”
3877: Name not displayed

“please help”

3879: John Matheson

“Libertarian Hope for all”
3880: Louis Barta

“you rule bro.”
3881: Devin Licastro

3882: Nada Abuelenin

“I look forward to Ron explaining how he intends to encourage a free market in the face of the myriad abuses that arise in the wake of deregulation”
3883: Kevin Yamaguchi

3884: Name not displayed

3885: Danielle

“Thank you for your service to our Country. Your leadership is appreciated.”
3886: Jane L Murvin

3887: Tim Nolan

3888: Adrian Bernal

3889: Chris Tobolka

3890: Name not displayed

3891: John Clark

“We need change,but it should be more than a

dime,nickel and a penny”

3892: Name not displayed

“go for it …!!! I still have the 2008 poster in my yard”
3893: Nick Altebrando

3894: J. M.

“Mr. Ron Paul you are the one to take this country in a new direction - away from the elite and towards the American people.”
3895: Robert Silva

“I am from Ireland and been following Ron Paul for 3 years. He is the only person for the job. What is good for America is good for the world!”
3896: Paul

3897: Sarah Vick

“please run for president.”
3898: Vincent O\'Rourke

“Help U.S.! Help Ourselves! Vote Ron Paul 2012!”
3899: Carrie Lynn Osgood-Millsap

3900: Joseph Mecca

“Let us pursue liberty together.”
3901: Name not displayed

3902: Name not displayed

“2nd amendment.”
3903: alex lega

3904: Ryan Rudishauser

“I support Ron Paul and think he would be an excellent candidate for President in 2012.”
3905: Suzi Lorraine

3906: Rachel Rudishauser

“The rest of the world needs to see the hope that Ron Paul could bring to America and the world.”
3907: Name not displayed

“You got my vote! Let's take our country back!”
3908: Jason Duncan

“As what is left of our country is slowly dying and being dismantled, just look at it this way, if you don't, then God help us… WHO CAN AND WHO WILL?”
3909: Chris Palombi

“Let's continue this revolution.”
3910: Tom Lamy

3911: Name not displayed

3912: Sara Hastings

3913: B.J. Maxwell

3914: Wallace Lambert

3915: James Hastings

“Dr. Paul,

You are the only possible candidate that I would vote for this next election for President of the United States; otherwise why vote at all anymore? You must run, Sir!”

3916: Ed C Sullivan

3917: Josh Moresi

“I admire Dr. Paul's fiscal conservatism. Iwant to see our troops come home and let's take care of America for a change. I want to see the feds audited!”
3918: Mona Gore

“I am new to understanding Ron Paul. I will be a first time voter for him!!!!”
3919: Robin Maddalone

“You have my full support.”
3920: Name not displayed

3921: Name not displayed

3922: Bryan Gomez

3923: Tony Stone

3924: Christopher Priest

“If the media lets him be an active participant!”
3925: Nancy Hawks

3926: Rick Thelen

“Give it your best shot”
3927: Name not displayed

“Run Paul RUN!!!!!!!”
3928: Roy Lamb

3929: Kathy Hopper

3930: Kenneth Fernandes

“I'm from Spain, a country devastated by several years of socialist government and a mild opposition. United States must lead the global economic recovery, and Ron Paul is one of the few man able to lead the USA and the whole world out of this huge mess.”
3931: Alberto González

3932: Jesse Ross

“I had all but given up on Washington until I heard Dr. Paul speak. My vote is with you Dr. Paul!”
3933: Joseph Ruiz

“Mr. Paul would you please lead America out of the mess that the last 8 Presidents have lead America and Americans into…. YOU know you are the man to do it… and most americans know this also…. dont let us (americans) fool ourselves again…….. Ron is the one and only that will lead us out of this nightmare….. God bless Ron and his son Rand…..”
3934: David Hall

3935: Harry K. Withearl

“Please run….”
3936: brian rowland

3937: Drew

3938: Phillip M. McKinney

3939: Name not displayed

3940: Brad Lee Bauer

3941: Jonathan Tobe

3942: Feza K. Yusufzai

3943: Name not displayed

“America needs a voice of reason. If Ron Paul decides he's not up to running, let's all hope he knows of someone else who stands for his (and our) ideals.”
3944: Name not displayed

“We need someone who really gives a damn about OUR country and not just votes!!!”
3945: Michael L. McNeely

3946: Name not displayed

“Run Ron Run”
3947: cynthia dunham

“Don't let us down Ron!”
3948: Ryan

“May God be with you and may you turn America in what it was before.! Love from all American People in Germany!”
3949: Mark James Ellis

“For Liberty! The Revolution continues!”
3950: Brent Fronczak

3951: Angela Minyard

“You are the only candidate who understands the root cause of our problems. You've repeated it so many times you'd think some of the others would catch on by now, but NOOOO … we need you more than ever Sir.”
3952: Jeffrey Crawford

3953: Rand Eastwood

“I will gladly shout your name for presidency again!”
3954: Norman L. Shafer

“Chuck Baldwin would be an excellent running mate come on we need real men of honor in the White House.”
3955: Jason Hilbert

3956: Name not displayed

“ron paul american hero !”
3957: curtis robinson

“A man who understands the meaning of freedom and justice for all”
3958: Name not displayed

“Never wanted to send a petition as much as this one! Go Ron!”
3959: Phyllis Wilson

3960: steven martinez

3961: Dave Smith

“DO it for LIBERTY”
3962: Name not displayed

“We desperately need someone with a common sense way of thinking and a strong belief in the Constitution.”
3963: Richard C. Grace

“Dr. Paul, every morning I look myself in the mirror and ask myself this question: "If not you, than who?" So now I'm asking you regarding another run for president in 2012; liberty and freedom from tyranny: "If not you, than who?"

The one and only bumper sticker I display on my car states: "Truth is treason in the empire of lies. -Ron Paul" The republic is calling you, Dr. Paul. Will you answer her or turn away?”

3964: Steve Baysinger

“vote yes for Dr. No!”
3965: christopher baiamonte

3966: Laurann Pluta

3967: Ruth Fauss

“I need Ron Paul so I can return to a Value adding concept in my neighborhood. It has been overrun with Illegals and the properties have been decimated. I live in Denver Colorado. In a neighborhood called ValVerde (green valley).”
3968: Dave Meyer

3969: Kane Scipioni

3970: Name not displayed

3971: Patrick Williams

“Keep up the great work Dr Paul we are behind you.”
3972: Name not displayed

“It took me a while to figure out who and what you are about. Now that I know I hope you are there for me to vote for you.”
3973: Craig Fee

3974: Thomas J. Strait

3975: Hunter Laws

3976: Derek Baer

3977: Brian Shafer

“Please Run in 2012!”
3978: Name not displayed

“You're the only one that can get us out of this mess Dr. Paul!!”
3979: Luke D

3980: Name not displayed

“Go Ron Go!”
3981: Ray

“We can't go another 4 years with a Neo-Con or a Democrat, please run!”
3982: Jeff Saturday

“We need a "decent" politician to run, let alone get elected. NOW IS THE TIME!”
3983: C.E. Surman

3984: Barbara Panzer

3985: James Berg

“Out of the people who ran for president last time, Ron Paul is the only one that seemed to think on his own (didn't just go for what is popular). I don't know who else will be running in 2012, but Ron Paul should be there.”
3986: Name not displayed

3987: David Ziegler

3988: Simone Maures

“I sure hope you run ron. Its becoming do or die for the country and there is no one more equipped than you to make things right. Please run.”
3989: Caleb Leslie

“Go Ron Paul!!!”
3990: Jose Mora

3991: w harrell

3992: Name not displayed

3993: Name not displayed

3994: Tim

3995: Name not displayed

“We do need a leader who will stand up for the people and not continually take away our rights and try to kills and poisonous. Thank you for standing up in the midst of the pit of snakes.


3996: Sidni Saler

“Ron, I am willing to sacrifice everything to make a move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. Please, please we need your help and only your help in this country run by thieves and murderers. You know you can't live with this country the way it is now and continuing to get even worse. How will you be able to not run for President and not given it your best shot? Even if you don't win, at least you'll know you gave it your best shot! Peace be with you.”
3997: Moneytha Burns

3998: Mitchell Cowan

3999: Name not displayed

“Audit the Fed now!”
4000: William B Tierney

“It's an opportunity to continue this vitally important education of those Americans who have a desire to restore and preserve liberty and our nation's sovereignty. Without this education or divine intervention, our odds for success are not good.”
4001: Mark McSpadden

“we need a real leader and not another puppet. lets do it in 2012!”
4002: Name not displayed

“PLEASE RUN for President Dr. Paul, don't let us down and we won't let you down. This country NEEDS you now more than ever.”
4003: Patrick Rogan

4004: enrico azor

“Dr. Paul having studied your books and recommendations, and after seeing the reality of the truths you have helped me to see; I would like to say that I know of no other American who with such true integrity could lead our country.”
4005: Nathan Gilling

4006: Robert Webb

“I pray that the newly restored Republic(s) of the united States of America elects you as President within the year!!!”
4007: Daphne Delores

“Ron Paul is the ONLY politician I trust for president in 2012! I won't be voting for ANYONE else!”
4008: Malcolm Ovenden

4009: Chris

4010: D. McWilliams

4011: Sean Sisco

4012: Eric Morris

4013: Name not displayed

“Thank you Ron Paul for giving us an alternative.”
4014: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul you have my full support! I was unable to vote for you in 2008, now I'm 18 and you'll have my vote!!!”
4015: Brad Coleman

4016: Heather Cox

4017: Chris Rittenhouse

“Do it.”
4018: Damian Siniakowicz

4019: Michael Anzelini

4020: nate meek

4021: Gavin Mehl

4022: roger mcannally

4023: Jason Bouska

“You're the only one who can keep his word, and act sensibly when proven wrong (which I've only seen once).”
4024: Jacob Kon

“I trust Ron Paul!”
4025: James P Guillory

4026: Name not displayed

“Please step in and salvage what is left of our precious country.”
4027: Name not displayed

“The voice of reality that needs to be heard”
4028: Cleve Randolph

“I really wish there will be some way we could get Ron Paul elected??!! The problem is that THEY don't want someone of Ron Paul's thinking to be in such a position of power!”
4029: Ronald Kanna

“America needs to return to what we were supposed to be!”
4030: Michael Haberecht

4031: Name not displayed

4032: Peter Croce

4033: William Ricucci

4034: Albert M De Luca

4035: Scott Balster

4036: Virgil Barnes

4037: Brian Woodburn

“Ron Paul is a thinking man's candidate.

Not sure if America is ready for that as

evidenced by its electing the "oily salesman"

Obama. I am for eliminating taxes on private homes. Only property that is used for

profit should be considered for taxation. No more

abortion. No more perversion of marriage.

The system is broken. It would be immensely difficult for even well intentioned Ron Paul to fix it, but at least we know that he is Constitution

oriented and won't desire to drive the bus off the cliff—like the "OILY SALESMAN."

The public school system is broken and has no

coherent philosophy. It's not a matter of money.

The schools will never be clever enough to figure out how to be efficient—it's not their desire.

Government is being destroyed by special interests and socialistic thinking.

The most important thing for the country is

to return to the Bible, and for man to exercise

dominion over the earth as intended. He is supposed to subdue the earth. Stop the environmental madness which looks at man as

just another "animal." Man was created in the image of God. He is special and has special rights.

Wealth creation is more important than cutting spending. It's like eating. Eat what satifies, but make sure you are working hard and exercising-that'll keep off the fat. There is a lot of focus on cutting taxes and spending. There needs to be more talk about wealth creation. Wealth is created when a crop is harvested, when a mineral is mined, when a product is manufactured, when ideas are generated, when art is produced, when cattle are fattened on a thousand hills, when fish are caught, when trees are harvested and put to use, when well constructed houses are created and when man is involved in a thousand other creative efforts.

To God be the glory.”

4038: Ken Zeier

4039: Abe Jensen

“We need people like Dr. Ron Paul to show what kind of world the people really wish for, because what we have now is a lobby-based system and it against humanity.”
4040: Andreas Bunen

“Sir WE need you to lead this country with integrity, honor, common sense, and wisdom. You have displayed integrity in all of your arguments and in your voting record for the continuance of freedom and liberty in our land, I know you will continue with such diligence in the office of president for which you will set a bar to measure successors. Please heed the call of the leaderless and save this wonderful land from further decay and demise. Be the turn of the tide, with us.”
4041: Name not displayed

4042: Daryl Schwartz

4043: Jacob Cox

“I'm for you!”
4044: Skip E. Mayfield

“Please run, Dr. Paul - for what may truly be the last chance at retaining what liberty we have left and, dare I say, restore what liberty we have lost.

Let's show the world how America was -meant- to be.”

4045: Johnny Day

“America needs you!”
4046: Levi Hansen

“i never voted till the last presidential election. then i wrote you in on the ballot. we need a real president”
4047: chris le blanc

“It's time to act against tyranny.”
4048: Lou Geiger

“Do it Mr Paul”
4049: steve meyer

4050: Eric Gaspser

“Ron Paul in 2012 or Bust”
4051: Name not displayed

4052: Phil

4053: Slawomir Góz’dz’

4054: Name not displayed

4055: J. D. Helm

“I don't think that this election will be more crucial than the elections of 1800 or of 1860 but only time will tell. Please run Dr. Paul!”
4056: Name not displayed

4057: David Erickson

4058: Name not displayed

“We'll give them a run for their money like they have never seen. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time.”
4059: Jeremy Paul Butte

“Dr. Paul:

Please only you can save our Republic,I will campaign for you.”

4060: Anna Janek

“let's keep things interesting”
4061: Name not displayed

“do it!”
4062: Jeffrey J DeChristopher

“I'll vote for ya.”
4063: Martin

4064: Name not displayed

4065: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is the only federal politician that follows his oath of office & will take on the federal reserve.”
4066: Philip Haddad

“You are the only one willing to fight for our individual liberties please run and may God help you on the campaign trail.”
4067: Jean Vergara

“Ron Paul, we LOVE your stance for freedom and the constitution! If you run, we are voting!!”
4068: KC Smith

4069: Name not displayed

4070: Jery Erwin

4071: Name not displayed

“Save this country please!”
4072: Matthew Claro

4073: Eric Reinhold

4074: Name not displayed

“Proud supporter, Dr. Paul is the best representative in Washington!”
4075: Ryan McPherson

“Go Ron Paul!”
4076: TW Mayhew

4077: Robert Ferrell

“I will vote for Ron Paul anytime he is the only answer to our ailing country and we need to restore america. God bless him that one he will be our president.”
4078: mary ann oyanib

4079: Jessica R. Armstrong

“You are the true integrity of this nation!”
4080: Name not displayed

“Take our country back.”
4081: Chris

“Ron is 4 the people!”
4082: Name not displayed

4083: Brian Phelps

4084: Michael Young

“Yes i want you to run!”
4085: eliel starbright

“Because you are the future's only hope”
4086: Colin Scholefield

4087: Greg Scott

4088: Joe Russom

4089: Name not displayed

“You ROCK!!”
4090: Timothy W Humphries

4091: Gautam Sampathkumar

“This country has alotta potential and obama doesn't seem to be doing his part in making that a reality and im convinced that ron paul will lead this country and we the people to that long sought goal.”
4092: marcus

4093: Name not displayed

4094: Name not displayed

4095: michael geuthe

“Please take a chance for the people and run… I don't know if votes really count anymore, but if you run, you will have mine.”
4096: Name not displayed

“I helped launch a petition in 2004 to have Ron Paul run back then.”
4097: Sterling D. Allan

4098: augustine pizano

4099: Patricia Dohring

“Your country needs you. Together, we can be successful.”
4100: Name not displayed

“have confidence in you - whatever decision you make.”
4101: Diane Knox

4102: Name not displayed

4103: Name not displayed

“Only do this if you really want to, Dr. Paul. Don't ever live for another person. With that said: you would be a phenomenal President.”
4104: Matthew V. Rossi

“I am fully prepared to help campaign for Ron Paul in NJ and make his platforms our reality!!”
4105: James Dunigan

“With your needed leadership, let's try to wake up all American's to the Truth and become the America that the world used to look up to and admire, God willing.”
4106: Robert A. Fitzgerald

4107: David Woolley

4108: Tyson Hayter

4109: June S.

“We need you Dr. Paul! You tell it like it REALLY is, regardless of what the political machine(s) may think. Who else can we depend on to give us the REAL truth? Look around! In this time of the Tea Parties, there a REAL hunger for the truth, and a REAL desire to make things right. People want to be able to TRUST their government again. I'm thinkin' you would be a real cornerstone to making things right again. We can't let these arrogant bastards destroy our country! As our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan say, "Let's GIT SOME!"


4110: Scott ReVeal

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
4111: Jose

“We The People need you Dr. Paul”
4112: Brian Sawyer

4113: DJ Schmutz

4114: Mary Lou

“We need you Dr. NO!”
4115: Name not displayed

“I pray you will have your Transparency Bill submitted to Congress and passed very soon.”
4116: Name not displayed

4117: Dawn

4118: Laurel Sullivan

4119: Michael Waters

“V for Victory”
4120: Mohammad Suhail Jahangir

4121: Gerald Asher

“I would love to rid the US of the Federal Reserve but I am scared to death of the govt take over. The govt does not know what it is doing …..”
4122: Name not displayed

“You are the person for the job…period!”
4123: john Schmidt

“Please, sir!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,

then they fight you, then we win.” - Gandhi”

4124: Douglas Anderson

4125: Ryan Fox

“Ron Paul just HAS to run! Please save this country.”
4126: Ryan Remai

“Your book, "End The Fed" should be read by everyone”
4127: s.ruffin

“America won't ever make the right decisions if we don't hear them every four years.”
4128: Tim Ogle

4129: Sunny Glasebrook

“A run for presidency would be quite a campaign for liberty, Dr. Paul, and with liberty being so at stake these days, America needs an unwavering honest, dependable, knowledgeable, man, such as yourself, to lead the nation. Good luck, and Godspeed.”
4130: Diane Marie Vinnicombe

“Get the bankers and the elites out of our government.”
4131: Dennis Elliott

4132: Name not displayed

“This country needs someone with honesty and intergity to lead this country for the people. This country can't afford another puppet for the bankers and wall street.”
4133: Robert Vetter

4134: Name not displayed

4135: Steve Rowe

4136: Nick Siwek

4137: Steve Nelson

“Liberty or Death. Without the former the latter is preferred.”
4138: William L. Kelley

“Semper Fi!”
4139: Chad Sheets

“I believe you can save this country!”
4140: Sherry Susuras

“Please run Dr.Paul!”
4141: Manuel Otis

“Ron Paul 2012!!!”
4142: Nick O\'Neal

4143: Name not displayed

“Audit The FED!! Have a PLAN for Economic Recovery and rebuilding mutual respect for sovereign nations. Create mutual alliances for health/energy research with China and Iran, to avoid a need for a one-world global control to achieve what we can do together. Foreign Ownership of America is NOT acceptable. Neither Pure-Isolationism or World Banking will solve our problems, but mutual agreements on productivity. If America forgave world debt after WW1 and the value of Lend-Lease left America holding the bag, why can't America and the World agree on a Fresh Start? China would be slave to Imp.-Japan if not for the USA and Russia could Not have resisted Germany…Let us All make a fair Fresh Start without bias and let ALL future actions be judged for what they are with transparency in finance and politics.

Name ommitted…I'm simply One of WE THE PEOPLE.”

4144: Name not displayed

4145: Name not displayed

“You have my vote.”
4146: Josh Foskett

“We need a man to think of this country's citizens, that vote him in, as a sincere representative of us and not to get to Washington to fill his bank account overflowing with funds & benefits. All we are getting today is self-interest representatives and ruled by the extremely wealthy.”
4147: Name not displayed

“GOD and Ron Paul can save whats left of the Constitution and Bill of rights.

GOD Bless America!!!”

4148: Randy Thompson

“This country need your leadership”
4149: Scott Hansen

4150: Savana Winterbauer

“please run!”
4151: francis puckett

“We need real change, and so far all I have seen is business as usual. The FED still runs the government, and corporations still buys laws by means of lobbyist. I'm ready and willing to cast my vote for Dr. Ron Paul…”
4152: Michael Arnold

4153: Thomas H Ward

4154: Allan Michael Herrera

4155: tj hopson

4156: Terry Winterbauer

4157: Jack Brennan

4158: Ed Hubbard

“How I would love to vote for Ron Paul!!!!”
4159: Judy Sherfey

“Lets get a real man into office”
4160: Jennifer Martinez

“You have my support.”
4161: Michael C Lee

4162: Jason Firkins

4163: Name not displayed

4164: Name not displayed

4165: Adam Polson


4167: Rachelle Ottosen

“Let's Do This Together!!!!”
4168: Justin Torres

“A voice of reason and hope that is sorely lacking in DC.”
4169: Name not displayed

4170: Jamie Hornbeak

4171: Jim Foster

4172: Name not displayed

“I see you as the President that will lead us into the next enlightened age. Do it for your family, your fellow Americans, your fellow humans.”
4173: L Wheeler

“Ron Save US”
4174: danijel okilj

4175: Wesley Ashcraft

“You may be our last hope.”
4176: Ben Hoffman

4177: Karen Brown

“You will get my vote!”
4178: Name not displayed

4179: Ted Lankay

“Just give it one more shot.”
4180: Henry Hunt

“We want YOU for President of the United States of America, Dr. Ron Paul!!! I voted for you in the 2008 primaries. I wrote your name in on my 2008 ticket. I campaigned for you then and I would do it again!! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!”
4181: Alexandra Wright

“We all know Dr Paul won't get elected, but we NEED someone running at that level to put rational policies into the public debate (such as it is…). If Dr Paul is too tired to do it, I can understand, but he'll always have my blessing in any political endeavor. God Bless Ron Paul.”
4182: Jeana Routh

“do it!!”
4183: dave peterson

4184: Name not displayed

“I support Ron Paul for President.”
4185: Faye Nieuwendorp

4186: david riley

4187: Thomas Therriault

4188: Name not displayed

4189: Nicolas

“Please run < Ive voted for you three times already by write in !! Get on the ballot ,lets get it on the road !!”
4190: Don C. Pejsa

“Ron Paul is the only REAL solution!”
4191: Name not displayed

“We need you Ron..

The time is right to successfully get a candidate in office that has integrity; a belief in sound money; free markets; is non interventionist; and actually uses logic to make decisions. 2012 is the year!

I will be fully committed to your campaign.”

4192: Edward Grennan

4193: Jonathan Cheaney

4194: gil cameron

4195: Jennifer Scouras

“Restore the American Dignity! Ron, in 2012, you should be working in the White House to lead us!”
4196: dave

4197: Name not displayed

“The world needs you Dr. Paul.”
4198: Nicholas J. Mills

4199: Linda Laumann

“You might be the last hope. Go for it!!!”
4200: dmitry slavin

“Come on Ron. We need a fiscal conservative who isn't a bible thumping moron…you're our man!!!”
4201: John Weber

“Please run, win and get ust back to the Constitution, getting rid of the FED, IRS, and the controling International banks that have caused so much harm to the people of the USA, and much of the world.”
4202: John Syts

4203: Allen Pumphrey

“Mr. Paul is the only congressman who voted 100% for the constitution.”
4204: Beverley McLamb

“America needs you Dr. Paul!”
4205: Name not displayed

“Dr. Paul, please save our republic!”
4206: Brandon Sanford

4207: Yuri Lamarche

4208: Richard Hodges

4209: Larry Hart

4210: Jason Black

“Got my vote!”
4211: Gary Adams

4212: Tara McBride

“I would like to work for your 2012 campaign. Count me in.”
4213: jonathan goodman

“Don't steal, the government hates competition!!”
4214: Ryan

“Sir, we need a person we can trust in the White House. You have educated us, you have enlightened us, and you have inspired us. It would give us great comfort, and courage to see you elected to the presidency. Please consider it. I can not imagine anyone else who could fill your shoes so completely. May God bless and strengthen you as you consider this monumental decision.”
4215: Name not displayed

4216: Name not displayed

4217: Name not displayed

“Please run, Ron Paul! You cured my apathy, indeed.”
4218: Name not displayed

4219: Veronica Rhodes Potts

4220: Bryan Masche

4221: Bruce Caswell

“Ron Paul 2012 is the only rational and logical solution to our problems.”
4222: Frank Gonzalez

“Thank you for helping wake America up. I think you should run with Judge Napolitano or Peter Schiff. Both have strong followings and will be able to contribute to your message. Thanks for listening.”
4223: Brad Aefsky

“Dr. Paul was the reason I registered to vote after 20 years of not caring who won or lost. We need him more than ever.”
4224: Tim Burns

4225: Shane Bryant

4226: Name not displayed

4227: Name not displayed

4228: Mike

“I voted for you in 2008 and will do the same in 2012. As a fellow fiscally conservative Libertarian, I trust YOU to make the right decision for America. If you are the right guy, please run. If not, please advise. You have my confidence, my support, and my vote.”
4229: Jeff Bartol

4230: Paridhi Patel

4231: dave einhaus

“Go Ron. I am with you all the way.”
4232: Wayne Price

4233: frank modesto

4234: Lyle R. Page

“Come on Dr. Paul, America needs you! Declare ASAP so we can mobilize and organize!! Viva la rEVOLution!!!”
4235: Cody London

“Please run sir, we will be with you all the way.”
4236: Victor E. Hetey

“Please Run!! You have inspired me to vote again and how I have HOPE and CONFIDENCE you will be the next President in 2012!!!!”

“I recommend people read, "Pawns in the game" along with, "The creature of Jekyll inland".”
4238: Elias Soto

“America needs you”
4239: Heather

“Dr. Paul, You have my support 110%”
4240: james polidoro

“You have supporters all over the world. We can't vote for you directly but you give us hope that America and the world can and should be a better place.”
4241: Daniel Cimring

4242: Mark S

4243: Carol Young

4244: Arrian Delabahan

4245: andrew spielberg

4246: Randy Bormann

“I was a supporter in 2008, and so i shall be in 2012″
4247: Charles Hatfield

4248: Darrell Edwards

“The Time has come to End the Financial Pyramid Scheme, the War Mongering and to reclaim some Sanity and Dignity for The United States! Ron Paul Can Lead US There!”
4249: Name not displayed

4250: John

“It's time.”
4251: Natalie Rodgers

“Please run Dr. Paul. Our country needs you!”
4252: David Pratt

“thank you for your service”
4253: Ken Christensen

“Let the teachings and messages of Dr. Paul resonate throughout this great country! Please run in 2012.”
4254: Chris Varva

“America needs you, as do each and every one of countries around the world who have been victimized by our war-mongering, exploitative policies”
4255: Will Van Noppen

4256: Patrick Ferguson

4257: Chris Trentham

“It appears you are our only hope to save this country”
4258: Name not displayed

“This country has been infiltrated in all fasets of society by power hungry and anti American groups. The sanctity of our civilization is absolutely dependent on what we do in the next four years. If we are unable to succsessfully push back the attacks on our great land then we are doomed to an oblivion. Ad it stands, we the American people are limited in our ability to fight. A leader must stand to assist us in out plight and that leader is you.

Thank you and god bless”

4259: Nate

“A President needs vision, intelligence, and courage; you have all of these traits and will put the interests of our Country above self.”
4260: Dr. Lyndon Taylor

“The good doctor!”
4261: Name not displayed

4262: Annika S

4263: Joshua Baxley

“Ron Paul 2012. END THE FED!”
4264: Arash Aalam

“C'mon, run already Dr. Paul!”
4265: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is the only person i will vote for”
4266: frank cimino

“It is about time…”
4267: Osman Guner

“I'll put in as much $$ as I can and do what is possible in grassroots. May our Almighty God bless you and your teams efforts!!”
4268: Priscilla Munoz

“Dr. Ron Paul is the perfect person with the correct ideals we need to fix this country and help pull us out of the nation destroying debt we are in.”
4269: Ben Watson

4270: Russell Childress

“Sound Money, Limited Government, Foreign non-interventionism!”
4271: John W. Mohr III

“please run for president our conistition and our country needs you”
4272: Name not displayed

“I will vote Ron Paul for sure in 2012! I have a lot of other friends that will be Ron Paul supporters too……Kyle, San Diego”
4273: Gregory K Carcerano

“If not you than who, if not now than when.”
4274: Gary Grant Daniels

“You'd have my vote in a heartbeat.”
4275: Name not displayed

4276: Seth Winetrout

4277: Hilda Garrett

“People are dying needlessly! Values could use a boost!”
4278: John Benson

4279: nicole mills

4280: Frances Gregoriou

4281: Ed Waggoner Sr.

4282: Andrew Youngs

“Run, Ron,run”
4283: William C. Collier

“Ron Paul 2012!”
4284: Name not displayed

“evil prevails when good men do nothing.”
4285: michael johnson

“I promise to do my part and spread the word….”
4286: Alex Salsman

“Dr. Paul, I cannot explain the profound impact you have had on my life since your campaign in 2008. I helped lead the Jackson, MI meet-up group in sign making and passing out literature. I've always been into F.A. Hayek, and Mises. Then, I discovered you. You give me hope that America can stop being Britain jr., and once again be America.”
4287: Robert W. Pelfrey

4288: Gil Garcia

“I believe that your ideas, Representative Paul, embody the sort of liberty that has been neglected by our past leaders. I have great faith in them and in you, sir.”
4289: Chad Gray

4290: Name not displayed

4291: Darla Willey

“Help us Ron Paul, your our only hope.”
4292: Bruce c Tomaszewski

“Now is the moment Dr. Paul to step up to the plate and do what you have to do for us and your country. Do it!”
4293: Raul Zayas

“Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and the PEOPLE are this country's only hope! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!”
4294: Jason Bowyer

4295: Matthew Gosa

4296: Alan Decato

“Follow your heart, Dr. Paul. We love and support you.”
4297: Name not displayed

“Congressman Paul - You are a living hero - 2012 is your year - a return to restoring American's individual liberties. And please don't let Palin try and take over the TEA Party. Dr. Ron Paul for President!”
4298: Andrew Goldberg

“Vote Ron Paul or not at all!”
4299: Joshua Plymell

4300: Jason Sidhu

4301: Jon Antoine

4302: Rickey L Beam

“Dr. Paul! We need you! Please please please run for presidency. :(
4303: Name not displayed

4304: Clark Leach

“We learned our lesson after obama, please run for POTUS!”
4305: James B

“America needs you Ron Paul! I say YES, to Liberty, I say Yes, to Ron Paul!”
4306: Theresa Alcantar

“Thank you for your leadership. Let's do this!”
4307: Name not displayed

“Congressman Paul, I ask that you run for president in 2012. You are what this nation needs. You are a voice of reason and a man of integrity. We need you desperately.”
4308: Name not displayed

“I support Dr.Paul 110% America needs him to fix the mess we now have,please run Dr.Paul.”
4309: Rich DAcquisto

“Behind him all the way until he passes the torch!!!

EVERYBODY get on MISES.ORG and learn….and contribute if you can!”

4310: Scott Wruck

“would like to meet you this year sometime”
4311: James Meehan

“It happens from the bottom up, not the top down, but this still the only man that allows me to vote my conscience”
4312: Name not displayed

“Caro Paul, e' il mondo che ha bisogno di Lei, forza e coraggio ! Dall' Italia con affetto e stima…..”
4313: Roberto Bardelli

“Lets make this happen!”
4314: Betsey Stephens

“I fully back the sentiment of the partion”
4315: Asa Simmons

“Keep up the fight against the globalsists.”
4316: Eric Blust

“Truth reigns all.”
4317: Courtney Conley

4318: Frank Ralston

“Ron Paul is the true face of humanity.”
4319: Jad

“Dr. Paul: Obviously none of us is in a position to know all the factors you must take into account to make the wisest decision about this, but I hope we can present a profound and ever-growing display of support for you and your principles that will inspire you to continue to be at the forefront of the efforts for freedom in our time. At this point, it's hard for me to imagine anyone being better suited to be President of the United States than yourself, and as events unfold, the number of people sharing this sentiment may grow beyond the wildest expectations of any of us. Please keep your options open; with God, all things are possible!”
4320: Lyndon Olson

4321: Name not displayed

“"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Gandhi”
4322: Patrick Slyman

4323: Chris

4324: Name not displayed

4325: Caleb Pizzolato

4326: Jeb Stuart

“Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson of today”
4327: Bruce Pitts

4328: Name not displayed

“President of the United States of America Ron Paul .”
4329: Kimberly Doll

“If Ron Paul does not run in 2012, I am moving into the woods:/”
4330: james craig

“End the FED and bring the troops home!”
4331: Simon Tristan Papel

“Dr. Paul, you are the only thing that has kept me from giving up on politicians. You are my hero. America needs you.”
4332: Michael C. Keaton

4333: Name not displayed

4334: Deb Niedzwiecki

4335: james blake

“Run Ron run!!!”
4336: Dwight

4337: alfred walters

4338: A. Helwig

“I will vote for Ron Paul!”
4339: Dean

4340: David A. Johnson

“We need to clean House, and Senate!”
4341: Name not displayed

4342: Name not displayed

4343: f maureen scanlon

“Congressman Paul,

PLEASE make a run for president in 2012! We need you now more than ever!”

4344: Nick Sessler

“You set the moral & political standard the country needs to follow”
4345: John Ebelhare

“I believe that people have the inalienable right to a life free of coercion. Currently, Ron Paul has the best chance of communicating most of my beliefs most effectively to the largest population. To me, voluntarism is not about winning a presidency, it's about changing the world for the better. Go Ron Paul Go.”
4346: Clifford Georges

“Ron, please run for President! We need you now more than ever.”
4347: Name not displayed

4348: Name not displayed

4349: Kevin Orr

“Your a breath of fresh air amongst corrupt, special interest polititions”
4350: Ed Ness

“Audit the fed”
4351: Daniel Durham

4352: juan carlos herrera

“Aux armes, citoyens… but without bloodshed.”
4353: Pamela Moore

“I am a Dutch citizen and I admire your strenght and vision. I think a world power like the US need an honest person in charge!”
4354: Jean-Pierre Randazzo

“So goes America, so goes the world.”
4355: Mark Thompson

“America needs you.”
4356: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul has more integrity than all the rest in government put together.”
4357: Name not displayed

4358: William Wilson

“if we elect a republican president better paul than these outher clowns”
4359: Name not displayed

“Go Ron Go!!!!!”
4360: Name not displayed

4361: Rod Morris

“Let's have honest government and honest money.”
4362: Lee Regner

4363: Mary Katherine Mason

“"These are the time that try men's souls [...] Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." - Mr.

Paine, Common Sense”

4364: Victoria Carter

“youre the man ron paul”
4365: Name not displayed

4366: Emanuele Montanari

“I voted for you in 2008. You're probably the only candidate I will vote for in 2012. If you're not on the ballot in 2012, I will probably put your name as write-in again.”
4367: Anthony Stone

“Dr Paul cured my apathy. I know another run for President would help educate millions more!”
4368: Jean-Marc Guindon

4369: Name not displayed

4370: Phil Errup

4371: ballerand

“Dear Dr. Paul, I want to live in a free society.”
4372: Loren Cramer

“From a Northern brother:

For everyone's future and your Constitution. Please run in the next election. We also need you.”

4373: bert trim

4374: Jeremiah Jones

4375: Gerry St. Onge

4376: Steve Wunnenberg

“Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can save our country from going down the tubes.”
4377: Name not displayed

4378: Name not displayed

“You can do it”
4379: Danny

4380: Troy Garwood

“You have to run! Maybe this time the people will listen to what REAL change is!”
4381: Jennifer Santolla

“Thankfully my hopes and dreams haven't been regulated; give em hell Dr Paul”
4382: John Montes

4383: Gennifer Johnson

“Ya gotta run for president in 2012 sir.”
4384: Chris Fields

“Yes… Go for it.”
4385: Name not displayed

4386: dan smith

“May the force be with you.”
4387: Michael Thomas

4388: Name not displayed

“Ron is our only hope at this juncture in time.”
4389: Jack Piccard

4390: David D. Baker

“Go for it.”
4391: Allen Hager

4392: James Summers

4393: Name not displayed

“We need to make America "America" again!”
4394: David

4395: Walter D Roland

“You will inspire millions to driver out big government just by running.”
4396: Andrew Osborne

“We need more constitutionality in our government. Too many politicians think it is nothing more than a piece of paper.”
4397: Name not displayed


best wishes!

i hope that you find the passion to do the right thing”

4398: Name not displayed

4399: Julian James

“Ron Paul, we need you as our president!”
4400: Blake Williams

4401: Name not displayed

“This will be the best thing for America. We need leader not a pupet.”
4402: Name not displayed

4403: Name not displayed

4404: Chuck Ikerd

“Voted for him last fraudulent "(s)elections".



4405: Joseph David Chase II

“This world needs more folk like you. Please consider running, if not to win, then to focus some media attention on what really matters for a change.”
4406: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul Revolution Forever!!!!!”
4407: Renato

4408: Kevin Bennett

“he MUST run for President. It is our only hope.”
4409: Dawnie Delgado

4410: Jordan C. McCutcheon

4411: Ricky Garrison

4412: Carole Sturgis

4413: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is the only hope for Republican in 2012.”
4414: Dues

“Ron Paul will have my support from Norway.”
4415: Name not displayed


4417: Name not displayed

4418: Justin Risley

4419: Karen Meyers

4420: caroline nye

4421: Name not displayed

4422: pressley freeze

4423: Sean P. Gordon

“Even though I'm Canadian and can't vote, I would love to see President Ron Paul in 2012!!!”
4424: Malcolm Stagg

4425: Anton

“Can anyone get the Banksters off our backs?”
4426: Dan Holsopple

“God bless Ron Paul and God bless America !!!”
4427: David A Leslie

4428: Richard Reynolds

“Go, brother. Run no matter what. Your voice is making a difference.”
4429: kristopher sauls

“What are you waiting for??? Lets ge it going!”
4430: Robert Patterson

4431: Sandu Milea Lucian

“Keep up the good work.”
4432: Name not displayed

“We need you!!”
4433: Sarah

“This Country will certanly go to the dogs if Obama is elected for another term. So lets not turn this country into an Obamanation, instead lets return to a republic and elect Dr. Ron Paul!”
4434: Dave Goedde

4435: Michael Ribera

4436: Howard brummett

“We need Ron Paul”
4437: Sandra Burkhart

4438: James B Lowden

“I hope that whole country unite in support of Ron Paul. Our only true candidate.”
4439: Christopher Binkowski

“America needs you Mr. Paul!”
4440: John R. Hanson

“America needs you Mr. Paul!”
4441: John R. Hanson

“Doctor Paul, Before you are elected president, do the ( world a favor) and shut down that den of thieves called the FED.”
4442: Fred Horboychuk

4443: John Messsina II

4444: Name not displayed

4445: Hans van de Breevaart

“I waiting to know so I can convince others to vote for you too.”
4446: Daniel C. Truax

4447: Name not displayed

4448: thomas dizotell

“The sooner you announce you are running, the sooner more Americans will hear the Truth.

The media will cover this time!!”

4449: David Olesen

4450: Gene Stracciolini

“Please run, Dr. Paul. You are our best hope for Liberty. Your honesty and bravery inspire the whole world.”
4451: Daniel Marder

4452: Robert Harris

4453: Dennis McAtamney

4454: Name not displayed

4455: Name not displayed

“Thank you Ron. You are a voice of reason within a system gone awry.”
4456: Jacob R. O\'Neil

“Please run for liberty's sake”
4457: Terry Kelley

4458: David Hunter

“I will vote for Ron Paul again”
4459: James Thomas

4460: Ralph Oster

4461: Craig George

4462: Name not displayed

4463: Name not displayed

“It's long past due time to reign in an out-of-control federal government. Please run……”
4464: Daniel Schultz

“I would love to see the day you get in office, it would be second to the return of Christ!”
4465: Clay Reges

4466: David Batig

“I have heard your views often and I do agree with them,.”
4467: Name not displayed

“good luck”
4468: marilyn j montorio

“We need you to run Dr. Paul I think this time you might just have a chance to win. People are really waking up now. Everything you have been saying all these years has come true. You speak the truth and that's what's matters. Good luck!”
4469: Ricardo Allen

4470: Sonja Buhlman

4471: Michelle Moor

“America, not the United States Govt., Needs You Ron.”
4472: Bruce Cooper

“I also want to see the FED terminated, and you're the one to do it.”
4473: J.Patrick Hickey

“Previous delegate. Dr Paul you have my support fund raising phone bank door knocker lets take this bull by the horns.”
4474: Jason J

“Your the man for the Job. Let's do this.”
4475: Hope Cook

4476: Donald K Auld

4477: Lewis Culley

4478: Brian Zimmer

4479: Anthony Glaser

4480: Name not displayed

“Ron Rules!”
4481: Ara Kantardjian

4482: David McPherson

“Please talk with Judge Napalitano to be your VP!”
4483: Name not displayed

“The people really need you Dr. Paul!!!”
4484: Name not displayed

“I will def. vote for you.”
4485: Dejay

“Government has the obligation to the people for fiscal responsibility.”
4486: Joseph Sanelle

4487: Kyle Pfouts

4488: Andrew

4489: H. REAGAN

4490: Ellen Davis

4491: Khair Mash

4492: G Tex Ball

4493: Dan Field

“Please bring good sense to government. Please leave the Republican Party.”
4494: Mike Farris

“Ron Paul help us to help ourselves!”
4495: Name not displayed

“Ron One of the TRUE AMERICANS that will give control back to the people. People should not fear the goverment, but the goverment should fear the people. It's time for all of us to be Americans and what we stand for. Power to the PEOPLE!”
4496: Joseph L. Aragon

“There's nobody else.”
4497: Robert Duke

“Only one person can put together a video of ALL past comments and be proved right: That person is Ron Paul. God Bless You Dr. Paul.”
4498: Rob T. in Afton,VA

4499: Patricia Parker

“For Liberty!”
4500: Brian

4501: Donald Werner III

4502: Ben McLennan

“Long Live the Revolution!”
4503: Tim Severinsen

4504: Bruce Graves

4505: Name not displayed

“One can only hope the people have opened thier eyes and vote for the people - Ron Paul.”
4506: Theresa Ciotoli

4507: Jerry Alred

4508: Scott Laube

4509: Cliff Treadway

“Dump the Fed.”
4510: craig kupper

“Ron we need you more then ever”
4511: Tim Smith

“Sound money is the answer, and I think you are the only guy in politics that gets it and has educated people so well concerning this serious issue. Please run!!”
4512: Jon Schaffer

4513: ROBERT

“We need you now more than ever!”
4514: Name not displayed

4515: Alex Peckinpaugh

4516: Name not displayed

“Keep up the good fight Ron.”
4517: Dan Flanders

“Don't let age be a deterrent in your quest for presidency.”
4518: Jim Haynes

“You have my vote, and my wife's, my father's, my mother's, and my four children of voting age. Go for it!”
4519: Daniel W. Howe

4520: Name not displayed

4521: Name not displayed

4522: James Patterson

4523: bill fitzgerald

“I very much would like to see Mr. Paul run in the next election -true change and direction for this country.”
4524: Name not displayed

“Hopefully it's not too late”
4525: Joseph Dawson

“I'll work hard here in SC for you! Please run!”
4526: jeff mattox

4527: Name not displayed

4528: Jeff Roark

“Time to change Washington”
4529: Stan Jakubek

“Dr Paul, you would be a real people President like JFK! Ron Paul 2012! You are the only real hope for us!”
4530: Juan Gillette

4531: Name not displayed

4532: Michael B. Mangini

4533: Heather MacTaggart

4534: Kathelijne Janssens

“Please run for president Dr. Paul, you are Americas last hope for TRUE FREEDOM you are my hero, NOW BE AMERICAS HERO and take the reigns. if you decide to run i will wrap my my car in vote for ronpaul in 2012.i will knock on peoples doors make phone calls, do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone knows your name. GOD BLESS YOU RON PAUL”
4535: Charles E. Christopher

4536: Name not displayed

4537: Janine R. Paradis

“Dump the DEMs and RINOs in 2012! Let's take our Country back!!!”
4538: John Douvillier

4539: Name not displayed

4540: Jarred McNeal

“In The Netherlands we tend to do what the Americans do. I really hope that you will bring Western civilization back on the right track.”
4541: Laurens-Jan de Kroon

4542: Shannon McCarthy

4543: Scott Sterba

4544: John Hallman

4545: Terry Schlittgen

4546: Name not displayed

4547: Gregg French

“You've got my vote!”
4548: Tim Peterson

4549: Name not displayed

4550: Name not displayed

“I wish i could vote for someone like Ron Paul.”
4551: Name not displayed

“True conservatives for Ron Paul !!!”
4552: Roger Otano

“Murray Rothbard believed that the State and it's institutions was robbery writ large. You learned this from him. Today, as you are aware, half the people in this country are consigned as nothing more than mere slaves to support the criminal cartel of theft and murder by some people against others, consigning their lives to nothing more than a beast of burden for the beasts of prey, from cradle to grave. This is true not only of America but the world at large, where the State and it's mob will always support themselves more largesse off the backs of others. The sanctity of life entails the right of every individual to own his own life and NO other. He is responsibility for his own life and entitled to the fruits of his own labor and choosing to dispense with that fruit as he sees fit. Not the state. Not the mob. There are men and women all over this world that understand Rothbard's message which you have brought to them. They too need a man of courage, a man of action and not mere words. You have walked this walk in the past. Please consider walking again and in doing so know that you do it for all men wherever they reside. They too cherish their children's future as much as any American regardless of the God they pray to, the color of their skin or the native tongue they speak. Freedom from slavery must exist for all or it cannot exist all. TU NE CEDE MALIS, Dr. Paul. Never forget this.

Anti-state, Anti-war, Anti-Welfare, Abolish the Federal Reserve”

4553: Lynda Delutee

4554: Mike Lutman

4555: Michele Magnan

“America's only chance to turn it around.”
4556: Rick Michael

4557: Harald van Zoelen

“A true american”
4558: david strait

4559: Steven R Penney

4560: robert peronne

“God Bless America ……..Ron Paul 2012″
4561: Carl Baron

“Ron is what a Statesman should be. A man with a moral compass but not perfect, a man that stands unwavering by his beliefs and is not corruptible, a man who's rhetoric matches his voting record. I am wholeheartedly against cloning but the one thing that I would allow to be cloned is Ron Paul. Pray from him and his son Rand folks because we with functional brains know what happens to those who go against the machine, JFK comes to mind. To quote Star Wars “Help us Ron Paul you are our only hope.” Ron Paul for President 2012, may God bless and restore America.”
4562: Name not displayed

4563: Name not displayed

“I was with you before—will be with you again!!!!”
4564: Cathy Banks

“How about a Paul/Paul ticket?”
4565: Stephen Murgan

“this is a man with integrity and finger on the pulse of common sense

for what is needed to prevent our country from the denoument of

most civilizations that have ended. we would be fools to by pass him.”

4566: r austin

4567: c weller

4568: Jerry DiGiacomo

4569: Name not displayed

4570: Rocco Castellano

“Go Ron”
4571: alan Kossoff

“Lets take our Country back!”
4572: Matthew Vaught

4573: Gary Davis

“Dr. Paul if you run… I will fly to the states from the United Kingdom to campaign for you!”
4574: Max Andronichuk

“Ron Paul, we truly need you in 2012.”
4575: George McCarthy

4576: Nicholas Rosatelli

“Kill the Creature!”
4577: Name not displayed

“Restore the Republic!”
4578: Wendy Lineweaver

“Mr. Paul I know the chances of winning in such a controlled affair as presidential elections are slim, but you must try!! You are americas last hope sir, we need you to reform the monetiery system and stop the corrupt Federal Reserve, stop plans of New World Orders, keep americas soverienty. Return the focus of Government to the peoples prosperity and rights as an intelligent conscious being of this planet, instead of the greedfilled global asperations that we've sold ourselves to in the past 150 years. The Youth and the Truth is behind you Mr. Paul.”
4579: Ryan Adams

4580: Eric Fernandes

4581: William Beck

“You go for it!America needs an honest concerned,and educated Man”
4582: Name not displayed

“Indeed NOW is the time! The momentum of traditional American values is stronger than ever - please help us keep it rolling!!”
4583: Ron in NC

“"Yes" is the most beautiful word in the english language … & "Go Get 'Em" is the greatest command … God's Speed !”
4584: Bern Witkavitch

4585: Kenneth Brown

4586: Marko Novak

“For God's sake, don't make me decide between Palin and Obama.”
4587: Jason King

“Ron Paul has been a consistent voice for freedom and transparency in government since the 1980's & his voting record exemplifies that. He's the only one with a proven track record that can help right the wrongs of corruption of both establishment politicians in the Republican & Democratic parties and shift the power back to the people by eleminating the Federal Reserve Banking system. The people want sound money and freedom; Ron Paul has to back this up by running for President.”
4588: Thomas Chowattukunnel Jr.

“Go for it Ron!!!!!”
4589: David Campbell

4590: Name not displayed

4591: Don Crouch

“Let the revolution continue!!”
4592: Monte Cook

“Is there a doctor in the house? The White House. There needs to be because America is sick.

"From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia…could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide."

Abraham Lincoln”

4593: Darryl Hanus

4594: Carl Baldwin

4595: Kathleen Malin

4596: Name not displayed

“Not a US citizen as well but I wish you the best from Germany. I wish you'd run in 2012, the political system as we know it has to face change only people like you can bring about.”
4597: Sven Veddeler

4598: Name not displayed

“I made a big mistake the last election. This time I vote for Ron Paul!”
4599: jim sharron

4600: F J Murphy Jr

4601: Brian Gregor

4602: Name not displayed

4603: Nicol Walters

“Ron Paul - Americans Need You.”
4604: Graham Hill

4605: jerald taylor

4606: Name not displayed

“Dear Ron Paul, this is America's Greatest Hour of Need for somebody with integrity and the ONLY one to show who America's REAL enemy is: The Federal Reserve! We desperately need you. PLEASE consider running for the 2012 presidency. MORE and more Americans are becoming aware of SOUND MONEY and the FEDERAL RESERVE and want our country's roots and foundations back! Thank you and may God lead and guide you!”
4607: Delilah

“We need you Dr. Paul. Help us to take our country back!!”
4608: Name not displayed

“Freedom, Property Rights, Sound Money! Go Ron, Go!!”
4609: Roger Toutant

“Declaration signed! Its the waiting on this decrepit nationalized media driven political democratic system thats killer.”
4610: Daniel Edward Griffin

4611: Name not displayed

4612: Colby Shirk

4613: Name not displayed

“Please save us Dr. Paul!”
4614: Matthew Mastrogiovanni

“What do we have to lose? The other two choices have failed us repeatedly!”
4615: John Caudell

4616: Virginia Edwards

4617: Name not displayed

“Let's make the establishment, the elite, quake in their boots!”
4618: Keith Rubino

4619: Name not displayed

“Please for the love of America, END THE FED!!”
4620: Name not displayed

“Please run! You are our only hope.”
4621: Name not displayed

“God bless and keep up the good work.”
4622: David Lynch

“Please run”
4623: illia kornea

“Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano 2012″
4624: Chris Romero

4625: Vincent F Seibold

4626: Christian Duncan

4627: Craig Hanson

“We need you Ron Paul”
4628: Patti Brooks

“Truth is Powerful!”
4629: Ryan Koch

“Now that it looks like Americans are finally "getting it" give the run for president another try.”
4630: Name not displayed

4631: bernard rohde

4632: Tim Goodwin

4633: Ryan Carlson

“Dr. Paul,

Please run! We need a Republican candidate with some actual principles, who will be a true fiscal conservative and fight for Austrian economic principles, sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy that our founding fathers envisioned, and a call to personal liberty coupled with individual responsibility instead of the do-gooder nanny-statists that run our government today.”

4634: Dack Phillips

“Ron, we need you more now than ever. Please run in 2012″
4635: Trent Dorflinger

4636: Name not displayed

4637: Marc Sengebusch

“End the Fed”
4638: Tammy Saluto

“We need you!”
4639: Andrew Southard

“Please, Dr. Paul. Lead us into the revolution that once made this country great.”
4640: Marcia Sliger

4641: Name not displayed

4642: Heath D Wenzel

“Let's get our counrty back!”
4643: April Moser

“Even if you don't win, the political scene is a much different place. You'll have far more of a positive influence and much better chance in 2012. We need you in the race, we need you to win!”
4644: Craig K

4645: James Rensenhouse

“Please Run!”
4646: Name not displayed

4647: Name not displayed

4648: David Brownell

“Give 'em hell, Ronnie!”
4649: Hunter Melville

4650: Randall Gordon

“You have opened my eyes, and I can't thank you enough.”
4651: Name not displayed

4652: Chip Darby

4653: Susan Willoughby

“"Remember the Constitution!"”
4654: Ray Mileur

“I would have voted for him this election if they would have let him on our ballet. He is who this country needs to get back on track.”
4655: Melissa Buroker

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

I SUPPORT YOU including Financially”

4656: scott steele

4657: Joe Perrotta

“Ron Paul you are our only hope.”
4658: Thomas Finnegan

4659: Marcello Tedeschi

“He will not be elected. You know the rewson why!

He is to close to the people's interest and not the money men…..”

4660: louis Morelli & fam.

4661: Name not displayed

“Last chance!”
4662: david

“As Ron Paul says the government is so far out of control it is a very serious problem. Restore constitutional government.”
4663: Ron Wolfe

“Dr. Paul, it's time to finish what you've started!”
4664: James Stanton

“I feel Ron Paul is the only Congressman that understands the Constitution and most likely won't vote if he doesn't run.”
4665: James Porter

“I am ready to campaign for a real and honest candidate.”
4666: Michael Southward

“Paul/Napolitano in 2012!”
4667: Ken MacMillan

4668: Name not displayed

4669: Jason Helfer

4670: Jacob Grider

4671: Julee Zornes

“We Need a person who still vaules and understands what our forfathers wanted for this coundtry and warned us about goverment. Who still belives you must earn what you get and give to those deserving of your efforts. Never ask a man to give more than he is willing to give if you never asked.”
4672: Lyle Van Meter

4673: tony

4674: Name not displayed

4675: t wasileski

4676: David T. Germak

4677: Hank Wagner

“I voted for Ron Paul last time & would again. America has become an obomination, I will be fasting & praying for America. We desperately need Godly Leaders before it is too late.”
4678: Deborah Powell

4679: Name not displayed

4680: Marcus Little

4681: Name not displayed

4682: John W. Rybinski, Sr.

“If you build it…. they will come!”
4683: Name not displayed

“Doc Paul, you're going to need to roar, or have someone to roar for you, so get a voice coach. We NEED you in the office desperately, but if your heart is only half in it, you will not win.”
4684: Paul Emerson

4685: Jared Craig

“We need you, sir.”
4686: Jonathan Harrison

4687: Joseph Dering

4688: George Garcia

4689: Roseanne Sparano

“Run, Ron, Run! I was still a Fox News zombie in '08, and am sad to say I wasn't on "Team Paul" at that time but now I am awake and am working on helping to awaken the masses! YOU, Ron Paul, are my greatest hope!”
4690: Eve Marie

4691: Name not displayed

“We need some good old fashioned horse sense in the White House.”
4692: James Sparke

4693: Scott Curtis

4694: Ofelia Bryan

“We would have voted for you last election if you'd allowed your name to remain on ballot.”
4695: Daniel AND Delores Champ

4696: Fr Richard

“You're the only hope for America, I know the power of the president can't do much but you will sure give the establishment a run for their money. You will be the new start of the refounding of America”
4697: Jeff Otten

4698: Nick Davis

“Ron - you are America's, and the worlds, best chance at true peace and prosperity. Do us the honour of running for President - nobody deserves the title more than you!”
4699: D. Christopher

“Dear Dr. Paul, we are behind you all the way!”
4700: Fereshteh Derakhshani

“You, Dr. Paul, and Michell Bachman as your vice, The Dream Team!”
4701: Donna Boyer

4702: Name not displayed

4703: Jacob Kerr

“Please run Dr. Paul,I believe you have more support than ever.We need to restore liberty and reason to this nation…”
4704: Don Vellani

4705: James Waldrop

4706: Mark Marasciullo

4707: Kevin L. Eaves

4708: Ben Burchett

4709: Kevin Schmidt

4710: Nicholas Price

“we need sum 1 in there that will do right!!!!!!!”
4711: Name not displayed

“Audit the FED”
4712: Richard Lawrence

4713: Name not displayed

4714: Brian Vanderheyden

4715: Hong

“Do it!!!”
4716: Name not displayed

4717: Tyler Alexander

4718: Michael J. Melton

“We need you now, more than ever, Dr. Paul.”
4719: Brian Dupras

4720: Tony Greyshock

“Ron Paul, you must run for President in 2012.”
4721: Jack Grant

“Let's get it this time around. It's time to elect someone for this job who really wants to do things the right way.”
4722: James Prickett

“Run, Ron, Run”
4723: Bekki Dupras

“Get that schmuck in there now, OUT!”
4724: David Strickland

“Dr Paul, I suspect that most people, including yourself, don't realize just how much the movement has grown, even since the Rally for the republic in 2008. If you run, it's assured that everyone will see, and you should prepare to be shocked.”
4725: Zack S.

“sons of liberty RISE UP!”
4726: kulbir rangi

4727: Name not displayed

4728: Steve Zombek

“Ron Paul For President 2012″
4729: Darrell Teddick

4730: Jordan Graen

“You have all of our prayers with you.”
4731: Jeffrey Doyle

4732: Name not displayed

4733: Dustin Ash

“We have to try Ron! I don't know if we can make it, but at least there's a chance. Spread the word!”
4734: Name not displayed

4735: Karen Young

“I regret not knowing who Ron Paul was in 2008.”
4736: Ronald Alexander Maglio

“Dutch and although I do not agree with most of his economic policies, he is key on foreign relations. And for the perpetuation of the United States of America, this is The most important priority”
4737: Tijn Erkamp

“Please run for president. Please keep the Fed issue in front of the public.”
4738: Diana

4739: Juan A. Llorens

“Go Ron!”
4740: Name not displayed

“Please save the Republic!”
4741: Name not displayed

“It is time for "We the People" to return to the Constitutionally legal Republic we were designed to be!”
4742: Thomas Bunetta

4743: John Medeiros

“We need honest representation and not criminal corruption!”
4744: Tracy Ashcroft

“RON PAUL 2012!!!”
4745: Jake Vaughn

4746: Name not displayed

“No one else makes any sense. Just running for election gives the people of America a greater chance to hear Dr. Paul's no nonesense, voice of wisdom. Go for it!”
4747: Patricia Guerrero

“Run Ron, Run!”
4748: John Gepford

4749: Name not displayed

4750: John L. Bokus

4751: Nansye Lee

“"Iowan for Ron Paul"”
4752: Steve Kiefer

“Please run at least to further the conversation and bring our issues to the front.”
4753: Name not displayed

“I'm an Italian and I have not the right to vote.

I've signed for enouragement”

4754: Ezio Romano

“He appears to be a sensible man. But, then again, I believed Obama was sensible in his campaign and look how that turned out! Appearances and utterances can be deceiving!”
4755: Craig Jones

4756: Eric Schuessler

4757: Name not displayed

4758: Joanne Snow

“Truth, Light, and Ron Paul!!”
4759: Ernie Diaz

4760: Maria Jannetto

4761: Jason Fuerst

4762: Daniel McGonigle

4763: Mike Kuizin

“Wishing you the best always”
4764: Name not displayed

4765: Wenona McCormick

4766: Jason Hicks

“In the past year, Ron Paul has opened my eyes to what freedom really is, and he is the only hope for America!”
4767: Ryan Judice

4768: Daniel A. Rickert

“Ron Paul 2012! Will work for President!”
4769: Andrew

“We're in this for you to win it & bring the country back to the great place it once was.”
4770: Megan

“Ron you've got to run. You are the only politician I feel like I can really trust!”
4771: Bryan Friedman

“Please, please, please run for president in 2012.

America needs YOU!”

4772: Renea Nelson

4773: Nancy Harrel

4774: Name not displayed

“I agree with the sentiments already expressed. In addition, we need a representative who is not in the pocket of the lobbyists, and on this front, I am sure you can be trusted.”
4775: Frank Guerra

“You are the only real and worthy candidate I would ever consider voting for with confidence.”
4776: Mike George

4777: Name not displayed

“If we do not face reality now….then when?”
4778: Michael Colyer

4779: John Tobelmann

4780: Sean McAdams

“Ron please run again. I never even knew who you were until after the 2008 presidential election. It would be a shame to have such a staunch supporter who has never voted for you.”
4781: Ian McColorado

4782: David L. Merrill

4783: Faith Harmony

“Don`t stop now!”
4784: mark olinger

“I look forward to voting for ron in the next primary”
4785: Jasper McDonald

4786: Terry Wilson

“If Ron Paul is not elected, the fate of America is the same as the fate of Rome. I've seen it coming for a long time. I will move out of the country when given the chance (I'm only 14) have Mr. Paul not run.”
4787: Name not displayed

“We haven't gone away. We are here, many and powerful!”
4788: Antony Reed

“Go Ron!!! Rand for VP!!!”
4789: Brandon Davis

4790: Name not displayed

“YOU are my HERO, Ron Paul. Our country and its citizens need you more than ever in the history of this great nation.”
4791: Name not displayed

4792: duane r mazeska

“Ron Paul, Americas last hope, period.”
4793: Jim Bews

“Go for it!”
4794: Name not displayed

4795: Name not displayed

4796: William P. McMillen

“Libertarian forever!”
4797: Bob Navin

4798: Name not displayed

“Go Ron!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!”
4799: clare

“Our country needs Ron Paul!”
4800: Deborah Scott

4801: Jonathan Greko

4802: Colin Anderson

4803: Nancy Schimelpfening

“Please sir, you are the last, best hope that we have to stem the tide of fascism in this country.”
4804: Paul Russell

4805: Name not displayed

4806: Adrian

4807: Name not displayed

4808: Christy Jones

“Finally our whole country is waking up to the truth. Please run again Mr Paul!!”
4809: MK Novgrod

4810: Illa Adams

“please continue to fight the status quo.”
4811: Name not displayed

4812: Rich Medykowski

“I'm not a libertarian, but I think we need several libertarian reforms-and I think you are the man to make them happen.”
4813: Jon Paul Noble

4814: Name not displayed

4815: Name not displayed

4816: Michael Coulter

4817: Santiago Luna

4818: Wayne Watley

“I have not voted for over 30 years…if Ron Paul runs for President I will not hesitate to sign up to vote for him.”
4819: patricia

4820: David Vawter

4821: Maggie Frank

4822: susan wolfe

4823: Derek Mirza

“For liberty!”
4824: Kyle Lovercamp


4826: Paul Martin

4827: Lisa Savage

“Please wake up America one person can make a difference let's put Ron Paul in the White House and bring back the American flag, Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence for what this great nation stands for Freedom.”
4828: johneagle freedom

“You can do it!!! :P old humor is not as good a new humor?”
4829: Adam: Logsdon

“For justice and liberty for all.”
4830: Stephanie Sorquira

“Ron Paul is our country's only hope. Most other politicians are wimps, crooks, idiots…or all three.”
4831: Name not displayed

4832: Name not displayed

“The time has come for truth to rise, but it's going to take you to bring it to the top Mr. Paul. I would love to see you and Judge Andrew Napolitano run our country. With that in mind, I have hope for a better world.”
4833: Terri Raduege

4834: stefan

4835: Nathan Geisler

4836: Name not displayed

“Please do this Ron! You can make a difference!!!”
4837: Vickie Chandler

4838: Michael Barras

4839: Derek Johnson

“road to roota”
4840: Name not displayed

“Please run. The country needs someone with common sense and the willingness to actually write legislation like you have and not talk about it.”
4841: Denise

4842: Name not displayed

“We truly need you Dr. Paul. If you run it will be the first time in my life that will become involved in grassroots campaigning for a presidential candidate.”
4843: Name not displayed

“I believe we need a strict constitutionalist. I also believe that Mr. Paul should run as leader of a new third party rather than as a republican.”
4844: Name not displayed

“Please run for president!”
4845: Doug Harman

“You can Do It!!”
4846: Name not displayed

4847: Stephanie

“Take down the Fed!”
4848: Chris Cappella

4849: J O\'Connor

4850: Sharon Ricklefs

“Take us back to before Jekyll Island.”
4851: Victor

4852: bill gehlhaus

“Please run! America needs you.”
4853: Taylor Jackson

4854: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul seems to be our only hope to hold on to this great experiment called America.”
4855: Name not displayed

4856: James Hunt

4857: Name not displayed

4858: Denis Wendl

4859: Name not displayed

“Please run. The end of the present administrations term should help the voters see more clearly and, the alternative is scary.”
4860: James M, Gillen

“More than ever, our country needs the wisdom of a man like Dr. Paul at the helm”
4861: Mike and Jean Schroeder

4862: Name not displayed

4863: Name not displayed

“"And that ain't right, that I've been a slave

Truth is Treason now, how in the hell do we behave

Cause we got numbers, coming out from under

In Jesus Name, Welcome to Our Thunder"

"COME and TAKE IT" - Simpleman”

4864: Matthew Warren Simpson

“We need someone who will liberate us from usery and corruption of monopolized industries that only cripple our ecomeny. Free nations to live independant and free to be an international family.”
4865: Melissa Shahzad

4866: Bo Shultz

4867: Gil Maldonado Jr

“Yes run, America needs you. Rich.”
4868: Rich Smith

“Ron Paul is the #1 best choice—BY FAR. He knows 1000 honest patriotic people who can fill all the high positions!!!”
4869: Steve Boehman

“We need to elect Ron Paul for President in 2012. He'll restore fiscal sanity to D.C..”
4870: Joe

“Please run Ron!”
4871: Ed Rytel

“You have my support and respect, sir.”
4872: Daniel Barras

4873: william riker

4874: kevin

“I for one will be going door to door for you.

End the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4875: Christine

“This nation needs you, Dr. Paul. You would be an even stronger inspiration for We the People should you be at the helm!”
4876: Name not displayed

“Slogan? It's time to upset the business as usual applecart - We have had a D or an R forever let's give "I" a go!”
4877: David Raines

4878: Kelly Morris

“Dr. Paul, you are our great hope to lead the restoration and preservation of our great constitution.”
4879: Michael Phillips

4880: Name not displayed

4881: Valerie Mitchell

4882: Name not displayed

“Please run! We could use you to restore this nation back to what it was meant to be!”
4883: Name not displayed

4884: Gary Keorkunian

4885: gloria woodley

“run…..for the life of america….please….run?”
4886: harry marks

“You have my support at every election. I love that you're leading America's youth as we all work for positive change and a return to the ideals of our great nation.”
4887: Brandon C Bomar

4888: Name not displayed

“Ron is our only chance!!! I really hope he runs and WINS!!!”
4889: Pooh White

“Please run Sir…!”
4890: Name not displayed

4891: Billy Brownlee

“We believe in you.”
4892: arnie

4893: Steven Evans

4894: J. Zachary Scrim

4895: Name not displayed

4896: Name not displayed

4897: Name not displayed

4898: Name not displayed

“We are ready.”
4899: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is perhaps the only politician that I have known to speak the truth every time. He is in politics for the right reasons. I would not only vote for him but would encourage others to as well!”
4900: Maria Menster

“Go Paul!”
4901: Name not displayed

4902: Monte E Denehie

“give me a reason to cast a REAL vote. otherwise im voting for a democrat to help ensure that they own at least half of this mess that we're in. if voting actually means anything.”
4903: Name not displayed

4904: Name not displayed

4905: Michael Mckenna

“we need a viable third party candidate who is serious about government reform and reform of the Federal Reserve-which is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves…”
4906: Richard Pallotta

“C'mon Ron, give me a chance to vote for you for Pres for the THIRD time!! (1988 as Libertarian, 2010 as write-in)”
4907: Mel Tolhurst

“The United States of America needs to survive and thrive as a free people and an economy that is self sustaing,humane and a friend to the world, not a bully of an imperialistic power. Embracing the principals of the Constitution after it is restored, shifting from the military industrial complex to the peoples complex and fixing social security and medicare are key. President Lyndon Johnson made the excess a general fund target, guaranteeing the destruction of SSN. Secrecy needs to be stopped in Government and transparency of government needs to become the norm. Lobbying and earmarks need to go away and public financing needs to become the norm in campaign finance and the common citizen needs to have a chance to serve. Free trade, the job killer, needs to end and free market needs to be restablished. The Fed needs to be outted once and for all time and the overlords of finance and industry must step aside for a nation run by its people for it's people.”
4908: Name not displayed

“I want some real change, I am confident you would bring that”
4909: Gregory L Waugh

4910: John K

4911: Pat and Debbie Bubela

“I, and others like myself, need a reason to not withdrawal our consent.”
4912: Brooks Lester

“If I do not vote for Ron Paul there is no reason to vote. Our government will consume us all. It is taking our money, jobs, homes and next will be our childern.”
4913: James McCreary

“"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." — Patrick Henry”
4914: James T. Smith

“I feel that he should run President, he would do a good job!!”
4915: Name not displayed

4916: Scot Marling

4917: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is the only (potential) candidate with the integrity, the guts, and the track record required to positively change our country's course in 2012.”
4918: Name not displayed

4919: Kathy koseruba

4920: John E Cudzilo

“Dr. Paul has been an inspiration, an educator and the leader we desperately need. I hope he runs and chooses the Judge as his running mate!”
4921: Justin Garcia

4922: Jay Sanchez

4923: Name not displayed

4924: Peter meyers

“Win or lose, your candidacy will be a voice of sanity in a time of extreme polarization and separation from the constitution.”
4925: Larry Webster

4926: Shane Womack

4927: Timothy Nottingham

4928: Name not displayed

4929: julie jones

“You'll need some great security, but I pray you do it.”
4930: Heath Keane

4931: Tina Wise

4932: Name not displayed

“We need you!”
4933: Kevin leger

4934: Mitch

“Run Paul, Run :)
4935: JennaLee Gallicchio

“While I am a supporter of the president, the knowledge and insight you have presented to this country is the reason you are, and would be, the only other candidate for whom I would consider casting my vote.”
4936: J.J.

“Dr. Paul - We need your guidance to transition away from our current welfare state of unproductive government jobs; do we really need almost one-million law enforcement employees? Do we really need 1.4 million citizens in prison? Creation of jobs needs to be accomplished at the private level only; if nothing else, we need a zero growth policy of government jobs, so that attrition and population-growth can remove this waste from the system.”
4937: James Akers

“please bring freedom and independence back to the people!!!”
4938: Joshua Ney

“Ron Paul / Jessie Ventura 2012 strong ticket for real change”
4939: Alex Parsons

4940: Trent Gascho

4941: Ryan Clear

4942: Name not displayed

4943: Name not displayed

“Ron Paul is needed more than ever.”
4944: Robert Steinhaus

“Through -out history, civilizations of mankind has risen to proclaim their liberty over their oppressors and proclaim their freedom endowed by their Creator. Then as of now, there is no difference. We, the people of the world proclaim our life to liberty, truth and justice for all. We, the people, stand by you, and more then ever before in your political career, the Creator is calling his son, to lead us, back into His image, as a sovereign Republic and secure the blessings of Liberty for all. God has and always will be with you and all your patriotic countryman are with you. God has truly blessed us and we need your leadership.”
4945: Ralph G. Arana

“Our country needs Ron Paul as President”
4946: Luis Sanchez

“and Rand for VP”
4947: Dale R Willard

4948: J. Michael Jamison II

4949: Ralph Sherrin

“More than in 2008, we need you to run Dr. Paul!”
4950: Matt Butcher

4951: Jerry Aymond

4952: Charles Hopper

4953: Thomas J. McAuliffe

4954: william m mcgarvin

“I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils any longer. We need you, Dr. Paul.”
4955: Eric Brakey

“Ron Paul is a key rolemodel for authentic leadership. His unparallelled judgement and humbling authority is a absolute necessity for the American awakening.”
4956: Albert Olofsson

4957: Michael Lowrey

4958: Luanne Austin

4959: Gabe Ochoa

4960: carla wright

4961: Justin Stuard p

4962: Donald Rahn

“Not sure if you should run, but it would be great for the country if you were President. I'll certainly vote for you.”
4963: Sara barnett

4964: Laurens P. Fouche

“Only Ron Paul can save us.”
4965: Martin Schrick

4966: Stephen Miyawaki

4967: gary francis

4968: tonya

“End the Fed!!!

Stop the Waste!!!

You are the one man that we can and do trust to do it.”

4969: Name not displayed

4970: Lauren k.

“This time we win!”
4971: Name not displayed

“I am a New Yorker for Ron Paul. Let's go!”
4972: Gyasi Snuggs

“I really screwed up by not backing you last time, I won't do it again. I will pound pavement for you, answer phones, whatever it takes.”
4973: carrie wrenn

“We need you more than ever Ron! Help inspire the next generation of Americans; Run Ron run!”
4974: Name not displayed

4975: Mark A. King

“Dr Paul the country is in need of your leadership. We are at a crossroads in America. Time is running short for a monetary system that is spinning dangerously out of control. There are real problems that require solutions not talking points. Tempered guidance and a steady hand to guide those without a compass in the right direction. Honestly Dr Paul if you don't run, my family and I may begin to consider leaving the country before it's too late.”
4976: Peter Fee

4977: Terry Gentry

“Sound money = Power to the people!”
4978: Name not displayed

4979: Name not displayed

“Live free or Die.”
4980: John Kern

“I voted for you in 08! PLEASE run again!”
4981: Name not displayed

4982: Andrew Campbell

4983: Edgar

“Ron please run! The Hispanic vote will back you!”
4984: Cesar Hernandez

4985: Name not displayed

“I always listen to your weekly update, and I support you with whole my heart. Your wisdom and courage is much needed for the whole world, not only the US.”
4986: A. Worutowicz

“God bless you Ron and Rand.”
4987: Keith Schomberg

“Dr. Paul, I don't know how I can express how much I want you to do this. When I explain your viewpoints to people they universally say how they wish they had heard of you.

Please. We need this.”

4988: David Moyer

4989: Name not displayed

“The only hope for this country are leaders who wish to see us return to the core beliefs of our constitution. You sir have the experience to make this happen.”
4990: Jeff Johnston

“ron paul is a man of integrity the best wisdom on financies than anybody in congress best consistent voting record that speaks for itself all my family and loved ones are going with him all the way if he runs for a safer free- er and much more prosperous nation”
4991: john jakubowski

“help restore the american constitution”
4992: patrick casali

4993: Benjamin Redden

“OUR country needs Ron more than ever!”
4994: Name not displayed

“We need you Ron, but only run if you are sure you can maintain your health through the stress of an election and in the event that we can help you win POTUS…because I would rather have a Patriot like you as a voice in congress than not at all.”
4995: William Schultz

“America needs you Ron!”
4996: mike vollmer

4997: Nikolaj Gam-Pedersen

“Please run in 2012 the USA needs Ron Paul”
4998: Name not displayed

4999: Jack L. Carter

“Run, Ron, run! Your presence in the race elevates the discourse.”
5000: Henry W. Stick

Signatures #1 - #5,000
Signatures #5,001 - #7,000

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  1. Molly W. says:

    Please run Dr. Paul!

  2. Ryan G says:

    We are with you Dr. Paul!

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